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Quick Thoughts
* Happy Friday the 13th! ... and farewell to Greg, who is leaving has left our 'happy family'
* Seeing as how I am an 'army of one' and I will be out of town this weekend the NIF limited blogation rulesTM will be in effect Thursday through late Monday (meaning Thursday's post will just be added to periodically) ... sorry! Since everyone else does it, why not - I'll have a comment / trackback party too. You know the rules, leave a comment / trackback and then go to the site of the previous commenter/trackbacker (is that a word?). The lucky first person wins a free trip to Stop the ACLU ... cuz it is(was) Thursday! Oh, and everyone should also go to Jeff's party and Beth's Party ... UPDATE : for those who care, traffic absolutely sucked (the '6 hour drive' ended up being a '8.5 hour drive') ... but, on the plus side - the hotel has decent broadband connectivity - SWEET! (still gonna be limited blogation, gotta go out and have fun ya' know!)
* SuperHawk Rick ... welcome out of the shadows of pseudo-anonymity! :)
* Basil breaks the TTLB Top100!

* Illegal Immigration : Border Patrol told to stand down! ... don't want the Minutemen to be successful ... WTF??? ... "Another agent said the Naco supervisors 'were clear in their intention' to keep new arrests to an 'absolute minimum' to offset the effect of the Minuteman vigil, adding that patrols along the border have been severely limited"
* Iraq : 2 US Marines killed ... 21 others also killed, condolences ...
* Nuclear Korea : Admitted "it had removed thousands of spent fuel rods from its Yongbyon nuclear plant" ... and is this primarily China's fault? ... "If China makes good on its threat to block our sanctions effort in the United Nations against both North Korea and Iran, the US may have no alternative but to seek other means – including blockade or other military action – to get both Kim and the radioactive mullahs to give up their nuclear ambitions" ... and Ogre has a solution! (for Iran, but presumably this would work for NK as well? :P )
* Israel : Happy Birthday
* Florida : Iris scanning goes live @ Orlando International Airport
* New York : Retaining wall collapses along Hudson Pkwy ... hey, the big dig is (cough)just full of water and losing small sections - so, comparatively speaking, it is great!
* Iraq : Zarqawi - dead? ... or just wishful thinking ... ? We can hope, right!? ... and Chrenkoff brings a round-up ... found via GOPBloggers
* Bolton : Passes subcommittee, heading to the full Senate ... and Call Voinovich, and tell him that he will not win another Republican nomination
* Pope : Sainthood process opened for JPII

* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Voting rights for felons?? ... and Bible banned from playground ... surely the ACLU would step up and help protect our 'civil liberty' or 'freedom of religion' ... eh, what's that ... oh yeah, they hate Christians so, um, nevermind ... and from Merri : "Poor Little Sex Offenders" (and some other good Anti-ACLU points)
* Centrifugal weapon?
* UselessNations : Yet more OFFF bribee's (European politicians) (Oil for Food Fiasco)
* Google : Blogger, Gmail integration? ... + Enterprise Blogger?
* Global Warming? : 'Climate Cycle or Climate Psychic?'
* Mexico going Marxist?
* Insulin causes Type 1 Diabetes?
* Filibuster : The impending defeat of judicial activism? ... yes, please
* Conn : Serial killer Michael Ross executed ... he is the one who was asking to hasten the process!
* Public surveillance cameras - good
* Terri : No complaints about Greer?? ... thanks Crystal! ... and update : You can file complaints here! ... with the "Judicial Qualifications Commission" @ (850) 488-1581
* Bloggers : Pat has an excellent idea : make a "What I believe" post ... found via SuperHawk
* Self-replicating robots ... think 'Replicators', but hopefully without the galactic conquest part
* "Prior to its conquest by moonbattery, Western art produced Michelangelo and Rembrandt. Now it produces a kook piddling into jars in public"
* John I can channel the dead but still can't get elected President Edwards : Hypocrite ... uses class warfare rhetoric but is selling his $6M+ dollar house to make, effectively, a plantation (don't worry - keeping a spare house or two as well - "After all, man cannot live on 100 acres alone") ... "The first lesson, I suppose, is that one way to escape the tyrannical socioeconomic prison George W. Bush has fashioned and get to the promised land where normal folks relax on their 100 acre plots with periodic beach house breaks -- the "other America," as it were -- is to get some university to pay you to study poverty" (Ironic, yes?)
* Bloggers : Wanna add some cool searches to your site?
* Books, in text form, online!
* 'Buchanan jumps the shark' ... a Liberal's favorite Conservative? ... found via Basil!
* Podcasting harder than Blogging ... yes, but not for the reasons they think ...
* Dems afraid of PBS getting some Conservative voices?
* Bloggers : Thoughts on "Pajamas Media" ... excellent!
* Laos : New species of rodent found
* Happy Blogiversary to Beth (tomorrow) ... and she is having some site issues, hope she gets those worked out! (And it is a mini-comment-party over there too!)
* 'Baseball bat abortion' ... wow ... both of those repulsive kids should be charged, as adults, for murder (one for wielding the murder weapon, the other as an accomplice) ... what kind of world is this?
* AOL to add 2GB email to AIM users
* "How to become a hacker" ... or How to crack
* Condi defends 2nd Amendment rights
* Bloggers : Social Values!
* Cali : Racist statues are a-ok ... as long as they are prejudiced against white people, that is
* Bolton : In truth, the fuss is all over Cuba?
* Pope : Adolf II ... truly tasteless, and as mentioned - "Yet another example of why no one likes the French"
* The secret to becoming a teacher - pay someone to take the test for you! ... nice!
* Filibuster : CBS misquotes Ken Starr ... SHOCKING!
* Utah : Live dog dissection ... that is just repulsive!
* Firefox : IBM to use it in-house
* Reid "looks more like a small town accountant or shopkeeper which, judging from these remarks he made last night about one of the stalled judicial nominees, he may have been better suited for than lawmaker"
* HowTo : Build a laser mic!
* Unlock your cel phone

* New OOTS (#180) ... and go order the book too!
* ALP #110! ... and waiting on #111 now
* True : Jacko used chimps as maids?
* Terrified Senators confirm Bolton!
* True : SWEPIII expected to cost employers "$627 million in the first two days"

Political Activity of the Day
* On Thursday, May 12, thousands of citizens from across the nation will be calling their senators--demanding a vote that would guarantee an "up or down" vote on judicial nominations!We have just passed the fourth anniversary of the President's first set of appellate court nominations, which included Priscilla Owen, who has yet to receive a full Senate up-or-down vote.
* For FOUR YEARS, the American people have allowed certain Democrats to obstruct the President’s judicial nominees, and it is past time for Americans to rise up and say, "ENOUGH!"
* With Congress returning from recess this week, this really is the perfect time to demand an end to this ongoing blockade and a respectful solution that grants all nominees an up-or-down vote.
* Thursday's call-in is an event designed to make this happen.
But it will take the grassroots voice of the people. That is why, as a vital member of our team, we urge you take a few moments to make these important calls.
* Here's your contact information for (Virginia):
Sen. Allen: (202) 224-4024
Sen. Warner: (202) 224-2023
* When calling, please be polite and courteous. Be sure to identify yourself as a member of the Center for Reclaiming America for Christ before you "Demand a Vote." NOTE: If your senator(s) are Democrats ask if they will accept the recently proposed "Fairness Rule" as a compromise. If not, then urge them to support the Constitutional Option.
* Additionally, The Center has identified six key senators whose votes may well decide the fate of the filibuster rules change. We are asking all member of our online team to contact these individual senators, urging each to FULLY SUPPORT THE FILIBUSTERING RULES CHANGE. Even if none of these six senators is your own senator, please invest the time needed to call each right now. Here are their names and contact information:
Sen. Susan Collins (ME) 202-224-2523
Sen. Lamar Alexander (TN) 202-224-4944
Sen. Trent Lott (MS) 202-224-6253
Sen. Olympia Snowe (ME) 202-224-5344
Sen. Chuck Hagel (NE) 202-224-4224
Sen. John Warner (VA) 202-224-2023
* The time is now for grassroots Americans to stand up and take action! Today is that day, and we are counting on you to make your voice heard in Senate offices and hallways!
* We sincerely appreciate the time and effort it requires for you to make these calls. We firmly believe that, even though this process may seem arduous and lengthy, finding a viable solution now will prove worthwhile later. Thank you for standing firm with us!

--thanks Center for Reclaiming America for Christ! (with some minor formatting / revisions made by yours truly)

Quote of the Day
When you link the words "various statisticians" to something, we assume it's going to be reasonably scholarly in nature, not a bleat from one of your fellow sheep who wouldn't know a standard deviation from a standard deviant
--thanks Pat!

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