Happy Memorial Day!

Quick Thoughts
* Take a moment to remember what, and who, we are Memorializing ... the noble and the eloquent dead ... and Cao's thoughts here, including a petition for you to sign and Preston's thoughts here (a 'passing mention' of Trudeau's asshattery), and Beth's thoughts - offers suggestions on how you can help - so does Jay and SuperHawk Rick's thoughts here ... and some specific examples of those to whom we all owe so much: Sergeant First Class Paul R. Smith, 'General' Wendell Fertig, Lance Cpl. Dimitrios Gavriel, Corporal Jason Dunham, and Capt. Ernie Blanco

* France : No EU, thanks ... MAJOR defeat for Chirac ... and Hans' thoughts here ... the French nanny-state, and their double-digit unemployment rate, continues ... and more here ... "garlic-munching surrender monkeys" (here, I always thought it was cheese-eating surrender monkey, hmm) ... and Chirac shaking things up in response ... and NOfP comments!
* Iraq : Twin bombings kill 30 police; US accidentally detains Sunni leader as part of Operation Lightning
* Israel : Abbas, who has no control, says this is the end of the suicide attacks
* Ohio : Farmhouse massacre ... 6 dead + 1 critically wounded (shooter included in dead)
* 2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano was cleared on Friday ... in case you missed it; and a fitting addition to today's post :)
* Anti-EU/Airbus case being filed
* Clintons - noisy, lying, insulting, cursing ... all from "The Survivor : Bill Clinton in the White House"

* Cosmic fireworks
* RINOs now and then, Quislings Gambit
* Searching for (extraterrestrial) life ... slime worlds, infrared reflectivity, red-edge ...
* UselessNations : Blustering Galloway lied? ... Blogger, using the Internet Wayback Machine, catches him in the act?
* Jupiter's closest moon, Amalthea, is just an icy pile of rubble in a death spiral
* Fetal exposure to phthalates causing genital developmental problems ... "smaller scrotum and penis size and a smaller measurement known as the anogenital distance (AGD)" ... more here ... "'Gender-bending' chemicals mimicking the female hormone oestrogen can disrupt the development of baby boys"
* India, China - united?
* The hypocritical, religious left
* "ORAL contraceptives may free a woman to have sex without fear of getting pregnant, but they could also extinguish her desire"
* 'CIA plays cyberwar game' ... "Silent Horizon"
* $220 computer to defeat MS?
* A tax we can support - Sin Tax on Abortion! ... "Now, some of you may be concerned how this will affect the poor. Don't worry your pretty little heads off, we'll just make the doctors who perform this responsible for paying the taxes. That makes this tax even better because only the rich will pay this tax. We could make them pay $250 per abortion performed, quickly raising enough money to pay our teachers what they are worth. This won't affect a woman getting an abortion because she won't have to pay the tax."
* UK : Ring Tone to hit #1
* Pong, Chuck E. Cheese, 21 others and now - "uWink Media Bistros"
* Firefox : Send instant messages to cell phones via Firefox ... Teleflip + BLAT ...
* Oliver Stoned
* More on IIS7 ... more secure, hopefully :)
* A foundry in every kitchen - using microwave ovens to melt metals!
* Firefox : Extension - Signature ... permanent right-click menu entry
* Intel, + Carbon Nanotubes
* Blog entry fingers killer
* 'Today's Oprah lesson: learning to love them that kill us' ...
* An example of what we are fighting ... targeting embassies, and innocents ...
* 'Academic discovers that Islam is not linked to Terrorism' ... just ignore the fact that his own data contradicts his results ... (new math, right?)
* 'ACLU Treason'
* How about a $350k laptop?
* HowTo : Data Recovery ... or maybe more of a How They ...
* WiFi security that (gasp) works?!
* KnoppMyth ... like Knoppix? Like MythTV? *BAM*

* Firefox : Cool XRAY effect!
* True : "The British Medical Journal has discovered something which may have escaped the attention of the less well-informed reader: that long pointy knives are sharp and can be stuck into people thereby causing them damage or even provoking a death-related incident."
* OOTS#185 - Roy is future-psychic ... and OOTS#186 - we all look the same once we have been disintegrated ... AND NEW OOTS(#187) - Mommy gets her dragon hoard on
* KoranGate'ish : Office Space! ... and a pig? ... ah hah, those, and many more, here!
* 'Tom Cruise declares love for Katie Holmes on al-Jazeera'
* The Who : Won't get hard again
* 'Rolling Stones to be featured on "Antiques Roadshow"'
* KoranGate : Arabs cancel Newsweek subscriptions
* 'Bush twins cut short Mideast trip'
* Diana - could have been Murder, or Accident
* Where's MY memorial? (excessive language disclaimer)
* 'Group seeks ban of twentieth century from Kansas school textbooks'

Quote of the Day
If you stand up for what you believe in, you will be persecuted.
--thanks Kyle Trudelle!
(who is fighting for his right to paint a castle in the clouds currently)

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