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* From yesterday's comments - "Bushian Warfare Cult" ... Um, interesting. In response, I say "Kennedian Welfare Cult"! (As opposed to Canadian Welfare Cult! ... or I could accurately use Clintonian, or Kerrian, or Deanian, or Boxerian ... I could go on ...)
* Oh yeah, and speaking of "Bushian" ... it is Wictory Wednesday! (details to follow :P )
* RE-BLEGGING : Military family needs help

* RE-BLEGGING : Charlotte Wyatt needs help too
* Pakistan : Al Qaeda's #3 man arrested! ... no more freedom, terrorism for Abu Farraj al-Libbi
* Iraq : Suicide bomber kills 60 ... ouch! ... and condolences / prayers for the killed/wounded
* Oil : Field found in Utah ... ~1B barrels! ... found by Wolverine Gas and Oil ... "Geologists are calling it the largest onshore discovery in at least 30 years"
* As expected, Fed raises rate to 3%
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Still hates Christianity with a passion
* Taiwan's President invites Chinese President Hu Jintao over to 'experience democracy' ... 'cuz you know China has none of that at home!
* Unreal 'Reality TV' being rocked by Paula having a fling with a contestant ... so, fire her, and move on ... it must be a slow news day ... American Idol is a total garbage-fest TV show to start with, aside from the first ones where they show the truly terrible attempts
* Iran : Preemptive strike 'gaining traction' ... wow ... while I certainly don't want a nuclear Iran I am not sure we are ready for another war ... and not sure Israel can handle it on their own (since Iran will certainly call in some aid from its nearby wolvesallies ... What absolutely kills me about this is the collective failure of the UN, EU, world to do anything useful here! ... and is Iran intentionally forcing a showdown?
* Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin arrested for passing info to Iran
* Texas : Coulter heckler arrested ... Democrats, the civil party (click link for foul language)
* Colombia : 2 US GIs involved in arms smuggling / planting?
* PFC England not pleading guilty after all

* Illegal Immigration : The Hidden Cost ... hmm, and (for the lighter side) :* Anti-Minuteman Hunger strike ... get your hot fresh irony, right here folks ... and Even worse than the straight-up cost - some are committing violent crimes with near-impunity ... repeat offender kills Mary Nagel; and from Fox News : 33% of the total prison population in this country is illegal aliens!
* EU : Is there still hope for France? Maybe; if they reject the EU ... "The superfatted European Constitution, the biggest con job in the history of Europe, is now in considerable trouble because of the blogeurs of France" ... "This is a bad constitution, which reveals a secret cancer of our democracy"
* Did 'Slick Willy', effectively, sell us out to the terrorists ... a world where 'find the terrorists' = "pardon 16 terrorists convicted of executing 130 bombings; refuse delivery of Osama bin Laden from the Sudan; repeatedly refuse detailed information about al-Qaeda and Osama between terrorist bombings; shut down investigations of Islamic charities; radically downsize our military and gut the CIA" ... a very long, but incredibly interesting read! Thanks Cao (pronounced "key" (or "kwee"), BTW)
* '88 percent of PCs infected with spyware' ... damn damn damn
* SANS releases Q12005 Top20 addition ... and I highly recommend their CISSP prep class; Eric Cole is an excellent teacher!
* UselessNations : Kofi How do I still have a job? Annan 'warns of nuclear catastrophe' ... and rather than trying to push for forward progress in preventing new nuclear terror-states, he takes the opportunity to attack the current (peaceful) nuclear states .. and Here (.PDF) is a few recommendations for the US ... resume nuclear testing, redesign weapons to meet special purposes (e.g. - deep penetration)
* 'RIAA shouldn't be able to levy whopping file-swapping fines' ... found via BoingBoing
* Knoppix hacks!
* XBOX : New console to be released this year!
* Trial of 2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano will tell us more about the Military than the alleged crime ... real American hero, I hope and pray that truth and justice set him free! ... "God help our cause if we send men like this away" ... and more here
* Rosie O"Donnell - no talent, and (now) no taste (again) ... and you need to see the pic (I can't put it hear)
* How much Sex Ed is too much? ... Raven has a few thoughts, and I agree!
* Communist Goals, circa 1963 ... sadly, read them and see how many have been achieved ...
* Clear channel removing billboards, no more 'Mexifornia'?
* 'Fastest-evolving genes in humans and chimps revealed' ... "the genes most favored by natural selection are those associated with immunity, tumor suppression, and programmed cell death" ... "The selfish mutations that cause apoptosis avoidance may then also reduce the organism’s ability to fight cancer"
* Sgrena : RottyPup tears John Simpson ("BBC blowhard, unjust, leftist hack") apart ... and Sgrena still lied
* Media : "while dwelling on perceived setbacks, many in the media have failed to articulate the striking degree to which things are going right for President Bush and Republicans in Congress" ... what media bias?
* National ID to have Constitutional challenges? ... hopefully not, and read the end / update - everything might be OK! Thanks PB!
* NYT to open archives to online readers ... for a charge, which means now you can pay more to see their garbage articles! ... found via BWO
* Lucas being hypocritical in his 'political messages'? ... "I’m getting lectured about the dangers of greed from man who authorized, “C-3POs” breakfast cereal, 'The Star Wars Christmas Special' featuring Bea Arthur’s musical number, and not one but two Ewoks made-for-TV movies" ... found via PuppyBlender
* Florida : 'Welcome Back Soldier' sign violates 'local ordinance'? ... what kinda garbage is that?
* Star Wars, the product placement machine ... Yogurt : "Merchandising, merchandising, where the real money from the movie is made" ... sad but true!
* Ethics : Kerry used election funds to pay parking tickets and to buy Red Sox tickets? ... and billed it as "travel expense" ... that's our boy!
* Texas : No more 'dirty cheer leading'?
* A few thoughts on Verisign's .net win
* MS : Future of Windows' Graphics Tech
* Lenovo / IBM deal completed
* Malaysia : All newborns to get fingerprinted!
*Social inSecurity : Saving dishonesty?
* Tobacco vs Cancer? ... "monoclonal antibodies"
* Stress babies?
* Google - bad customer service, ads losing steam? ... AdSense lost my vote awhile back (when they ejected NIF :P )
* patriot Act needed - 19 of the 9/11 hijackers used libraries
* 'Partition Saving' - free ghost-clone? ... haven't tried it (yet), let me know how it works :P
* W += 1 convert! ... well, not quite - but atleast he is being logical - "The greatest danger for those of us who dislike George Bush is that our instincts may tip over into a desire to see his foreign policy objectives fail. No reasonable person can oppose the president's commitment to Islamic democracy"
* Google : New 'Web Accelerator'
* List of Technical-oriented eBooks ... interesting!
* How To : Good and bad password practices
* "Transitional" dinosaur remains found ... "Falcarius utahensis"
* UselessNations : Ex-investigators (recently resigned) Oil for Food to be subpoenaed?
* Regime change in Venezuela?
* List of free magazines
* Exams cause stress and fake stress
* Bloggers : Google selling out, favoring MSM ... loss of AdSense bothering me less & less everyday ...

* New OOTS! ... reptilian anatomy!
* True : 'Unintentionally sexual comic book covers'
* WTW / How To : Dumpster Diving
* True : Theme restaurant : toilet bowls
* New ALP! ... naked Abe Vigoda (hey, that should be good GoogleBait!)
* True : Who needs fingers in chili (or frozen custard) when you can have a LIVE snake in your cereal?! ... found via Zeke! ... snakes are cool, but not in my cereal, thanks!

Quotes of the Day
Poor Mary:
Patient Name: Doe, Mary
Age: 12
HT: 1.4 M.
WT: 46.7 Kg
Temp: 38.8
Complaint: Patient complains of stomach cramps and vomiting, exhibits high fever, tenderness to abdomen and chills. Symptoms began after last meal, which was lamb with mint jelly.
--thanks Kender! ... that is just wrong.

Rob Burnett, producer of The Late Show with David Letterman, said about an allegation made by Rosie O'Donnell:
"I don't know how to respond to something that never happened. And the last thing I want to do is get into a fight with a powerful celebrity who has a blog read by tens of people."
--thanks Michael! (you hafta scroll down; he should learn how to make per-post permalinks!)

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