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* Pray for Jim
* Happy 1st Blogiversary MadTech; keep up the good work!
* It's Kerry180 Tuesday!
Today marks 100 days since John Kerry promised, on national TV, to sign form SF-180 and release his military records. I wonder why the good senator hasn't made good on his promise yet. Perhaps he's having trouble getting the form? To help him out, you could fax him a copy of the form. It's only 3 pages, and is available online here.
Here are the fax numbers for the senator's offices:
Washington D.C. - (202) 224-8525
Boston, MA - (617) 248-3870
Springfield, MA - (413) 736-1049
Fall River, MA - (508) 677-0275

If you don't have access to a fax machine, you can e-mail the fax by using a service like MaxEmail or eFax.
To avoid any confusion, you might include a cover letter which mentions the senator's promise, 100 days ago, to sign form 180 and release his military records. Please be polite. Cao wrote an example of a letter you could send on her last Kerry 180 post which had about the same verbiage - Don't cut / paste / send; alter it in some way / use your own words! ... Go here for more! (or to join!)
* Re-Blegging : Military family needs help
* Re-Blegging : Charlotte Wyatt needs help too
* Blegging : Trey needs help with bandwidth costs
(I know, not on the same level as those above - but still a good cause!)

* Indonesia : +1 Earthquake ... 6.4
* UselessNations : Oil for Food Fiasco cover up in full swing ... trying to say that lives are at stake ... I am guessing he really means Kofi's and Kojo's careers, but we'll see! (And I am wondering why the documents can be used for investigative purposes without being released to the general public ... ?)
* Israel : Disengagement delayed, but still planned ... sadly ... and, as always, you can go here for more!
* Illinois : "No solid leads" on the murder of Laura Hobbs(8) and Krystal Tobias(9) ... so very sad ... Jody says it better than I could ... so does Merri
* Iraq : Anbar Governor, Raja Nawaf Farhan al-Mahalawi, kidnapped
* Vonage 911 failure blamed in girl's death ... condolences for Julia Waller and prayers for her family, and a cautionary note to all the early-adopters! (like T)
* Oil : Price surges ... touched $53 momentarily, meaning it was (for that short period) back up to $18 overpriced!
* Nuclear Korea : "Blamed Washington for the impasse in international talks to disarm" ... riiiight, we physically forced them to leave the talks ...
* Europe : US finally to start pulling out?! ... actually make countries pay for their OWN defense!
* "Judicial Watch has filed suit against the Clintons," and some thoughts on how that is getting reported ... what media bias?
* Iraq : 109 terrorists captured, lotsa' weapons seized ... in just two days(May 6-7) ... and more good news from Iraq that the MSM won't tell you ... 47 embassies re-established, school system being restored, polio vaccinations underway, stock exchange open, they have a Navy now, etc. etc.
* Michigan : Detroit pondering taxing Fast Food ... so damn wrong-headed I can barely comment ... regressive, stupid and won't work ...
* New Zealand : Foot & Mouth disease hoax?
* Abu al-Faraj al-Libbi is a terrorist, but he might not be al Qaeda's #3?
* Cali : Silence gives consent? ... if you are unconscious it isn't rape, sometimes? ... WTF?? Help ...
* Illegal Immigration / Arizona : Governor Janet Napolitano vetoes "English" bill ... that's too bad ... and did you know that The Fed govt is going to spend $1B reimbursing hospitals for a portion of the healthcare services provided to Illegals ... just one more reason to stop them from getting here, and to send them home when they are found!

* Global Warming : Dissenters dissed? ... the welcoming arms of science ... and Ogre is even more blunt : it doesn't exist and NC legislature is in active denial!
* 'Bonfire of the Vanities, week #97' - the Star Ware edition ... wow, you could lose hours reading all these ... but I still recommend it! .. and Malkin does something similar, more good reads!
* Watching a Black Hole 's creation!
* Firefox : More on the recent unpatched vulns ... "Disable/block Javascript ... 'Remove All Sites' from the 'Allow web sites to install software'" ... still better than IE :P (and you should still use a Personal FireWall (e.g. - ZoneAlarm))
* Filibuster : Gonna go nuclear Constitutional over Priscilla Owen (Texas Supreme Court) ... and this is mostly about Dems making personal attacks while decrying personal attacks, but the very end is an excellent / relevant comment on Judicial Nominations ... "That duty went specifically to the Senators so that the states could ensure that the federal government composed itself in a manner acceptable to the majority of the states. Not a supermajority, for that matter, which the Constitution explicitly reserved for other purposes" - EXACTLY! Judicial Nominees are to be approved by a 'simple majority'! ... and Alday, on Owens nomination : "Bill Frist, as expected, told Reid to shove this offer up his obstructionist ass (quote not verbatim)"
* MS : Longhorn beta NLT June!
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Makrothumeo joins StopTheACLU, and makes his first post - 'what can conservatives do to Stop the ACLU, and how can we beat them at their own game?' ... an excellent post, from an excellent new member of an excellent group (working towards an excellent goal)!
* Social inSecurity : FDR wanted private accounts ... and so do I!
* RealID immunizes govt from "Judicial Review"? ... very interesting read; although a bit paranoid IMHO .... bill should become law today ... and some states may just ignore it anyway?
* Bloggers : Advice to Bloggers
* New York : Teachers on Long Island can make $100k!
* Illegal Immigration : Costs the Federal Govt $5.8B per year just for jail costs! ... and remember - a nation that cannot secure her borders is not secure!
* Insurrection : TAS shows PuppyBlender how Congress might be coming after him ... luckily, I get nowhere near enough hits to be a problem ... yet :P
* Terri : Fuhrman pursuing Michael I legally killed my wife Schiavo
* UK / Terri'ish : 'TLC Defies British Law To Arrange Murders for Hire'
* XBOX : 360 "sounds cool, looks lame"? ... IMHO the black & green was cool, and fit nicely with the rest of the stereo equipment ... of course, I'll buy a 360 anyway ... :P
* Saturn : +12 moons! ... speaking of moons : Was Phoebe a comet?
* Illegal Immigration : Mexico won't help because of all the money being 'sent home' ... and the solution : "build internment camps for illegals, fine them for crossing, and not let them out until funds arrive from Mexico to pay the fine" (of course, no one would pay ... saddling us with yet more cost in jailing illegals :(
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : No 'Evolution is a theory' stickers motion filed
* Blogs busting loose? ... "the two recurring themes of this latest conference were making money, and video" ... Amen to that! (Pay me!)
* America moving towards Socialism? ... not if we can help it! And Gindy is right, CFG is an excellent group that deserves your support!
* Georgia : W very welcome! ... that's the nation of Georgia, not the state ...
* Blood test to lead to early detection of Ovarian cancer?
* Green Peace : Guilty of Negligence ... they are right up (down?) there with PETA, ACLU, UN ... :P
* Terrorists use the "cry like a baby" defense ... which is only one step away from the Chewbacca defense ...
* "The more illiberal the ideology, the more likely liberals will endeavor to understand and defend it" ... and how this relates to KoH, terrorists, etc.
* Uncle Jack brings credit enlightenment
* Terri'ish : 'Charlotte Wyatt: Two steps forward, one step back' ... hospital still making questionable decisions ...
* FBI investigating international computer related to Cisco-code theft last year
* Huffington's Celeb-blog a disaster, as expected? ... sadly, BWO gives her a 'pass' ... I plan on wasting some timereading it later ... more thoughts here ... and some are less subtle : "Arianna's Blog Blows"
* Blegging : NRO wants your help (or, atleast, your $)
* Some infighting in the GOP .... Lott vs W/Allen/Frist
* Your flat screen wants Nanotubes ... "display appears to promise lower costs for a full 40" HDTV screen bringing the price down to $400" ... and so does your baseball bat!
* Illegal Immigration : Laws work! ... WRT Prop200 : "In Arizona's Prima County alone, elections officials have rejected 59 percent of all applicants in the last two weeks - or 423 of the 712 new registrants"
* Logooogle - fake Google logos! ... neat!
* Toshiba disputes Blu-ray / HD DVD convergence claims
* Symantec throws a false alert to MAC users
* Veritas paying-off SEC, $30M
* "Find nearby blogs" - BlogWise + GMaps
* 10 Copyright Myths ... "Might it be a violation just to link to a web page? That's not a myth, it's undecided, but I have written some discussion of linking rights issues."
* Pregnant woman tasered?
* PGP v9 rolls out ... and more here (limited time pricing discounts)
* Del.icio.us - Complete Tool Collection
* Illegal Immigration : Myths & Lies
* Remembering 1953, and how DNA proves creation?
* Kennedy writes-off $4.5M second home ... and gets busted, blames staff and says "he will come clean" ... no word on drowning victim :P ... and more on his 'hypocrisy' here (read the comments!)
* 'Lori Berenson: Rebel Without a Clue'
* BBC reporting on Life in Mississippi ... and you can smell the bias from here! Complains about 'sweat', 'swamps' and 'churches - "I think the so called Christian right has overplayed its political hand in George Bush's America" ... I invite him to go back home, or at the very least - stay away form mine!
* China : Seeing more UFOs?

* True : The Lamborghini Murcielargo Roadster - so damn powerful it can give you a nosebleed! ... it has atleast one thing that, strangely, my Jeep Wrangler doesn't - "a sign warning the driver not to exceed 100mph with the roof on"
* Ironic Mother's Day gift
* Bauer to help W/US defuse Iran ... isn't it more of a beep than a tick, and I love the ending!
* UF : On what promotions really mean!
* True'ish : Management training class?
* Photoshop : Wheels! ... Microsoft's are square!
* You might be a Liberal if ...
* True : Shooting a documentary ... literally, with a gun ...
* Mil's latest mailing list! ... "during the course of a couple of sentences - through these three stages: Told - Implicated - Responsible"

The good, the bad and the media - from Cox & Forkum:
Click for The good, the bad and the media!
... again - what media bias?

Click for Kerry180!

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