The McNugget of The Reformed Order

Quick Thoughts
* Filibuster : There is a 'deal' WRT judicial nominations ... press conference being held shortly, where the details should be released ... 19:40 : waiting ... waiting ... (wow, how disorganized!) ... waiting ... 7Rs and 7Ds ... "avert crisis" ... Gives Sen KKK Byrd & Sen Warner some credit ... all about "good faith", prevent filibusters, "protect the minority", filibuster only in "extraordinary circumstances" or trigger the Nuclear Constitutional Option, etc. etc. ... let's see if the Democrats screw everyone (again)! Basically, enough from both sides to stop a filibuster and to prevent a rules change eliminating the filibuster. In other words, we now have a a lose-lose! :) ... Byrd thanks God (irony present)
* I 'picked' a good day to have car problems; an over-turned tractor-trailer is blocking I95 ... whoddathunk my car leaking coolant @ ~1/2 gallon / hour could be a good thing? Update : new water pump fixes all, and only $35 ... I spent more than that in refilling the coolant over the last ~week :)
* Blegging : Help a wounded vet have a happy homecoming
* Oh, and SWEPIII is easily the best of the new 3 .... possibly better than 'Jedi ... which, I know not really saying much :P (seriously - it was atleast worth the price of admission ... so go see it)

* Iraq : ~300 arrested! ... "operation Squeeze Play" ... meanwhile : multiple attacks leave many dead .... condolences
* ID Theft : Wachovia, BoA lose 100k+ financial records ... amazing that these organizations are not taking every reasonable effort to protect this critical information!
* New York : Sex offenders get Viagra? ... and you re paying for it
* Israel : Sharon heckled by those who (rightly) opposed 'disengagement'
* Florida : Missing 8yr old girl found alive in landfill ... and "Milagro Cunningham, 17, was charged with attempted murder, sexual battery on a child under 12, and false imprisonment of a victim under 13 years old ... The teen later confessed and was charged as an adult"
* China : +Bird Flu

* Israel : 'Zionists' vs Hypocrites; boycotts, blogs
* Bloggers : 'Half forensic lab, half tavern '
* Death to be 'averted' by downloading brains, ~2050
* Iraq : More on WMDs ... and the name of the blog makes it worth a read!
* Sarcasm takes brain work to understand
* "Art of the Saber" ... and More on the Light Saber
* Planet, star - tail wags dog?
* Hacking the NSLU2, part VI
* Hacking the WRT54G
* Thoughts on Dean's continuing downward spiral
* Michael scumbag Crook interviewed (MP3, and check the pic :P) ... he actually says "Why would you throw your life away for the country?" ... he also started up Anti-Police and Anti-US sites - What a douche! (and judging by how he looks - maybe that is why he is so Anti-* ... self-loathing, displacement, etc.)
* Galaxies w/ 2 black holes?
* Define Right Wing Extremists ... depends who you ask ... :)
* Video "Away Messages" for AIM
* Windows free, for one year
* Apple to go 'Intel Inside'?
* Is the AMT in your future? ... it wouldn't be if we would 'switch over' to the Fair Tax
* Airbus' monstrous A380 not ready for medical emergencies?
* Islam : First two pillars ... and Three more pillars
* Dean : abortion = healthcare
* UselessNations : Calls the US an "Ungainly Giant"
* Jody brings us the "New Blog Showcase" ... and some excellent blogging how-tos!

* New OOTS (#184) ... Dragons eat corn? Rogues love ukuleles?
* True : Google the word "search" and AltaVista comes up on top!
* KoranGate'ish : Flushing Moore
* Politics in SWEPIII ... the last one is a little graphic, so consider yourself warned
* RePost : Star Wars dorks
* UF; on Lucas, money and train wrecks ... and go back a day to see Darl McBride acknowledging the truth :)
* New ALP (#115) ... and go back to 114 as well!
* 'Political Correctness more effective than French gunnery' ... Red vs Blue - they should make it a Halo-based reenactment! :P

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