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*** Riley just got her first tooth ***
* It is Kerry-180 Tuesday! ... UPDATE : some reports are indicating that Kerry signed ... but hasn't turned it in yet (classic Kerry! :P )

* Iraq : Car bomb @ girls' school kills 6 ... prayers & condolences
* DHS pondering 'shoot down' authorization ... if they don't have that, how do they intend on stopping 'incursions'? Ask politely? Say PRETTY please?
* Syria : No more cooperation with the US ... and Raven's thoughts on that here
* Groene kids still missing, $100k+ reward offered! ... No leads yet! ... Prayers for Shasta & Dylan ... and condolences for their mother, brother and mother's-boyfriend ... "People with any information are urged to call a hot line at 208-446-2292 or 208-446-2293"
* Saudi Arabia : 40 Christians arrested ... Guess it is time for us to riot and kill people? ... What religious intolerance?

* Social inSecurity / RePost : "450 Economists endorse personal accounts for Social Security" ... brought to us by Social Security Choice (who is fighting to get this coverage the MSM isn't giving it! - go sign up to help!)
* Building the world biggest laser ... to create sun-like effect : ignition fusion! ... "the light's energy is amplified many billions of times to create a brief laser pulse 1,000 times the electric generating power of the United States" ... their NIF is not the same as my NIF
* "The single most important thing a genuinely liberal person can do now is walk away from the house the left has built" ... Keith Thompson, "Leaving the Left" ... and TS says JFK would have switched too!
* Paris Stupid Spoiled Whore Hilton ad for Carl's Jr burgers ... "This commercial is basically soft-core porn" ... "I think if you saw Paris Hilton in other commercials, she's just an annoying B-list celebrity and it's unbearable to listen to her talk. Here at least they don't have her say a word" ... this is the same joint that had a fetus threatening the mom if she continued to eat spicy food ... and RTftLC brings a much better summation
* Zel Interview, pt1 ... excellent! ... found via CQ
* Google : Hires Dan Senor as their Global Communications and Strategy VP ... preparing to conquer France :P
* SCOTUS : Ignorant of Brian Nichols, Atlanta
* 'Rodent virus' killing transplant patients ... all from same donor
* Liberal bias in academia and MSM ... nope, no bias here ...
* ESCR : W to veto bill ... no need to kill babies to get stem cells!
* 110mbps @ 60' (wireless) ... DS-UWB
* Islam : Makrothumeo brings us Part 3 in his review of Islam in the Schools ... see the previous posts @ First two pillars ... and Three more pillars
* Low UCHL1 (a protein) levels responsible for Alzheimers? ... and male songbirds singing increases these level in female songbirds
*"Pumpabike" - a human-powered hydrofoil ... "they can reach speeds of up to 16 knots (30 kilometers per hour)" ... " Each craft costs between $800 and $1200, depending on its configuration and where you buy it" ... "The only drawback of the device is that its rider needs to kick off from a jetty, a boat or a specially provided stand to get enough forward motion for the hydrofoils to start working. This means if the rider stops bouncing or falls off, the craft lowers into the water and they must swim back to the launch point, towing it in their wake" ... video
* Flash-based HDD released by Samsung ... low power consumption, fast ... expensive :)
* Roomba's mopping brother - Scooba ... and great for kid-herding (should work for dogs too :P )
* Filibuster : TAotB feels it is a total GOP defeat ... Ogre sees it as a GOP win ... they are both right. The GOP loses face, but gets (or, should get) these nominations approved ... moving forward, we will see how the Dems define "extraordinary circumstances" - that will determine who won and who lost ... and some are less polite : "John McCain and his namby pamby fellow RINOs" ... and "Republicans (again) manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory" ... lots of other great comments, links and a pic there! ... and SuperHawk Rick says "Republican moderates are a bunch of pansy-assed, lily-livered weak kneed smurfs" ... and more here, from Capn Ed ... and, just for the record Senate Democrats use math to lie ... and here is the truth; Yes - I know (as noted above, and yesterday) both sides have already admitted defeat (a lose-lose)
* Howard Dean misquotes the Bible
* Clintons : Anti-Hillary book being rushed to print ... and the truth shall set us free; hopefully!
* BearingPoint -1 CFO; Joseph Corbett resigns ... started 2 months ago

* Filibuster'ish : 'Republican Senators Willingly Date-Raped By Democratic Senators' ... found via Basil!
* Sexy Saddam (video)
* Condi marries blogger
* Basil wants your links, but not your hits ... I guess rel=nofollow isn't good enough?
* Fidel + Franken, in the soft moonlight ... found via Hans
* So, what does an 18month old go for? ... how about a criminal charge and an $800k bond?

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