Raja of Knowing When To Hold Them

Quick Thoughts
* Its Friday - what are you doing online? Go outside, get a life. Correction : read this, refer it to all of your "friends" and then go outside and get a life!
* It is now a Comment andTrackback party @ Beth's! ... I'm gonna copy her again - so leave one (comment or trackback) here as well!
(And yes, in my case it is little more than a thinly veiled, slightly desperate plea for attention :) )

* Iraq : Bomb kills 8 Iraqi police and 14 bodies found in garbage dump ... condolences ...
* Somalia : The USMC has landed ... found via Raven
* UK : Blair wins historic 3rd term! ... but lead has faltered, mostly over Iraq War ... and more thoughts on UK's Anti-Americanism here
* Mass. : (Still / More) Big Problems with the Big Dig ... $14.6B down, ___ to go ...
* Florida : Minimum wage increased to $6.15 ... such a wrong decision, and one that will only hurt those it is trying to help! ... and follow the link to RightPundit for more excellent commentary

* Bendable Concrete!?
* DeLay : Asks for humility amongst politicians
* Wireless VOIP! ... WiMax! ... speaking of VOIP, is VOIP the next big hacker target? ... of course it is, like any up & coming service / technology! (duh)
* Cisco : WiFi tracking
* SCO vs World : IBM (over)complies!
* Another LiveCD OS - Kanotix ... this one, a bit more windows-like?
* Google : Patents 'news ranking by quality' ... wow ...
* Apple's Bonjour, for Windows?
* Global Warming : Earth getting brighter, but that is bad? ... "Reductions in industrial emissions in many countries, along with the use of particulate filters for car exhausts and smoke stacks, seem to have reduced the amount of dirt in the atmosphere ... But the researchers say that more solar energy arriving on the ground will also make the surface warmer, and this may add to the problems of global warming"
* FDA restricting sperm donations from homos?
* Test your email server's security!
* 'What Bush Must Do In Moscow'
* HowTo : Buffer Overflows!
* BlogSpotting to PodCast as well!
* 'Jihad begot the Crusades'
* Misc. laptop parts
* How to throw a PSP WiFi 'LAN Party' ... even if XBOX is better ... it is worth the bulk (/ TV requirement :P )
* "Lifehack" pool @ Flickr ... found via Slacker Manager
* SMB responds to the "ONE" campaign to "End Global Hunger" ... which is really "just another attempt to grift another one percent off the top of the United States’ annual GDP" ... and check the possibly-NSFW pic :P
* Basil's roundup ... hey, he plugged me so the least I can do is return the favor, right? (plus, Basil is always worth a read or three every day!)

* Flash : Neat 'defend your castle'-type game! ... addictive!
* New OOTS today? ... sometime?
* Idaho : The unspeakable happens ... "And the children" ...
* Nuclear Korea : Jacko fired into Sea of Japan
* 'World's population almost entirely infidel'
* How Stuff Works brings you - the Light Saber! ... "arc wave energy field" ... "Cutting through any human limb -- even an entire torso -- is trivial. It's like cutting through a banana with a machete" ... "The risk of personal injury is much higher with a double-bladed light saber, and their practical applications around the home are limited" ... found via YAFLE ... and you can email them more "light saber use" pics here!
* Arizona : Man steals W's Identity, vetoes bills ... "Not only does this guy have my credit-card information, he has my Social Security number, all my personal information, and the launch codes for a number of ballistic intercontinental nuclear missiles" ... don't they mean nucular? :)
* Paula Abdul is evil
* Pedestrian realizes, too late, that "right of way smirk" does not stop a vehicle
* New ALP today ... sometime?
* Experts are boring
* Star Wars fans DO have sex!?
* Video : Baby got Book ... "me so holy" ... funny! Thanks to R'cat for the find
* Treasury to make commemorative "County Pennies" ... "Collecting all 3,143 county pennies will be a fun activity your family will enjoy for generations"
* UK : Election results left in cab
* 100 Worst 'Groaners'
* Rejected Hot Sauce names

Quote of the Day
Proof that AUT is NOT a University:
Let us assume AUT is a University.
2150km from AUT in Port Douglas, Queensland, there are many crocodiles.
Crocodiles are wider than they are green:
Let's look at the crocodile. It is wide on the top and on the bottom, but it is green only on the top. Therefore, the crocodile is wider than it is green.
Crocodiles are greener than they are long:
Let's look at the crocodile. It is green along its length and width, but it is long only along its length. Therefore, the crocodile is greener than it is long.
Since crocodiles are wider than they are green, and greener than they are long, it follows that a crocodile must be wider than it is long.
Experimental evidence contradicts this proof.
As this proof has been contradicted, the initial assumption must be false.
Therefore AUT is not a University.
--thanks BASH!

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