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* It is way to early to get up (4am) ... or maybe, I stayed out too late last night (~11) ... or drank too much last night (but the old "Red Bull & Vodka" is sooo good) ... today will be a LOOONG day ...
* Oh, and it is also Wednesday ... which means we should all spend a moment today thinking about how great it is that W got re-elected, that Republicans have a majority in the US House & Senate, and to think about all the good things we need them to do. Actually, there is usually a specific 'cause' declared for "Wictory Wednesdays" - but PoliPundit hasn't announced it yet and today's cause is Kerry's Missing-in-Action 180 ... which was also 'featured' yesterday (and every Tuesday, until he signs it!).

* Washington, DC : Off-course plane causes evac of White House, Capitol, Supreme court ... UPDATE : Nevermind, all clear ... statement 'soon'
* Iraq : Terrorists kill ~60 in 5 suicide attacks ... condolences and prayers, and (to the US Armed Forces and Iraqi Security Forces) keep up the good work.
* Illinois : The father of one of the two murdered girls is being charged for those murders ... oh.my.God ... "Jerry Hobbs, 34, could face the death penalty if convicted in the stabbing deaths of 8-year-old Laura Hobbs and her 9-year-old classmate, Krystal Tobias, Lake County State's Attorney Michael Waller said" ... good, send him to Hell
* Washington, DC : "The city council has given preliminary approval to legislation that would create a new "illegal trade practice" -- selling drugs for more than city politicians decide is fair. The bill would allow Washington, D.C. to seize the companies' patent rights in response" ... "Imagine letting the city council of Chicago decide on fair automobile prices. The government of Dubuque, Iowa could set the fee for heart pacemakers. Miami's city hall could rule on the price of books. Springfield, Illinois could vote on what steel manufacturers charged, while Springfield, Virginia could price helicopters"
* Mumbai : Ijju Sheikh was arrested on April 29 ... "a fugitive suspect in one of India's worst terrorist attacks" ... under-reported, and very significant?
* UK : THORP literally leaking radiation (Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant) ... not catching fire
* Cali : "Three children, three adults killed at DA investigator's (David McGowan) house" ... homicide-suicide? ... developing ...
* Angola : Marburg outbreak up to 217 deaths ... "It’s not focused on children anymore"
* Cali : Gay nuptials ban nixed ... the fight goes on
* RealID passed! ... some negative thoughts here ... for the most part, I disagree and think it is a good thing! ... Schneier doesn't like it either ... and while I admire him greatly and normally agree with him, that is not the case this time ... anything that makes it harder to get a fake license is good!
* United Airlines released form pension responsibility ... WHY DO WE KEEP BAILING OUT FAILING AIRLINES? This is ridiculous, and is an estimated $645M per year that you and I now get to pay ... the PBGC should ONLY kick-in after the company disappears; let the company either figure out how to pay for its mistakes or let it die - that's what Capitalism / competition is all about! (and just wait - more airline bailouts are on the way (South West is eating their lunch)) ... "Jack Carriglio, an attorney for retired United pilots, said the airline should be ashamed of the agreement and warned of the consequences among angry employees" ... and Marginal Revolution makes an interesting connection ... hmm, makes you think ...
* Trade Deficit plummets to $55B ... analysts expected an increase to a record-setting high!
* Afghanistan : Anti-US riots?
* Wisconsin : Middle Schoolers get condoms?

* UselessNations : Cap'n Ed makes a few comments ... "Pity the poor United Nations. Not only is the management at Turtle Bay hopelessly corrupt and inept, its new blogosphere apologists don't appear very bright, either"
* ParrotCheck does an excellent analysis (debunking) of the 'Competitive Growth Index' ... and smacks a lib down :P
* Firefox : 1.0.4 'Candidate' builds available! UPDATE : v1.0.4 released!
* How To : Keep you house clean with just 19 minutes of work per day ... Hi Becky! :)
* Saving for your kid's college - should be a LOW priority? ... very interesting ...
* Don't grant Venezuela's murderer-terrorist Luis Posada Carriles asylum!
* Illegal Immigration : MadTech calls for a "RICO indictment against the Democratic Party of Arizona and the Arizona branch of La Raza for their misuse of illegal immigrate voters"
* NC : Doing their best Washington (state) imitation, the Democrats have just about wrapped-up their theft of an election ... and they are taking it to the next level : "The North Carolina Supreme Court declared that those 11,000 votes were invalid and WERE illegally cast. Enter the liberal Democrat General Assembly who passed a law to change the election results AFTER the election. This new law allows the General Assembly to arbitrarily determine the outcome of any election. ANY candidate that loses the election according to the actual votes of the people, can ask the General Assembly to declare them the winner. The General Assembly, with a simple majority vote, can completely overturn any election by the people ... Later this week the Legislature will 'appoint' 10 members to determine the outcome of the election. The members will be 6 Democrats and 4 Republicans. Any guesses on the outcome of the 'vote'" ... stop the madness!
* Remember the Alamo, but not the revisionist way Nickelodeon wants you to
* MP3s in GIFs??! ... holywhatthe? ... NICE! ... "copy picture.gif /b + music.mp3 /b combined.gif" ... "WinAmp definitely works. Windows Media Player doesn't."
* How To : Be a Consultant ... "Why work 8 hours/day for someone else when you can work 16 hours/day for yourself?"
* Google : Next target - Instant Messaging? ... "google_im://" (and "googlemail://") ... taking over the world, sadly - still donating heavily to Democrats ... oh, and more on WebAccelerator
* 'Roget's: Liberal Thesaurus?' ... found via Cao ... what bias?
* A grim look at the future ... "The year is 2007. Iran explodes its first nuclear device. Its missiles can now reach Paris and London. In response, Europe does nothing" ... "Now that the Middle East is going nuclear, China begins making overt moves against Taiwan" ... " For the first time since 1914, Britain will not be our ally. Tony Blair has succeeded in selling the EU Constitution to his voters, giving France and Germany a veto over all British security decisions" ... our "new allies" - Japan, India, Australia (read the article to understand why :P ) ... Europe's future : "Given its rising Muslim immigration, it will increasingly become a different place: Euro-Arabia. European democracy is already under assault from within, from the European Union itself. Over time, it will become increasingly impotent and stagnant. The European Union has the resources to defend itself, but it lacks the will to do so"
* UselessNations / Bolton / Video : Center for Security Policy's video on why Bolton's nomination is being fought ... and also check out "Applying the Clinton standard"
* A chance to make Hillary unemployed in 2006? ... "Edward Cox, former Reagan aide, set for 2006 N.Y. Senate challenge" (He is Nixon's son-in-law) ... and Hillary's fund-raising scam might help him do that!
* Why "corporate blogging" works. ... wish my employer would pick up on that! ... found via BWO's BlogSpotting
* Filibuster : "Trent sabotaging Republicans" ... "For Monopoly players, that is like offering to trade Park Place and Boardwalk for Baltic and Mediterranean. If the Republicans consent to this disaster, they'll not only be abandoning the men and women who put them in office, they'll be demonstrating that they do not deserve the leadership entrusted to them" ... strong words (not saying they are incorrect) ... and The true history of the filibuster ... "The Democrats, then, have a very weak case in arguing that the filibuster is a two hundred year old tradition that must not be tampered with, since, as we have seen, the filibuster, in the modern sense, was not officially recognized until 1872, and since that time has been subject to various attempts to control or limit its usage, many of which, as Republicans point out, came from the Democrats themselves" ... McCain "urges compromise" ... and he is wrong again!
* Pope : "Liberal Catholics" (read : those in the US) are the losers in Pope Benedict XVI's election
* "Activist Medicine" ... while it is great* to live in a country that has, perhaps, too many doctors - this is a sad state of affairs ... (and by 'great' I really mean better than not having enough)
* 'Why are Christians losing America?' ... "Although Christians comprise the vast majority of the nation's citizens and voters, America is becoming increasingly un-Christian and even anti-Christian with every passing year – from its culture, to its laws, its public education system, its news media and most other major institutions" ... and the ACLU is helping that slide ...and, speaking of Christianity - "it's fastest growing faith on Earth"? ... excellent, now if we could just reflect that here in the US ...
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Actively supporting Communism? (gasp)
* Mohammed (the guy that started Islam) was a child-molesting pimp?
* Citizens - Overtaxed, under-rewarded ... Fed, state and local govts failing us ... includes PJ O'Rourke's excellent quote - "Giving money and power to the government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boy" and quotes Adam Smith - "There is no art which one government sooner learns of another than that of draining money from the pockets of the people" ... and, while it won't solve the "how we spend our money" problem Let me also plug the Fair Tax (replace all income tax with consumption (aka sales) tax) ... Help push this!
* Thoughts on Blogger Pay ... 0 dollars and 0 cents, in most cases (self included, sadly ... although you can fix that if you want by donating to Riley's college fund over to the right :P )
* Cisco soothes the savage stock market
* Printable graph paper ... various sizes / patterns! ... found via BoingBoing
* King Tut died from gangrene (due to broken leg)
* "Super-Lens" can focus "much smaller than the wavelength of light illuminating" ... refraction and "evanescent waves" ... "Such lenses can be used to fabricate microchips with much finer features than is possible with today's best optics"
* Solar flares saved Earth ... possibly responsible for the Earth's formation
* ITER talks warming up? (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) ... no pun intended ... mostly
* The science of Star Wars
* Global Warming : To cause a dramatically cooler Europe (if it exists - see yesterday's NIF)
* Illegal Immigration / Cali : More on the "Illegals can drive w/o licenses, insurance, etc." and there is nothing we can do about it ... again, WTF? How does willfully endangering everyone else on the road make a good law?? State Senator Cedillo needs to get a grip on reality, and I sincerely hope the Govenator ensures this bill doesn't pass!
* Solar Sail passes first test
* NC : 'Pastor resigns after political spat'
* Canada : CRTC (their FCC) is going to regulate VOIP?? ... yeah, 'cuz they are managing their health-care system so well ...
* How to crack WEP ... in case you (somehow) didn't know
* Sometimes America's laws are backwards ... don't protect the children (unborn & born alike), and press charges against parents that try to actually be parents
* Strange orbits?
* Rolling Stones going on tour? ... they're still alive? And, how will they get their walkers through airport security? ... although Raven will be there
* "Real wages" down, and fast?
* Crystal brings us some Jewish enlightenment - "What the Heck is Yom Hazikaron & Why is it Important?" ... and more info here, on that and three other (Jewish) holidays in May
* Big PS gets the Blues ... running Windows? :P
* "Dual Photography" can see around corners?
* MS : New Office release in 2006?
* Why is Steve Jobs so secretive?
* Someone thinks GreaseMonkey will kill the web
* "Size matters- unless of course, you aren't as smart as a fish." ... "35 per cent of body length" ... !
* Canada : Legislative chaos? ... "After the Liberals ignored a no-confidence motion that passed by three votes, the Tories have upped the ante by refusing to allow for an adjournment"
* How dare we report on beheadings!
* Polling - just a tool of the MSM?
* Streisand opens mouth, inserts foot?
* How does your Governor rate? ... Warner (D-VA) ranks 13th, Kilgore will do better if we get him elected :P ... found at CFG
* Aeon Flux pix!

* OOTS #179 is here! ... Belkar doesn't believe Roy when he says he lied (cuz he's a liar, after all) ... and V wants Roy to come to the dark side :)
* Flash : Hedonistica ... found via Beth! ... who also pointed me to Magnetic Poetry! and whole list of time wasters! ... I still am a big fan of Bowmaster better!
* 213 things Skippy isn't allowed to do while on duty! ... #1 alone makes it worth the read :P ... found via Raven
* The Bluffington Post! ... take that Arianna! ... and more Anti-Arianna here ... "This Web-site venture is the sort of failure that is simply unsurvivable, because of all the advance publicity touting its success as inevitable. Her blog is such a bomb that it's the box-office equivalent of Gigli, Ishtar and Heaven's Gate rolled into one"
* Britney's fetus blogs? ... just a little offensive, repulsive and entertaining
* Jeff enlisted, and rather than letting his blog sit silent he is throwing a Comment party! ... some admirable goals, and he set s high bar for the prereq's ... are you up to it?
* Commercial : Now THAT is protection
* Rusty knows the secret - Zarqawi is a zombie!

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