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* It's Kerry-180 Tuesday! So, who out there believes he HAS signed it, WILL submit it and WILL release ALL of his records? Anyone, anyone? Anyway - go read Cao's post and join up!

* Iraq : 4 US GIs die in crash ... 4 Italians die in separate crash as well; also - Jerges Mohammed Sultan, an Iraqi journalist, was killed by the insurgents / terrorists - condolences for all those killed ... and "The insurgency in Iraq is in the last throes" - let's hope & pray that this is true!
* Illegal Immigration : "OTM"s swamping us?
* Earthquake / India : 5.6
* New York : NEIN is reporting a "Release of Unknown Substance" @ Rainbow Bridge ... latest update is that the customs agents involved have come down with "flu like symptoms" (vehicle in questions also had a bag containing $180k in counterfeit cash)
* Two Americans busted for wanting to help al Qaeda ... I was under limited blogation when this first came out ... it is bad news, and glad they got busted!
* Watergate : Deep Throat, less deep? ... Mark Felt, former #2 at the FBI, "outs" self ... W&B silent on the topic (from one of my TWA buddies - Their source scooped them!) ... UPDATE : its been confirmed! ... and Lee has a "more modern" name for Deep Throat (funny!)
* SCOTUS : Arthur Andersen conviction overturned ... and TigerHawk has some thoughts
* NYT vs CIA ... the NYT continues its crusade to help destroy this country ...
* Mexico : Colima volcano done blowuptified
* United narrowly avoids (delays) strike of 20k baggage handlers, customer service personnel and other unionized ground employees

* TAotB makes an oath, against yonder RINOs ... and, while you are at it, help TAotB hunt RINOs ... and GOPBloggers wants to 'help' Senator RINO Voinovich
* EU : "After fifty years of arguing fervently to convince the rest of Europe to unite around them, the French did the perfectly French thing and made a mess of it for others to try to clean up" ... "The national religion of France ... is the vacation" - HA! ... oh, and "French voters have accomplished what French soldiers never have: they have defended successfully the French way of life" - HA, again! ... "THE FRENCH VOTE GIVES US an opening to improve trade and defense relations with New Europe and those parts of Old Europe that can be weaned away from the Brussels losers. Around these nations we can even hope to rebuild NATO, excluding those, such as France and Germany, that have broken the bargain on which it is based"
* 'The Anti-Conservative Fallacy' ... excellent read!
* 'Those who do not learn from history ...' ... and, related : Dishonest education?
* SCA brings us some thoughts on God, Morals, Schools and Bastard Children
* Ready for some hurricanes? ... "Colorado State University predicted it would be 'very active' with 15 named tropical storms and eight hurricanes"
* Remembering Hack ... Col. David H. Hackworth, and "Soldiers For The Truth is now working on legal action to compel the Pentagon to recognize Agent Blue alongside the better known Agent Orange as a killer and to help veterans exposed to it during the Vietnam War"
* Amnesty International Insanity ... I didn't realize how NICE Gitmo was to detainees, yes - I said NICE ... as in good ... as in not a Gulag ... and Power Line brings us some more
* Carina Nebula - stellar nursery
* Wanna live longer? Eat low fat, low protein ...
* Mood altering LEDs?
* Firefox : Extension - Tab-X
* You have 5 fingers per hand, for a reason
* Thoughts on "Eurabia"
* Introducing Motorola's RAZRberry?
* Germany : Next Chancellor - a woman?
* Next Star Trek movie (XI) in ~2 years
* HowTo : Build your own InfraRed goggles!
* Malkin wants us to remember some of CNN's (cough) "Good Times"
* VOIP - where the V is for Video ... more Skype!
* Is your housewife desperate? You need GPS-Panties!
* North Carolina : An example of Medicaid's insanity ... a truly broken system
* Even the NYT is admitting that NCLB works!
* 'Euromoonbattery in Decline'
* Ever hear of "Longwell Flooring and Sanding"? Now you have ...
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Attack on Christianity continues ... the presumed thought of Prayer results in lawsuit ... WTF?? ... more here ... and 'Public Expression of Religion Act of 2005' ... introduced in House!
* What media bias? ... overwhelming their insufficient defenses
* Nick questions "bathroom equality"
* Ohio : Lost - $10M in coins ... "Bureau of Workers' Compensation" gonna come up a bit short! ... found via NTU
* China : Forced abortions
* Hilldabeast.com is for sale ... I know a certain freshwoman Senator from New York who might be interested :P
* Serial DUIs!? ... 1 car, 3 drivers, 4 hours, 3 DUIs
* Earth-Mars near miss?
* Russia : Noisy neighbors? Try a grenade!
* 'Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries'
* CA to restate 5yrs of earnings statements! ... wow
* GTL puts out a Help Wanted sign ... "You could be a liberal, a conservative, a libertarian, a Christian, a Wiccan, a Jew, a Muslim, black, white, male, or female. All political affiliations, races, and religions are welcomed here" ... found via Basil!
* The Mayans had a Periodic Table?
* HowTo : Fake a fingerprint?

* Filibuster'ish : "US to eliminate own military, enemies can only invade under 'extraordinary circumstances'" ... found via Basil (as always - more good stuff there too!)
* 'Bed-ridden Zarqawi vows to continue serving bed-ridden Bin-Laden'
* Pentagon to close Camp Snoopy
* 'US issues list of approved taunts for Gitmo'
* 'Human rights abuse allegations make Cheney cry'
* Reflecting on W's sacrifices ... kept Texas safe, during Vietnam
* 'Chinese Century ends 95 years prematurely'
* Date takes wrong turn towards emotion, instead of physical
* Another excellent caption contest ... "Ellen introduces the new 'picture my guest naked, shackled, and slathered in motor oil' segment of her talk show"
* Flash : "BeastBlender"
* SWEP0 ... "There is an important story to be told and an even more important amount of money to be made in a further prequel"
* Self Storage Museum of (Personal) Failure
* Flash : "Hit or Stand" - blackjack game

Quote of the Day
omgsean123: So anyway, Heisenberg is speeding down the street and he gets pulled over by a cop
omgsean123: and the cop is like "Do you know how fast you were going?"
omgsean123: and he says "No, but I know exactly where I am!"
--thanks BASH!

Idiotic Quote of the Day
Can there be any doubt that humanity would be better off without religion? Everyone who appreciates the good, the true and the beautiful has a duty to challenge this social poison at every opportunity. It is not enough to be irreligious; we must use our critique to expose religion for what it is: sanctimonious nonsense.
--'thanks' Timothy Shortell, Brooklyn College's recently-elected chairman of the school's sociology department ... think WardFake Indian Churchill, but against religion instead of US

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