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* Since I have Apheresis (platelet donation) today I'll take this opportunity to remind everyone to give blood, and maybe you should do Apheresis as well / instead! Call your local blood bank and get on it! (If you happen to live/work in the Tyson's Corner area the # is (703) 698-4800 x139)
* A Mothers Day Story Miracle ... "Her first Christmas dress was a Cabbage Patch Doll dress" ... I know, this is a day late, and I found it @ Crystal's (who posted in on time)
* Cool - SCA reviews Vinnie and Basil ... either one would make it worth the read! So, go read it.

* Iraq : US on the offensive in Anbar, kills 75 terrorists ... and lots of captures as well! ... "more than 1,000 U.S. troops supported by fighter jets and helicopter gunships" ... elsewhere in Iraq : Japanese taken hostage
* Illinois : 2 missing girls, bodies found ... condolences and prayers ... let's hope they find whoever did this!
* Nuclear Korea : Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the UselessNations' IAEA ,says they may very well have 5 or 6 Nukes
* Afghanistan : 2 US Marines killed ... condolences ...
* Russia : VE Day celebrated ... and Cao asks why this isn't getting more press?? (can't be due to media bias, can it?) ... Merri gives it some press ... good pics, and an excellent Churchill quote : "Those who can win a war well can rarely make a good peace and those who could make a good peace would never have won the war" ... and SuperHawk throws out his thoughts on W's speech

* People's Republic ofWashington (State) : 'BEST. GRADUATION. PRANK. EVER.' ... and GOPBloggers comments : "alleged 'Governor' Christine Gregoire"
* Bloggers : Go sign up for NationStates ... and join "Blogger Nation", started by Rick ... pseudo-unrelated sidenote : my nation just crossed 3B people! (AND I still have 0 income tax!)
* REPOST : AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Taking the profit out of anti-religion suits ... "Rep. John Hostettler (R-Ind) is expected to file his measure next week" ... that is a great way to slow the ACLU! Thanks Jay! ... and Ace joined it too! ... and make sure you sign this petition! ... and, while on the topic let me add that I missed Ogre's last 'burst/post on how the ACLU is trying to destroy America
* NASA : Opportunity stuck in sand, rescue being planned
* Do you know who said "The United States is no longer the dominant power on earth as we have been the last 50 years. That's good news, I think." ... wow ... just wow!
* "When will the Dems start winning again? When they start living and speaking like normal folks"
* UselessNations : 'Overtime at the Iniquity Factory' ... "Volcker hyperventilates" ... "Oil-for-Food-for-Bribes-for-Weapons"
* Kingdom of Heaven - not so accurate ... and just a little bias, thrown in for good measure ... naturally, KoH still made $20M opening weekend ... and "The unexpected consequence effect of the film, on me at least, is that I came away from it with a deeper conviction that neither the Muslims nor the Christians should have fought over Jerusalem" ... which continues on to Part 2 ... and how about some reviews ... and more reviews ... "Kingdom of Heaven has at its center a bold story, and yet it sits there like a stone pillar" ... and, over @ Von Helsing's : "Kingdom of Crapola" ... The cliff notes version : "Christian Crusaders are crass, violent murderers. They lie, sleep around with multiple women, and father multiple illegitimate, abandoned children. They are stupid, foolish, power-hungry, and vengeful. They are boors warring for land, not principles, and kill fellow Christians—even priests—over nothing.Muslims, especially Saladin, are honorable, devout, decent, peaceful people. They just want to be left alone and only attack when attacked upon. They are wise, honest, kind, generous, and even offer Christians safe passage" ... ah, and Cao does a round-up as well ... excellent!
* Google : Lies, still running political ads? ... no bias here!
* ESCR : 'Bill Funding Embryo Research Gaining Ground' ... despite the TRUTH : "embryonic stem cells have not been tested in humans at all because of the dangers, including frequent formation of tumors" Smoke Signals ... which actually has several interesting topics in this post (Dems plotting return to power, Arizona to actually make English the state's official language (gasp!))
* Pope : Attention Democrats - The Pope is still Catholic!
* Bloggers : Celebs jumping on board? ... sad ... and more thoughts here ... including a link to Huffington.isfullofcrap.com ... "Inherited wealth, Hollywood friends, and natural stupidity are a formidable combination" ... HAHAHHA!
* 'Red-eyed tree frogs' can actually hatch early to run away from predators ... neat!
* Putin / Russia - hard to figure out ... but may actually, inadvertently, help reign Iran in ... ?
* China vs US - money wise, that is
* Germany going socialist? ... bad for them, bad for world ... "Forgotten is the empirically proven fact that no other form of economic order in the history of mankind has lifted so many people out of poverty. Forgotten also is the fact that capitalism enabled Germans to lead the lifestyle they so enjoy" ... and Raven reminds us that Communism isn't dead
* Treatment for Parkinson's 'Restless Leg' syndrome approved by FDA
* Kansas : ID vs Evolution, scientists boycott the hearing ... that might not be the right way to make your point ...(they must be democrats :P )
* China : Diesel mules causing environmental problems ... "a worrying environmental problem because of the amount of fuel they consume and the copious emissions they produce. The CRVs are so profligate that they are largely responsible for driving China's modern thirst for oil"
* Google : More on their DNS-jacking problem
* Firefox : More on the 2 critical vulns
* UltraWideBand (UWB) to get a push?
* UK : Schools told, effectively, to stop using MS products?
* Nanotech vs Cancer
* Handy list of euphemisms ... so you can understand your Democrat 'friends' :P
* "Religion of Peace" Picture page ... not for the faint of heart
* UselessNations : "When U.N. staff rape children, they get their pay docked"
* Bloggers : The future? Ethics? Slamming NYT? ... wait a sec, bloggers don't get the rock-star-sex-treatment? Dang.
* 'Home shoring' better than offshoring! ... found via MadTech
* HowTo : Perform 'Strongman Stunts'
* 10 Ways to live longer
* Where's your brain comments on one of Cao's posts
* Makrothumeo asks " What Is So Scary About Creationism?" ... he also wonders how we can put the "Free" Back in "Free Exercise of Religion" (cough - stop the ACLU - cough)

* New OOTS ... later ... while you are waiting, you can read #178 :) ... and I just got my signed copy of the OOTS book Friday, excellent! Everyone should buy one!
* ItsAPundit interviews Autorantic Virtual Moonbat! ... a must-read!
* RVB #56 available for sponsors ... low-res, non-sponsor version 'soon'
* UF on Adobe+Macromedia ... "Macrobe : Because the web needs more PDF and Flash" ... HAHAHHA
* ALP failed to update on Friday, new one today! ... suppository for eye problems? That sounds like something Doc from RVB would do!
* True : Vinnie shares how he hates PETA ... as should we all!
* Flash : CounterFlash-Strike
* ACLU comes clean ... found via ThinkSink ... and very similar to the Condi-is-so-hot-ilated-NIF
* How to handle a "I missed Mothers' Day" situation!
* Shuffle craze hits other devices ... cel phone dials random numbers, etc.
* Flash : StarFighter
* True'ish : Rap is dead
* True'ish : 'UK voters ignore Democrats asking them not to vote for Blair'
* CaptionThis : Hooters at Horse Race ... what self-respect?
* 'Runaway bride’s spokesman vanishes'
* ' Court rules Virgin Mary likeness violates Separation Of Church And Overpass'
* 'Crisis On US's Earth to address GOP continuity errors'
* Britney Spears arrested
* CaptionThis : Muslim women in Hijabs
* Reid - Loser comment was caused by food poisoning
* What did Bush NOT say whilst in Georgia?
* Flash : Adventure Guy ... the Castle-defense Bow game the other day was better, in fact - StarFighter (above) is better too :P

Quotes of the Day
Computers make it easier to do a lot of things, but most of the things they make it easier to do don’t need to be done.
--thanks, Andy Rooney ... found atMike's!

Robbie Paul: I'm going to work on an econ paper which states that Walmart has hurt America, but not the way most people think
Robbie Paul: I say by keeping prices low, people that shouldn't survive are able to
--thanks BASH!

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