Today in History

1 year ago someone started a blog named NIF ... :

and in honor of that, I am blogging babysitting all day ...
so, um, I'll be back to actually blog soon later tonight sometime before tomorrow!

* Pakistan : ~7 more Al Qaeda members nabbed ... related : notebook seized!
* Iraq : Car bomb kills 17 ... condolences!
* UselessNations : Volcker fighting to keep docs 'safe' ... or just protecting Kofi?

* Morse Code is faster than SMS! ... HAHAHHA!
* Class Action against 'Big Tobacco' overturned ... key words : "reasonable and proportionate"
* Fewer US Military bases being closed
* Buffett's short bet on the dollar costs him .. he is still just a little richer than me ...
* MS : Wanna replace your pirated Windows with a real one? No problem - just turn in your source!
* AIMers to blog? ... man, they.will.let.anyone.in.here!
* 'Jobs: Boom or blip?'
* Sony's UMD cracked!
* "Airport friendly" clothing
* DNA testing gone wrong ... "state crime lab made several errors when retesting evidence in the case of a former death row inmate wrongfully convicted of a 1982 rape and murder ... led to the absolute pardon of Earl Washington Jr."
* Call from mom, deployed in Iraq, costs son 10 days of school? ... sometimes the rules are wrong! (not saying the son reacted correctly, mind you)
* Appeals Courts says NO to FCC's 'broadcast flag' ... excellent!
* Wanna see Jupiter? Saturn? Go outside & look ...
* Linux on Nintendo DS
* Are all OSes obsolete?
* SneakySurf - anonymizer-like service
* Video Sunglasses?
* 1GB Swiss Army Knife ... I almost bought one of these last night; but I got a Memorex 2GB drive instead :P (for the same price - to replace my severely inadequate 512MB one)

* 'Louie, Louie' revisited
* Can you spot the real penny?

Quote of the Day
I think Reid is a loser.
--thanks, ME ... in response to this :)

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