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Quick Thoughts
* Limited blogation today, sorry (work, and Mom's birthday ... speaking of which, Happy Birthday Ma'!)
* Blogfriend GMRoper hits 10k visitors! Congrats!

* Iraq : Suicide bomber kills 23
* Lebanon : -Syria
* Oil : $59+ ... ugh, $24 too high ...
* Cali / Earthquake : 5.0 ... #5 in last 7 days ...
* Washington State : Courthouse shootout
* UselessNations'ish : Dems still obstructionist, block Bolton nomination ... W may just fly solo

* Rusty has a few words for Kos ... defeatist what-hole? Oh yeah, that sounds about right ... but no mention of treason?
* Iraq : A rundown of, and salute to, the willing ... found via Mudville Gazette
* The Torres' need your help ... money & prayers :
She (Susan) is brain dead. But she is being kept alive so her unborn child might have a chance to live. Her husband, Jason, is convinced that she would want this and although he has agonized with the decision, he knows that Susan would do anything for her children and to save their life. Jason has quit his job to be with her at the hospital and the bills are mounting
... and
more here ... and official site here
* Nuke / EMP threat warning ... again
* PC add-in cranks you up to 50GFLOPS!
* '10 Ways to protect your credit' / prevent ID Theft + Fraud ... in the wake of 40M individuals' info being at risk this is important to know! (for #1 - get a cross-cut shredder, and for part of #2 = eBill/ePay helps ... but that has its own risks!)
* DowningGate(?) : Memos = hoax? ... thanks to Cap'n Ed!
* Space Weapons ... cool!
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : More Hypocrisy
* Iraq : 'The soldiers of Allah' ... "Present within the establishment were electrical wires, a noose, handcuffs, and a 574-page manual on Jihad" ... but remember, (cough) we are the Nazis ...
* Home brew Bio-Diesel motorcycle
* No such thing as Palestinians
* Some thoughts on fighting terrorism, the FBI, CAIR and Lodi, California
* ESCR : Stem Cells can be grown into eggs/sperm?
* GITMO'ish : Today's kangaroo court ... "As the Democratic Party continues its commendable efforts to drive all reasonable voters into the waiting arms of the Republicans ..."
* Newt : Mideast roadmap = mistake ... yeah, one-sided diplomacy never works (that makes it appeasement) ... found via Gindy
* Find Alzheimers sooner?
* Japan : A-Bomb stories being published ... found via MyPetJawa
* GITMO : More thoughts on "Gitmo Dick" ... found via Basil (who also has other good stuff, like the ACLU post above :) ) ... now, back to GITMO : Clinton joins the talking heads calling for Gitmo to be shut down ... and EXTENSIVE Durbin round-up ... and Left keeps digging ... itself into a hole ... and 'Durbin, telling it like it isn't'
* UselessNations : Yet another scandal ... more nepotism, not Kofi-Kojo this time
* Orgasms shut own certain parts of the female brain ... ha, and from Basil - "men's brains shut off at erection" ... too true, often with alcohol getting an assist ...
* Venezuela : Spanish-language version of al Jazeera ... "Venezuela’s dumpy red pimp (Chavez) is set to roll out his own TV network: Telesur"
* Nuclear security lapse
* So, what do we Americans really want? ... I am looking at it right now; my wife, daughter, dogs, house ...
* Tokyo is the world's most expensive city ... while New York, a (cough) paltry # 13 atleast has a HUGE pothole to lay claim to
* Illegal Immigration / Cali : Pro-illegal activists overrun "Save Our State" (legal citizen) demonstration ... excellent post, and pics! ... and remember, a nation that cannot secure her borders is not secure!
* From the "And this is news??" department : Bush's 2nd term is whiter, older
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : LONG glimpse inside the ACLU ... WOW, VERY LONG ARTICLE ... it will take some time to read! ... and More hypocrisy, WRT "protesters" this time
* Sick : Boy rapes 3 yr old, 13 yr old, Dog ... ACLU sure to defend him :P

* Cure for Post-Bellum Depression found! ... old, I know - but still funny ... oh, and the IMAO T-Shirts ROCK! (I got mine, and wearing BlackFive's T-shirt now!)
* OOTS#196! ... what's this gate?
* GITMO : Cheney offers detainees relo package, to his underground lair
* Mock election, mock landslide, mock lynching
* Here is everything than can go wrong
* Terri : Of course brain damage breaks femurs!
* Deep Throat + Runaway Bride to wed ... "When Jenny agreed to marry me, I had to get on the phone with Woodward and Bernstein"
* Dean recommends MasterCard to protect US ...only 40M of us will be at risk?
* God tired of doing the sorting
* Politician works the ... bathroom
* Screamin' Dean : Deanschisms! ... and Rove has Dean's mouth on remote control
* Chinese factory workers make ...
* 'Ayman Al-Zawahiri urges those already killing people to kill people'
* Scientologists : Cruise is too weird ... "Elsewhere, a new poll shows that less than half of all Americans approve of the way Dick Cheney is handling President Bush’s job"
* GITMO / Iraq : Beware the righteous brutality of the oppressed!
* Bond flowchart ... briefings, gadgets, bad Bond chick, good Bond chick, explosion
* Durbin compares Socialists to Nazis, Dems finally demand an apology for something
* Habitrail for Humanity?
* Saddam requests Jacko's jury
* UF : Free Software
* True / South Carolina : Cop lets off chicks, but only if they strip ... found via Today's Democracy
* ALP#125 ... Jeeter=stud, and when did aliens start using masks?

Quotes of the Day
There is Army grunt, trudging through the mud, bombs blowing up everywhere, rain pouring down, 60 pound pack on his back, and he thinks to himself…. “Dude, this sucks”
The Navy Seaman (hehe.. snicker) is on his boat, watching the explosions in land, swabbing the deck, dodging gang rape in the showers, and thinks to himself “Dude, that looks like it sucks”
The Marine rifleman is trudging through the mud, bombs blowing up everywhere, rain pouring down, 60 pound pack on his back, and he thinks to himself… “Dude,this doesn’t suck enough!”
The Air Force Pilot looks down from 25,000 feet, watching the bombs blowing up below, looking around for his boxed lunch, hearing his co-pilot snoring and he thinks to himself… “Dude, they didn’t put the Twinkie in my lunch. This sucks..”
--thanks Duncan!!

Enchanted by own innocence, Michael Jackson molests self
--thanks The Onion!

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