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Quick Thoughts
* Comcast is teh sux0r; they apparently decided I didn't need Internet access from home during the weekend. Pfft. (Let's see how/if it works tonight ... UPDATE : seems to be working!)
* 16:30-16:45 17:00 : Jacko verdict expected (assuming he shows up on time) ... developing ...
17:05 : Everyone is in the court room, judge is reviewing the written verdict ...
17:15 : counts 1:not guilty of conspiracy 2,3,4,5,6:not guilty of lewd act ... so he is "not a child molester" ... WOW, "not guilty" on all counts! ... So, did his money save him from a deserved jail term or has justice prevailed? (IMHO - I suspect he is guilty, but was found not guilty for the wrong reasons; the questionable / negative history of the family/victim ... again just IMHO)

* Pennsylvania : 5 children die in fire; "security bars" blocked escape / rescue ... parent escaped ... condolences
* Iraq : 4 GIs die in roadside blasts ... condolences for them, and for the 28 bodies found around Baghdad ...
* India : '12 killed in bomb explosion in southern Kashmir'
* Iran : Bombs kill 8 ... trying to disrupt the elections?
* Earthquake / Cali : 5.5 (yesterday) ... aftershocks ongoing and whatnot
* CDC : 1M+ Americans w/ AIDS
* US : +1 mad cow? ... "There is no risk to human health"
* Morgan Stanley -1 CEO
* SCOTUS / Texas : Death Sentence overturned ... Thomas Miller-El to be retried

* 51,000-pounds of fertilizer (and the driver) missing? ... same type used in the Feb 26th, 1993 WTC bombing ... (NEIN doesn't use permalinks, scroll down to (or search for) "The Mysterious Fertilizer Truck BOLO")
The blast created a crater six stories high, tearing through steel and reinforced concrete nearly a foot thick on two levels above the bomb, leaving a gaping 18’ by 22’ hole in the lobby of the Vista Hotel. The downward blast pulverized 15,000 square feet of concrete and obliterated the steel reinforcements three stories downward. The blast also cracked a cast-iron pipe that brought water from the Hudson into the air conditioning system, flooding the lower areas. It also ripped a 7 ton steel support brace and tossed it 40 feet. The main explosive component of the bomb was 1,200 pounds of urea nitrate fertilizer.
... remember, the current missing load is 51000 pounds (over 40x the amount used in 93), and oh yeah - the FBI has decided this isn't worth their time.

* Filibuster'ish :
Ed talks about the delayed obstructionism, but upsets Beth with some of his rhetoric ... prompting SuperHawk Rick to step in and makes some excellent comments ... meanwhile, Preston comments and points us to Cao who says Men should be allowed to be Men, live with it! ... and now they kiss and make up agree to disagree, for now (cue dramatic musical interlude) (sidenote - they all make some excellent points, you should go read them all. Now. Go on, I'll wait here ...)
* Karnival of Kidz #8 ... Riley's there :) ...
The Candyman makes everything he bakes
Satisfying and delicious.
Talk about your childhood wishes.
And don't you just want to give Riley kisses?
... and they plug NIF, so that is a bonus!

* Newt Interview (Videos + Transcripts) :
Part 1 - A Day in Newt's Life ... and
Part 2 - McCain ... and
Part 3 - Border Patrol ... and check back (later today?) for part 4, on Linda Foley!
* Go ahead, try and arrest W ... tell Shamnesty International a few things about international law ...
* Cali : +Hillary-Care? ...
if it becomes law, it will be enough to devastate medical care in California, put thousands of people out of work, create a huge new bureaucracy, subordinate medical professionals to that bureaucracy, and vest dictatorial power in a Health Insurance Commissioner
... this is so not funny!

* Iraq : Hostages ...
Why is it that the terrorists continually target left-wing journalists? Is it a) because the vast majority of journalists are leftists and therefore chances are if you take a journalist hostage he'll more than likely be a left-winger? Or is it b) because left-wing journalists are stupid enough to believe their own propaganda about the so-called 'insurgency', thinking that the 'freedom fighters' are really no threat until one day they find themselves hostage?
I can understand how a hostage might develop Stockholm syndrome, but not the employer of a hostage
* 'Antor Media sues everybody' ... if you have ever copied data from a "server" to a "client" you are a target ... stupid patents
* Africa : Mak brings us some counter-thoughts on aid / debt-relief
* Wachovia - reparations?
apology was for something Wachovia didn't do, in an era when it didn't exist, under laws it didn't break. And as an act of contrition for this wrong it never committed, it can now expect to pay millions of dollars to activists for a wrong they never suffered
* China : "A cunning simulation of external wealth and power that is, in fact, a forbidding false front for a state that remains a squalid hovel"?
... and "Who can stop the rise and rise of China? The Communists" ... and a reminder - "Mao, though he gets a better press than Hitler and Stalin, was the biggest mass murderer of all time, with a body count ten times' higher than the Nazi" ... found via Puppy Blender ... sure, he's got his Instalanche - but you just wait until the much feared NIFalanche takes effect! (or something)
* Social inSecurity : A more modest proposal ... I dunno, still sounds too much like admitting defeat - but it would be step or two in the right direction atleast ... ?
* Google, what bias? ... Huffington's Toast just not getting the love ...
* UK : Another failed socialized medicine 'experiment'
* Howard Yeeaargh Dean : The Dean Virus, pandemic?
* Global Warming : Why Bush must not follow the Govenator ... and, just for the sake of completeness :
the signatories to the Kyoto Protocol are already blowing past their commitments with wild abandon. The EU, under its current policies, is on track for a 7-percent shortfall in its emission targets by 2010; France is set to have a 9-percent shortfall; in Belgium the shortfall will be 14 percent; and in Denmark it will pass 36 percent
... so, are they still slamming us for not signing?

* Some thoughts on the Soros-Dean wing of the Democratic party ... "the volume of hate mail the organized hyperlibs generate is directly proportional to the importance they assign to an issue and the weakness of their position"
* KoranGate'ish / GITMO : REAL TORTURE ... Aguilera?? Oh, the humanity!? ... "musical gulag"! HA!
* Iraq : CNN uses the term Fragging ... not in the cool way, and Blogotional (rightly) tears them a new one for doing so
* Home Theater Projectors ... too sweet ...
* Sean Penn's "Journalism" trumps the rise of Anti-Semitism in Europe? ... welcome to the mainstream media!
* Best Buy lies? ... TV not HD-ready, as advertised ... just FYI
* Tyson - 'A Sad End to a Sad Career'
* UselessNations'ish : Bolton, and more reasons why he should be approved!
* Blogging : Trackback etiquette ... I prefer reciprocal, and always do that myself - but I don't care if someone one-way links to me (greedy sonsa' ___ :P)
* Illegal Immigration'ish : Grading companies? ... an excellent idea!
* "Jesus hates beaners"? ... you lost me at Jesus hates ... found via Bastizlle
* Iraq'ish : Trying to defeat America - Terrorists, Media, Liberals ... and now a few on the right? (Losers on the right - Martinez, Hagel and Kristol)
I cannot imagine how much better things would be going if the terrorists were not fueled by our media and liberals. I cannot imagine how hopeless things would look to the enemy if they saw a WWII-style united front in this country. The behavior we're seeing in the mainstream media, Amnesty International, and among some Democrats is traitorous. No longer able beat Bush in the election, the new goal is to humiliate him by losing the war and increase their own fortunes.
* Crystal escapes Mexifornia! ... and I am jealous (she moved to Hawaii man!)
* Bloggers : Who needs to be most targeted by blogs?
* Some thoughts on Pop Culture, and the dangers our kids are facing
* Clintons : Bill raped Hillary?
... wow; I would wait for the jury before representing that as fact ... Ed Klein's upcoming "The truth about Hillary: what she knew, when she knew it, and how far she'll go to become President" might be a very interesting read!
* Germany : Is where terrorists should live ... or atleast where they should get caught, found via Hans
* Iraq'ish : "Reinstating a draft is, in short, a Democratic tactic to undermine the war in the long term"
* You can only scold 100%-pure Caucasian children? ... this pisses me off ...

* Waiting on a new OOTS (#193) ... still waiting ...
* Poetry : Evil Glenn, Quran Desecration ... "Thick Puppy Smoothies"
* Human Tetris
* "Free paper toys" ... mechanical bat, RPG, Chess, etc. ... nice! Also, remember this; paper dragon's eyes follow you ... spooky, and cool
* True / Sad : Remains replaced with Pringles?
* Scream! ... found via Beth
* Bloggers : Carnival of Intoxification
* UF : Restrictions on in-flight+WiFi Games ... Yes, Counter Strike might be a poor choice (Terrorists win?)
* A letter home, from a new Marine ... the last line alone makes it worth a read!
* New ALP (#122) ... ahem, the condom broke

Quote of the Day
On some level, there are a lot of Democrats who think that Howard Dean is helping us, if only because it disguises the fact that our House and Senate guys have nothing to say and no ideas
--thanks "Democratic political strategist", viaThe American Spectator!

Those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

--thanks to some guy named Ben Franklin, brought to us today byFlight Pundit

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