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Quick Thoughts
* Riley += 1 Tooth! ... Up to 2 now; moved from tooth to teeth :P

* China : 'Tiananmen Square - June 4th, 1989' ... always remember ...
* Iraq : Insurgents Terrorists kill 38, Govt captures 700!
* EU : Italy ponders dropping the Euro! ... that would be yet another stunning defeat for the EU, in the footsteps on France and the Netherlands rejecting the EU Constitution ... but for the wrong reasons! ... "This moron would blame Italy's dismal economic performance on the Euro rather than on Italy's own private-sector strangulation. He should know that it is economic policy, not currency, that dictates economic performance"
* Nuclear Korea : Demands U.S. apology ... ok, fine - on behalf of the United States, I will apologize : "We are sorry that we only said you were "one of the world's most irresponsible leaders" (Thanks, Cheney!) when you are also a backwater, Communist nation led by a maniacal, effeminate dictator who is cracking under the pressure of a) his repressed homosexuality (not that there is anything wrong with that) and b) his acute case of 'short man's syndrome'" ... now please hand over the nukes ... and remember to "Vote TJ in 2012!" (throwing my hat into the ring REAL early - gotta get a jump on the competition)
* UselessNations : 'Goal to Contain AIDS Unrealistic' ... "HIV/AIDS is spreading much faster than efforts to rein it in crucial regions including Eastern Europe and Central America" ... I would not have guessed either of those regions as being the 'trouble spots'!
* Oil : Back over $54 ... translation : $19+ too high ... UPDATE: Make that $55+, which is now $20 too high
* Tylenol recall ... "labeling issues"
* 'Serbian Civilian Murders Broadcast on TV, Leads to Arrests'
*Drudge : "YAWN FOR CNN 25th Anniversary special" "FOXNEWS / O'Reilly Factor = ~2000000 viewers" vs "CNN 25th anniversary special = ~345000"
* Payroll up 78k, unemployment @ 5.1%

* Not trying to (just) scare you here, but a Flu pandemic would royally suck! ... MUST READ! ... quotes Schneier,
"When something is no longer reported - automobile deaths, domestic violence - when it's so common that it's not news, then you should start worrying"
... indeed! ... and the money-quote, from Dr Osterholm,
"The global economy would come to a halt, and since we could not expect appropriate vaccines to be available for many months and we have very limited stockpiles of antiviral drugs, we would be facing a 1918-like scenario," notes Dr Osterholm, who calculates that given current technology, we could vaccinate about 500 million people, tops - about 14 per cent of the world population. Of course, most of those will be in the developed world. But are you sure you'd be one? Are you in the Armed Forces? Do you or your business count as an essential service? If you're not involved with the electricity, water, fuel distribution, phone or gas industries, then probably not. "And owing to our global 'just-in-time delivery' economy, we would have no surge capacity for health care, food supplies, and many other products and services"
... maybe it IS time to join the Armed Forces!? ...
"Climate change may be a greater threat than terrorism, but a flu pandemic is a more immediate threat than either"

* Jesus Judith Christ of Nazareth ... "revised" Bible changes lots of men into women, "It is empowering" ... more like idiotic and sacrilegious
* Clintons : Hillary is sponsoring the "Count Every Vote" "What's a Little Fraud Among Friends?" Act
* Iraq : Non-existent WMDs now missing
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Mustang does some research, ask some questions, and thinks "Finally, as one of America’s guardians of liberty for nearly 29 years, I do not recall ever seeing anyone from the ACLU in an adjacent foxhole, or as a participant in any combat or reconnaissance patrols" ... and How about an ACLU song! ... "I hope you like it. If you don't, you're probably some pinko, patchouli stinking socialist anyway"
* Robert KKK Byrd, vulnerable? ... that would be SO sweet, and deserved!
* 2Lt Ilario Pantano, recently cleared, has now resigned ... too bad, and a hearty "Thank You for your service" to him! ... and more here ... "I can tell you that while the Air Force gets treated better, the fact remains that the Marines have always, and will always, have the best uniforms; the best traditions, the best stories"
* "Molecular transistor"? ... wow ... speaking of wow, how about Spintronics ... NanoTechnology + Superconductivity ... "a nanoscale technology in which information is carried not by the electron's charge, as it is in conventional microchips, but by the electron's intrinsic spin" ...
* Fair Tax getting more support! ... you can learn more from the Fair Tax home page ... Heartland article found via Gindy, who has more to say here!
* Don't let Marine Zach Richardson visit the school ... 'cuz remember, it's for the "safety and welfare of our children" ... or, as some put it "Your kid is an idiot because of people like Ulrica Corbett"
* Watergate'ish : Ben Stein tears into Deep Throat, again! ... and more Deep Throat slamming here ... and here, "destroyers of Nixon ended up his disciples"
* Insurrection : McCain is a "nannystatist F'tard" ... although I disagree with the "this guy is Bill O’Reilly with a tan" part :)
* Genetic Modification, to be as easy as Photoshop?
* Summer camp for geeks, tinkerers and hackers (real hackers, not the bad guys)
* 'Shamnesty International' ... and more here
* EU : So, define "NO" ... "For the EU, "No" really means "Yes," or "Maybe," or "We'll Get Back To You Later.""
* $4M Nickel! ... "Only five 1913 Liberty Head nickels known to exist"
* "Fountain of Youth" pill? ... Protandim to the rescue
* MS : Office going XML
* 42 midgets killed ... "Spectators cheered as entire Cambodian Midget Fighting League squared off against African Lion" ...WTF? (sorry I missed this a week or two ago)
* "What makes his book so indigestible ... It's all the crap that's in it. Literally and literarily"
* Washington State : Two illegal votes / voters ... only 127 more to tie the stolen election ... :P ... and Malkin has more
* Illegal Immigration / Cali : Democrats don't really care what the people want ... driver's licenses for illegals ... mind-boggling (and check out the title of Gindy's post :P) ... while on the topic of "Illegal Immigration and Democrats willfully ignoring the safety & will of the people" over @ Gindy's house, let's also check on some action in Texas
* Rusty gets his (very much deserved) Instalanche ... and takes the opportunity to define Instalanche for us, "with the sudden spike in traffic you can now up your Blog Ad rate to just under covering your total monthly ISP and blog host bill" is one of them ... and that damned Basil beat me to it again (but I'm on the breakfast list, so can't complain too much!) ... oh, and for good measure (and for your reference) this post, on Amnesty International's inability to understand history, is was garnered the 'lanche ... EXCELLENT READ!
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : More fighting vs (our own) Military, with an assist form the Judicial System ... the wrong way to go about this ...
* Bloggers : Want your RSS feed to be a pretty web-browser viewable page w/o breaking the RSS part? Use CSS.
* A look back at Secret Service vs Shadow Crew, "Operation Firewall" ... end result - "Twenty-eight members were arrested, most still at their computers. The alleged ringleaders went quietly, but one suspect jumped out a second-story window. Agents nabbed him on the ground."
* Ogre's blog has a new home, and is trying "Horizontal Blogging" ... not to hot, IMHO ... I like to old way better (sorry!)
* Chappelle back, did a impromptu stand-up in LA
* J says "Shutdown Newsweak"
* Cali : McClintock has a better "Save our school" plan than Govenator
* EU : Fat Lady, singing?
* Another Rambo ... dear Lord, no!
* Brownshirts, on the left ... not the right, duh!

* OOTS #189 in the hizzle ... no more bandits :(
* 'Jihadi Training Video' ... "al-Timmy video" ... "Hey mom, let's laugh at the Mongoloids"
* Your last chance to lie about Glen Puppy Blender! ... Can you do as good as Basil Evil Glen? ... of course not, but you could try ...
* Nipple typing? ... I sense a new craze starting up ...
* True : Schneier on stupid U2 fans
* Who knew?? Ted Turner ended the Cold War ... and here I have been giving Reagan all the credit ...
* UF : Mail servers are the 10th plague
* New ALP (#119) today?
* 'Homosexuality Caused by Scientists'
* You won't believe the thoughts this post provokes!
* True'ish / Clintons : Hillary - "two dollars worth of cold cuts left over from Friday night's office party" ... and other money quotes!

Quotes of the Day
More Battle Cries :
"I'm going to punch you until you're a Dungeons & Dragons statistic"
"I'm going to forcibly reverse your gender"
--thanks Makrothumeo! ... actually, those two go together quite well ... :P

The couples who stay together are the delusional ones.
--thanks John!

Number of times the Earth has been destroyed: 0
--thanks LiveScience, How to Destroy the Earth! ... found (again) by Ogre

No wonder Democrats were so testy about bringing democracy to Iraq: They can’t bear democracy in America.
--thanks Ann Coulter, viaTheMaryHunter!

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