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* It is Flag Day .. among other things, you are supposed to say the Pledge of Allegiance tonight at 7pm ... more here, and I get goosebumps every time as well! (I stole the flag pic from there :P ) ... and the history behind Flag Day ... and Flag rules (folding, display, etc.)
* It is also Primary Day in Virginia ... which means it is a good time to Vote for Kilgore, forget Kaine and laugh at Potts (paraphrasing on that) :P
* And, finally, it is Kerry 180 Tuesday! ...
For those of you who keep wondering why we’re pursuing this, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect someone who’s been a Senator for 20 years to tell the truth, and especially someone who ran for president on the platform that he is a war hero so he was “reporting for doody”. Even General Eisenhower didn’t do that.
(and check the pic below, stolen from Cao (who swiped it from C&F :P) - go sign up!)
* While I may barely rate in the top5 search results for NIF, I am the only hit (atleast in Google) for BAMFNOD ... a screaming hello to those few of you out there who knows what this means :)

* Oh yeah - Happy Birthday Rieko, and a belated Happy Birthday to Li'l John! You know who you are (or, in John's case - your mommy knows who you are :P )

* 'Operation Homecoming USA'
* Florida : DC3 crashes
* Iraq : 18 killed in roadside blast
* Earthquake / Chile : 7.9 ... reports indicate 8 were killed, condolences for them!
* Oil : Still too expensive! ... ~$20 over my target price :(
* Florida / Disney World : Boy dies on ride ... "Mission : Space" ... only 2g!
* Asafa Powell, World's Fastest Man ... 100m in 9.77s

* Excellent thoughts on "Winning the War", both historically and in the present day ... and some questions that must be answered / addressed if we are to win ... wraps up with:
Individual citizens and groups should be demanding that state and congressional representatives uphold their oath of office by placing the safety and security of the Nation on a higher level than their own popularity among constituents. We have already seen that some politicians, such as Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), pander to Muslims for votes. Our most senior officials must hear from us when it becomes apparent that they are aligning themselves, for whatever reason, with known terrorist front organizations,(9) including the President, his staff, and other high ranking bureaucrats. Unlike President Truman, Americans can no longer afford to blink; too much of that has already been done.
... well said (and well sourced)!!

* Carnival of the Clueless #1 ... SuperHawk Rick brings us the most important Carnival ever! (with the possible exception of the KoK, 'cuz Riley is there :P )
* 'Good news from Iraq, part 29 ' ... amongst many other items (it is a LONG READ!),
You can't fix in six months what it took 35 years to destroy." These words, spoken by Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Iraq's first democratically elected Prime Minister in half a century, should be inscribed in three-foot tall characters as a preface to all the reporting from Iraq. Sadly, the underlying reality all too often seems to escape many reporters caught in the excitement of "now"
... found via
BlackFive (have you bought your BlackFive T shirt yet??)
* The Complete Freeware Collection ... pick any OS, everything else is free! ... I'm gonna hafta spend some time here :)
* UselessNations : "Bolton believes American interests are best defended when American power is afforded the greatest freedom of action" ... Amen to that!
* Moral Equivalence - still alive, still wrong ... excellent article by Brandon Crocker, a must read! ...
Senator Ted Kennedy showed himself in the forefront of this revival with his venomous spewing on Abu Ghraib. On the floor of the Senate Mr. Kennedy proclaimed: "Shamefully, we now learn that Saddam's torture chambers reopened under new management: U.S. management." Saddam filled mass graves with hundreds of thousands of people, and tortured (by which I mean raped, cut off hands and tongues, electrocuted, conducted beatings with steel rods) hundreds of thousands more. Obviously this is the moral equivalent of a handful of degenerate guards making naked Iraqi prisoners form human pyramids or wear underwear on their heads.
... and much more!

* 'Grover Norquist: Terrorist Sympathizer' ... that needs to get more press!
* Calcium fights PMS ... then I am in the clear! Oh, wait ...
* Newt Interview (partial repost, plus updates) (Videos + Transcripts) :
Part 1 - A Day in Newt's Life ... and
Part 2 - McCain ... and
Part 3 - Border Patrol ... and now, the new stuff:
Part 4 Foley ... and
Part 5 Dean ... and
Part 6 - Courts ... and
Part 7 - Hillary
... excellent running series, thanks Trey & RSR!
* Submission ... Van Gogh's expose, that resulted in his being brutally murdered ... found via ... found via TWA-blog-mistress Cao
* Congressional testimony, delivered from Space
* Wolverine a go!
* Massachusetts : Shrewsbury school district polled 6th graders on Oral Sex?? ... more than just a little upsetting
* PSP cracked, again?
* 'Jihad Comes to Small town USA, Part 4' ... compare and contrast : "Vacation Bible School" vs "Islamic Summer Study Week" ... wow
* HowTo : Build your own mini-air-conditioner for $24?
* More on Hacking GMaps
* Get a real PC for $300? ... welcome to the era of truly disposable computers (just keep your apps & data on a USB drive :P )
* UselessNations : Why should we not link our dues to reform?
* Lots of ROMs!
* US joining the International Criminal Court (ICC) = Bad
The ICC possesses characteristics that would not be deemed “fair” by most Americans, including the possibility of double jeopardy, absentee trials, inability to confront witnesses testifying against the defendant, permissibility of hearsay evidence, and other usages not permitted in American courts.
*Ambulance chasers in the Senate? ... Grassley, Lott & Scruggs in bed together? (and targeting that (cough) well known, (cough) root of all evil - nonprofit Hospitals!)
* US : Gindy reminds us that the Tax Code is 11x longer than the Bible ... roughly. And now would be a good time to (re)mention the Fair Tax! :)
* UselessNations / CotecnaGate : Puppy Blender questions Volcker's ability to get to the bottom of this ... and how about some contradictory emails?
* Africa : "The relief that is sent seldom trickles down to the people and is instead used to prop up corrupt governments" ... that is precisely my concern / issue! (and the article poses a few ideas!)
* HTTP Request Smuggling (HRS) ... bypassing filters for phun and profit?
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Fighting for porn
* "With a PC running Linux and a recent VGA card, you can emit a real digital TV signal in the VHF band to your DVB-T set-top box"
* Large, Earth'ish extra-solar planet discovered ... bigger, hotter, faster - but still the closest match yet
* We can make brain cells now! ... my question - Will they work?
* Support CAFTA ... don't buy the sweet rhetoric ...
Passage of CAFTA matters for reasons that have less to do with the price of beets in Montana and more with international terrorism, the projection of soft power, and the ominous trajectory of South American politics. CAFTA is the only way the United States can synthesize or orchestrate its non-economic policy objectives south of Mexico ...
* Cali : Adding water to wine? ... and why it is OK
* Obesity makes you age faster ... even moreso than smoking!
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : They are Pavlov's Dog, the PATRIOT Act is a bell, and someone is drooling (i.e. - suing)
* An Army of None?
The current crisis in manpower did not begin with the occupation of Iraq, but it was made worse by it. The handover of security responsibilities to the Iraqi government should continue, and the Bush administration needs to make firm its pledge to reduce and eliminate the military deployment in that country.
... more focus on national security, less so on police actions - which I agree with in principle

* Shift in Time displays
shows distinct and separate moving images to more than one user at the same time. A second goal is to demonstrate the creative power of this display by making a responsive digital painting based on the flow of time. Research of past and current attempts to create a multi-view display reveals that merging a standard LCD with lenticular technology is the best method
... neat! ( SIT got some press here too)

* Some thoughts on Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness
* Play cards with CSS?
* Yemen : Riding the short bus? ... "Sheik Special Ed"
* SuitSat - turn old spacesuit into a satellite? ... deadline for art submissions (from schools only) is tomorrow
* Indians going wild, trying to takem white mans lands
* TIME hops on the GITMO=Gulag bandwagon ... and Heidi tears them apart for doing so
* 'Why George W is the Greatest American President' ... or maybe not, you won't know until you read the article ... (no permalinks, dammit)
* 'Grandpa Abuses rapes Granddaughter - Grandma says "You Got What You Deserve!"' ... thoughts ... and I agree with Merri; "Grandma" is just as guilty as "Grandpa"
* China : Censorship, and Microsoft gets an assist?
* Islam, the cliff notes version ... found via HiH ... who also found this shining example of Islamofascism
* 'No Terrorists Here, Move Along' ...
Yet, the authors of this editorial would have us believe that we need only worry about the Hitlers and Himmlers, and that it is the height of folly to worry about the Hitler Youth
* 'Senate confirms Judge Thomas Griffith', 73-24 ... "Twenty-one percent of the opposition came from five lonely States ... Pennsylvania Republicans, as noted, did not vote"
* You have rights, don't get abused ... but also make sure you aren't doing anything illegal (which, making a 3 point turn on a open road might be - ?)
* Friendship unhampered by politics? ... found via Jody
* Insurrection : 'The 1st Amendment. It was nice while it lasted.' ... found via TAotB
* How To : Improve your handwriting
* MIT Entrance Exam, 1876
* Cali : Waldo the Robot runs amok in hospital? ... rise of the machines?
* Clintons : The Truth About The Truth About Hillary ... questions the veracity of the "Bill raped Hillary?" line (from Drudge, yesterday (and linked to here, naturally)) and, mostly unrelated : "selling out for mad blog dollars" ... sign me up for that! :P

* Katie Holmes is secure< in her relationship with Tom ... found via Bah-Zil (who has other good stuff too! like this : 'Earth-Like Planet Found Near Our Sun' )
* True / North Carolina : Hospital washes instruments in hydraulic fluid ... free kidney rotation every 10000 miles? :P
* Jacko / Ew : From now on, we sleep together on the sofa
* True / Russia : Putin, to be G8 President next year, says something about Africa and Cannibalism
* True / Irony : Steve Jobs praises dropping out, to graduates!
* Futurama taglines! ... "Presented in Brain Control, where available" or "presented in Double Vision (where drunk)" ... very cool, but someone has WAY TOO MUCH FREE TIME (WTMFT) ... found via BoingBoing
* True / Russia (again!): Added Democracy yields the glory of ... lawsuits!
* True / UK : 'Paul William Does Some Liberal Self-Loathing' ... helps the BBC in their downward spiral :)
* True / US : Whitey pulls ahead ... in incarcerations ... quotes a Democrat - "The surest way to get sentencing reform is to over-incarcerate white people" .... yeah, that's the (cough) right approach ...
* True : 50 Worst Hairstyles ... I feel a little gay (not that there is anything wrong with that) just mentioning hair styles, but it is funny ... found via NY Girl
* OOTS#193 finally came out, and now we have flying zombies!
* What, you're not allowed to interview potential employees naked??

Ain't she beautiful? :
Click for Pretty Lady, Old Glory
... swiped pic from Ogre, click on pic to go there!

Click for Christmas in Cambodia!

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