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* Just dropping a(nother) heads-up that NIF will be adrift from Jun29-July10 as I will be out of state, with "dial-up-at-best" Internet connectivity ... so keep the lights on for me ...
* I have added a "Links to this post (Technorati)" to each post now, so if anyone cares you can see who links to each post (in case they are too lazy to send trackbacks :P )
* It is Kerry180 Tuesday!
... from Cao :
The question is, Monsieur Kerrie, how long do you think the American people are going to put up with the stupid antics, the lies, the deceit and poking the finger at your opponents when it looks as though you have plenty skeletons of your own hidden in your closet?
... and MadTech reminds us :
For those of you who keep wondering why we’re pursuing this, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect someone who’s been a Senator for 20 years to tell the truth, and especially someone who ran for president on the platform that he is a war hero so he was “reporting for doody”. Even General Eisenhower didn’t do that.
... and TMH is French-blogging! (which totally mucks up my spell-checker) :
Le Cher Sénateur Kerry : Je vous prie d’effectuer votre devoir en tant qu’un soldat et citoyen. Libérez tous ces documents que votre format standard 180 a été prévu pour libérer! Des tels petits mais honorables chargent sont les mineurs que vous pouvez faire pour traîner ce pays par l’angoisse qui était l’élection 2004 présidentielle ...
... from Gribbit :
Senator Kerry's activities after leaving Vietnam and the years of his military obligation don't jive. He had even paid a visit to North Vietnam while he was still supposed to be in the Navy. The discharge paperwork that he provided the first time this information was requested is dated 1978. Which would be aptly timed for a pardon discharge upgrade signed into law by The Peanut Man Carter
* Ladies : Cotillion time ... whatever that means :P
* Fatwah free for all still running over @ MPJ! ... ok, so I am just re-linking myself. Whatever.

* SCOTUS / 10 Commandments : Mixed message ...
The justices Monday split the difference in the two cases, disappointing advocates on both sides. The court allowed an outdoor granite monument to remain in a park with other markers near the Texas Capitol, but it rejected a display inside a Kentucky county courthouse as an unconstitutional establishment of religion. Both cases were decided 5-4.
* SCOTUS / P2P : MPAA-1, Groskter-0 ...
... and
will this ruling also kill Google?
* SCOTUS / Restraining Orders : 7-2 against police enforcement ... condolences for the three dead girls.
* Philippines : President Arroyo catching lots of flak
* Pakistan : Rape victim wins appeal ... beginning of the end of feudal / tribal laws there?
* Brazil : Threatening to break patent ... Abbott Laboratories has 10 days (from Friday) to reduce price on AIDS drug Kaletra by 42 percent ...

* 'Terror is universally Islamic' ... Today's MUST READ ...
the jihad terrorists are working from mainstream traditions and numerous Qur’anic exhortations, and that by means of these traditions and teachings they are able to gain recruits among Muslims worldwide, and hold the sympathy of others whom they do not recruit ... it will take no less than three mushroom clouds over American cities before Americans finally begin to wake up and understand that the horseman of the apocalypse has arrived
... he is also guest-blogging over @
Cao's (same post) ... and, a song : Ask your Imam
* SuperHawk Rick brings us the "CARNIVAL OF THE CLUELESS #3" ... excellent! ...
* Raven of And Rightly So (Welcome back! Where’s the beer?) targets opponents of having balanced PBS programming. Raven’s piece begs the question; why is it okay to have a liberal Democrat as President of PBS but a dangerous precedent when a Republican is named?
* Harvey of the excellent blog Bad Example has more on Dick Durbin and throws in a comparison reference to one of the Republicans own Clueless Cohorts, Rick Santorum.
* Bill Teach at Pirates Cove brings back an old friend - John Kerry - and asks what Senator Clueless has done for us lately? If you give him a minute, I’m sure he’ll tell us.
... and many more!

* China : Re-Activates bomb shelters ... "strategic deception?" or just trying to keep their people comfortable?
... and they (China)
"view the United States as their main enemy and are working in Asia and around the world to ..."
* Iraq : Are we losing the war? ... "We didn’t lose the Vietnam war in Vietnam. We lost it in Washington" ...
* CarterCopter breaks the mu-1 barrier
* SCOTUS / Eminent Domain : Some thoughts on "Ownership" ... and yes, the quotes are around ownership for a reason ...
Think about it. We live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, but we also live under a system of capitalism where money trumps morality, ethics, and the right to be free from government oppression. We've all heard the maxim about death and taxes being the only things we can never escape ... The concept of “ownership” was once thought to mean that you no longer have to pay for the item and no one can take it away from you. If that were true, then, after you celebrate getting the loan paid, you’d think the home was yours, free and clear. Nope! You still have to pay the monthly tax bill. If you don’t, the government will take it away and sell it to recoup any money owed. The property tax can never be paid off, consequently, you can never truly own the property.
* Knoppix 4.0
* "When should we abandon freedom?" ... wow
* NASA : Shuttle to fly, in spite of missed safety goals
* Buy Nuestar when it IPOs, and how to make free cel calls ... :)
* Seinfeld liberals = bad for America
* The Laws of Web Design
* Wanna make a Self Contained, WiFi, Weather Appliance?
* Your laptop wants Lo-Jack
* "Ten Euros for the Resistance" ... against America, for terrorists ... and who supports this group?
* North Carolina : State legislators need protection vs extortion ... from another crook politician!
* Open Congressional Reports ... power, or atleast information, to the people! ... found via BoingBoing
* The Constitution Death Pool ... home of The pool - have you submitted your entry yet? ... Actually, I am pretty sure you haven't - even their blog-father Rusty doesn't appear to have submitted an entry :P
* More on Super-Islamosize-Me (my name for Morgan Spurlock's next piece of Mockumentary) ... found via Hans
* GITMO'ish : 'Power of Reason'
In his analysis of the recent outcry over detainee treatment at Guantanamo Bay, Arab writer Mohamed A.R. Galadari proves that using ones reason has nothing to do with race or culture. It's about being honest, objective, and realistic, even when—especially when—it may hurts one pride to do so
* Happy Blogiversary, Daisy Cutter! ... and it is a real post, not just the Yeah Me kind :)
... and, speaking of Blogiversaries :

* Babalu turns two! ... What could be better than celebrating
two years of giving hope to everyone for a better Cuba and two years of giving Castro the finger
... found via
* It is the MSM that fakes sources ... Bloggers +1 ? ...
The Sacramento Bee could not verify 43 sources she used in a sampling of 12 years of her work
... and speaking of "What media bias" :

"Detainee Freed From Guantanamo Bay Vows to Kill Again" ... or, atleast that's what the title SHOULD HAVE been
... found via
* "Say goodbye to the Greatest Generation, and hello to the Pushover Generation." ... that quote from, and found via Malkin

* (cough) Hot Asian Chicks ... just for John ... NSFW, but not for the reason you think! ... found via Beth
* New OOTS - kind of ... "Sprained Wrist Theater"; I hope "The Giant" gets better (and gets back to drawing! :P )
* UF : RIAA "leave the $ on the dresser" kind of love
* ALP#127 ... those are the good they wanted ... and #128 ... not a good way to die!
* Cali : Need more reason to hate them? ...
* The main export of California is fine wine, which is quite similar to French wine, except that it's less cowardly and annoying.
* California experiences 500,000 detectable seismic tremors every year. Coincidentally, that's the same number of steps taken annually by Michael Moore during his trips to the refrigerator.
.. and many more! ... found via
el senor Basil
* True'ish : A modern day fable ... and a lesson, for those willing to learn it
* True / Kenya : 73 yr old kills panther with barehands ... and the title of the post alone makes it worthwhile :
The Cambodian Midgets Needed This Guy!

Quote of the Day
Pretty sure I have posted this one before, but it is worth re-posting :
Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.
--thanks PJ O'Rourke, found most recently via Gindy!

Click for CEO Ratbert

Click for Source, SCOTUS de-hearts Constitution

So sad ...
Click for source; look closely and tell me who/what we are fighting here ...
Are the American people so blinded as to who it is we are fighting now in Iraq? The propaganda of the mainstream media is to call these people insurgents and rebels and for the Left to think of them as the resistance
(click pic for source(s))

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