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Quick Thoughts
* Since it is Thursday you should take a moment to think "What have you done recently to help Stop the ACLU?" Something to chew on :
what they have done in the past is completely eviscerated by what they do in the present. The ACLU has become a fanatical anti-faith Taliban of American religious secularism
... click the link for more!
* Oh, and hey - I have now cleared 30000 hits (this year) ... w00t! You guys (and gals), all 1-5 of you, rock!

* Mexico : Federal Agent Victor Estrada, already wounded and in a hospital, killed ... along with two others ... and 'Border City Police Chief Killed on First Day' ... condolences!
* Russia : 4 dead found in flat ... they died, separately, over the course of 5 years ... WTF??
* Iraq : US Security Guards go on shooting rampage ... "16 Americans and three Iraqi contractors were arrested and held in a military jail for three days after spraying small arms fire at Iraqi civilians and U.S. forces from their cars in Fallujah late last month. There were no casualties."
* 'Nuclear plans go missing' ... and more here
* PATRIOT Act, expanding
* Virginia : Calculator recall ... two-key combination would perform the illegal function of decimal-fraction conversion ... kinda funny!
* Iran Our soccer team won, let's riot! ... atleast it doesn't just happen in the US!
* AIG -Greenberg
* Volcano / Mexico : "Volcano of Fire" rumbles to life ... "strongest eruptions in 20 years" ... and couldn't they have come up with a better name??
* Florida : Meet Tropical Storm Arlene
* Sudan : NATO to (finally) do something about Darfur?

* 'Did Amnesty International call for kidnapping of American leaders?'
* Flag Desecration, the video ... and Cheer them on?
* The right to say "NO"? ... and apparently not in Illinois ... and "Even the supposedly freedom-loving American Civil Liberties Union tends to favor forcing people to set aside their moral sensitivities to provide politically correct 'reproductive' services. States the ACLU: 'religious objections should not be allowed to stand in the way" of care in many cases'"
* UK : Teen sex/pregnancy, absent fathers, illegitimate babies, welfare (i.e. - state sponsored poverty), tax inequity ... so damned sad ... but, atleast it doesn't just happen in the US! (Sorry)
* Scientific Method Cheating?
* Global Warming : "Clear and increasing threat"? ... I might not go quite that strong ... and Kyoto is still bad / worthless
* Janice Rogers Brown CONFIRMED!
* Insurrection : Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - John McCain, Russ Feingold, Chris Shays, Marty Meehan - not "out to get" Bloggers? ... well, until you read their whole statement ...
* Israel / Disengagement : Courts OKs the withdrawal ... sadly ...
* Mountaineers defeated by feces?
* Illegal Immigration : US experiencing a modern-day fall of Rome? ... again, a nation that cannot secure her borders is not secure!
* MS : Tabbed Browsing (finally) comes to IE ... via the MSN Toolbar, ugh ... to put it another way : 'IE Gets Tabbed Browsing, Maintains Suckitude'
* Self-forming clay robots? ... "Only you can prevent gray goo" :)
* More thoughts on the Personal Fabrication revolution
* Cancer caused by mis-regulation of micro RNAs?
* 'VEX Robotic Design System'
* Post-9/11 Intelligence gathering, reform
* Walmart, wage levels, unskilled workers ... and how we must fight the effort to "Frenchify retail America"
* Saturn : Titan has a "Hydrocarbon volcano"
* Rivals encourage better sperm?
* Entitlements to kill the US, economically, within a generation?
*Adscam'ish / Canada: Another publication ban? ... "The pre-trial hearings of accused serial murderer Robert Pickton have come under a broad publication ban. In fact, the defense sought an even broader publication ban on the entirety of the trial"
* More on the problems @ Airbus ... government subsidies and all ...
* Uzbekistan : Some thoughts on how we should respond to Dictator Islam Karimov ... like how he killed 500-1000 ...
* Australia : Dr Death, killed 87 over 2 years through incompetence ... a sad story of incompetence propagated through a PC-corrupted system - "fired him upwards"
* A-Evolution; an interesting watch!
* MS : Windows' CLI getting revamped?
* Vatican buy Sun ... Sun/Solaris/SPARC hardware, that is ...
* More on the Z Machine (Rail Guns!)
* Japan : HAL5 - "robotic suit"
* Octopus-like robots?
* Arianna going the way of the puppy-blender? ... oh, and "I still think she's a hateful, ignorant, shrill, Democratic Party tool" ... found via Bazzle ... who also led me to this : Woodward = Clarke ... I love Ann :)
* Charlie Rangel said (the Republican leadership) "don't worry about the Americans in Iraq because they're 'black and poor white soldiers' from 'the lower economic class'" ... trying to out-do Screamin' both feet are in my mouth Dean?
* US Army - an Army of none? ... recruiting shortfall
* GTL questions the War on Drugs ... "If you 'witness' certain drug offenses taking place or 'learn' that they took place you would have to report the offense to law enforcement within 24 hours and provide 'full assistance' in the investigation, apprehension, and prosecution of the people involved. Failure to do so would be a crime punishable by a mandatory two year prison sentence."
* The Left hates itself (and us) and believe "it’s all our fault"
* GOPBloggers' Blogroll, by state ... pretty cool, even if they have my name wrong :( (just requested a fix on that)
* Raven offers to show Dean what an honest day of work looks like
* Some object to pornographers being elbow-to-elbow with W ... I will stick with my money quote - "Pornographers support Bush" (from yesterday :) )
* A Long, but excellent, read WRT the problems facing our military
* GITMO : Fisking Lori Santos / ShAmnesty International (round-up)
* Modern day Gulag = Nuclear Korea! ... found via Stefanie @ Free Thoughts ... who also wrote this : 'Iran so far away'
* Insurrection'ish : "Skeptic's Eye" - new resource! ... added to the old BlogRoll
* Another reason unions suck! ... and FWIW - pay should be based of skills / ability (i.e. - Merit), not tenure / seniority!
* "Idiot's Guide to SCA'
* 'Republican Love Is the Root of All Evil '
* Plastic surgery on the ole private parts ... "Stubbs. Long. Penis lengthening"
* Bill Nye, getting politics wrong ... found via Basil ... who always has good stuff, check the next-to-last item :P

* KoranGate'ish : Jihadis mad that Israelis have 'desecrated' the Koran ... um, HELLO?? You blow up their citizens! (Perhaps this isn't appropriately a "funny" entry, but I couldn't help it - the irony has overwhelmed me!
* Superhawk Rick SuperHawk surveys the battlefield of Blogdom
* "Why aren't we talking more about Wicca? Everyone loves Harry Potter, right? If the GOP wants to be the Christian party, we’ll be the party of worshiping trees and lesbian goddesses. Not that this would be a big move from where we are right now." ... and more!
* UF : Technologist needs shooting
* True : Dean will be here all week! ... more on his downward spiral ...
* Comment party @ IMAO, looking for those 'important issues' ... and remember, Everyday is a comment + trackback party @ NIF! ... so plug yourself, plug your friends, plug anyone (just don't use too much profanity! Oh, and come back often!)

Quotes of the Day
Remember "The Iraqi Liberation Act of 1998" signed by Bill Clinton? H.R. 4655 law that was signed into effect October 31,1998 and Declares that it should be the policy of the United States to seek to remove the Saddam Hussein regime from power in Iraq and to replace it with a democratic government.
--thanks Squamata Report

GITMO Cove, a new resort paradise! :
Instead of torture, we could be having the detainees given full body massages by a bevy of gorgeous masseuses. Instead of “waterboarding” we could offer the terrorists surfboard lessons. And instead of defiling the Koran, we could offer a full service Islamic library with WiFi access to all those terrorist websites. Maybe we could even have a web designer on staff to spice up those sites and give ‘em a little pizazz
--thanks SuperHawk Rick!

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Take Back the Memorial :
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... found via Malkin
... and SuperHawk Rick has more!

Kerry is S-M-R-T smart :) :
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