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Quick Thoughts
* We are in the final stages of The Riley Birthday Countdown, she will be 1 year old at 16:07 on June 23rd!
* Winch = installed! (New tires, new winch ... where's the dirt?)
... and I think the next addition will be lockers, for the front ... sound good?
* ... about NIF, from Technorati :
* Last updated 12956 days ago
* By TJ Evans
* Technorati Rank: 20,061 (106 links from 76 sites)
... now, I am pretty sure I have updated my site within the last 12000 or so days ...
* MilBlogger Chuck Ziegenfuss has been injured, evac'ed ... first post-injury words -
Be honest with me, guys. Do I still have my face and my 'package'?
... excellent! ... found via BlackFive

* Afghanistan : 40 rebels killed during 11 hour firefight
* Mississippi : Edgar Ray Killen (80) found guilty on Manslaughter *3 from 1964's "Mississippi Burning" killings ... not Murder
... Must.Resist.Obvious."Killen"/killin'.Joke ...

* Iraq / Afghanistan : U2 crashes, pilot killed ... condolences
* Kansas : First human West Nile virus case for 2005
* House approves anti-flag-burning Amendment
* New York : Snapple floods the streets with 17.5 tons of frozen kiwi-strawberry slurry

* The death of Fiscal Conservatism ... and, sadly, we all have front row tickets ... and, no Private Accounts coming anytime soon in Social Security (unless DeMint rides to the rescue ... ?)
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : ACLU-New Mexico Board of Directors member leads Minuteman group; ACLU suspends the entire chapter! ... thus re-revealing their contempt of America and what we stand for (that whole freedom of expression thing) ... more here : "there is no historical precedent for having to prove, by means of a trial, that an enemy captured while in the service of forces fighting against American soldiers is guilty of being in the service of forces fighting against American soldiers" ... and see the IRAQ : section below ... the part that says every detainee has already had a trial ...
* Bullet Proof Vest recall ... um, if you are counting on the listed models to save you I would recommend swapping it out!
* 'The Looniest Fringe Of The Right Wing' ... which, according to Andy Zipper, should probably include me
* Iraq : In-sourcing suicide bombers ... virgins for everybody! ... Rusty also has other good stuff, including every GITMO detainee HAS ALREADY HAD A TRIAL ... and Iraq'ish : Vinnie, commander of the 101st Keyboard Kommandos, responds to Kos' tripe ... and Rick fisks the "Yellow Republican" label the moonbats are throwing around as well ... while at it, he has some other thoughts for the "Bush-hating, anti-war left" as well ... and USMC ill-equipped? ... that is not good
* Dell opening a price war? Sub-$100 laser printer! ... and more here
* Illegal Immigration'ish : 'Border Security, The Forgotten Issue' ... "These solutions are very simple. They are not new, there is nothing revolutionary here" ... I haven't forgotten, and you can quote me:
A nation that cannot secure her borders is not secure.
... and
'How Mexican Racists want to reclaim the American Southwest' ...
here’s the kicker, the racists in this case are those who want open and often immigration and include such groups as MECha, believers in Reconquista, and the new mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa. I will profile each of these horribly racist groups and their efforts to undermine the national security of this country with officially sanctioned illegal immigration from Mexico and beyond
... and
MadTech found a couple of news-gems (and comments on them, naturally) : 'Mexican drug commandos expand ops in six U.S. states' ... and 'Illegals raiding Valley crops' ... and some other good stuff (like always)
* Screamin' Dean : 'A Real Class Act' ... he actually said
They say they want small government, but their government is just big enough to fit inside Terri Schiavo's bed in the nursing home
... the word is tact and you, sir, have none.

* NASA : Cosmos 1 launch went awry yesterday, was lost in orbit ... UPDATE : Cosmos 1 never achieved orbit, debris in Arctic ocean
* Quantum Computer within 3 years?
* GITMO'ish : SuperHawk Rick comments does a round-up on Durbin, and his "apology" ... and Durbin must resign
After all, Trent Lott APOLOGIZED FOUR TIMES, AND THEN STILL HAD TO RESIGN AS LEADER. If Durbin fails to resign, it tarnishes the entire Democrat Party.
... yea, hold your breath on that one!

* 'Condoleezza Speaks: BBC Spins' ...
It's often quite hard to work out what qualifies a person for employment at the BBC. When, for instance, a candidate answers an add in the Guardian and steps into the room, what qualities are interviewers looking for in a prospective journalist? Are they happy so long as they can find a horribly-biased leftist? Or do they insist employees be able to twist the truth in order to advance an anti-American, pro-Islamofascist agenda as well?
* 'When "academic freedom" justifies academic terror' ...
According to the logic of a recent report issued by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), denying accused criminals a job constitutes an unethical breach of “academic freedom.” So, if Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein had doctorates and respectable publication records, could they receive teaching positions at an American university?
... PC gone wrong

* Bolton / UselessNations : Frist changes mind, will push for confirmation vote ... W had to set him straight ... more here ... and Alexander Yakovlev, UN Procurement Officer, resigns under weight of nepotism charge ... I can't wait for Kofi's name to be similarly referenced ...
* Some thoughts on the 2nd Amendment ...
Do you, personally have the individual right to own and use a firearm? ... Not according to the media
... remember, it is second only to #1 :)

* Romney has a healthcare solution
* How To : Become a real-world Batman!
* Newt Interview (partial repost, plus updates) (Videos + Transcripts) :
New addition : Mr. Speaker answers ?'s from BlackFive and Willisms ... and the old stuff :
Part 1 - A Day in Newt's Life
Part 2 - McCain
Part 3 - Border Patrol
Part 4 - Foley
Part 5 - Dean
Part 6 - Courts
Part 7 - Hillary
... excellent running series, thanks Trey & RSR!
* MS : Some thoughts on their latest vaporware, Avalanche ... their BitTorrent re-work ... and still has the "last mile" problem!
* Hans is (rightfully?) mad at the US auto industry ... and he has more here
* Harvard says fat=death ... and tells you to ignore the CDC
* 'Will the Republicans we elected please stand up'
* Europe : Drought, heatwave incoming ...
the current wave could present a health risk for the population as of June 21
... (amazing that "advanced nations" have such a problem - especially after "tens of thousands of deaths in a sizzling summer of 2003"
... should they not learn from their mistakes?)

* '"Judge Not" Does Not Mean "Disconnect Thy Brain"'
* Holograms to defeat counterfeiters?
* Prison Abuse ... in "blue" states (like Mass. - Hi Mssrs. Jean Francois Kerry and Ted get me another drink Kennedy
* Nuclear Korea : Their nukes are the US's fault ... same mentality that blames gun makers for shooting deaths? Sounds like a 5yr old - "He started it"
* Cel phones distracts drivers ... um, duh?
* IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is safe as IVF alternative
* Economics : Krugman should read this book by a guy named Krugman
* 'The rise of the disdainful Democrats' ... the title reminds me of Piers Anthony's "Adverse Adepts" + "Contrary Citizens" from the Apprentice Adept series ;)
* Korea : bad parents leave child alone to go play World of Warcraft (MMORPG) ... child dies ... sad, disgusting
... and read the comments - some people actually do try to blame the game!

* EU : 'EU constitution headed to the scrap heap of socialism' ... the title alone ... :)
* Do you know the National Anthem? ... all four stanzas?
* Neurons that "know" people
* Real ballgame to be played virtually?
* Tips for Mobile Security
* "Secret Schematics Vault"
* Earthquake / Tennessee : 7-10% chance of ~8.0 within 50 years
* This might be your next MP3 player / FM Tuner ... well, if they get the storage up to a coupla' gig anyway (512MB right now)

* OOTS#197 ... evilgasm!
* Terri : Mike Schiavo "adds water" ... found via that guy, who put yesterday's date on today's post ... oh, and for WTW : Basil is a naked 14 yr old ... "Jamie Lynn Spears naked" ... or something
* GITMO'ish : Durbin's "Apology" - "A reasonable person can only conclude that I'm either reckless, stupid or determined to sabotage the war on terror" ... and Interrogation, Durbin style ... and A Dr. Seuss for ya' ... the latter two of those were found via the Sand Person
* Bush Doctrine Lite ... Kinder, gentler I mean "less edgy and more polite"
* Jennifer Runaway psycho-bride Wilbanks : Fix her face! ... found via (same link to Rusty found up top) ... and The Couric Interview ...
Katie Couric's "go get-em" style is credited with simultaneously answering questions related to arriving at places after a significant run, as well as dispelling the aesthetic perceptions created by overused file photos.
... he cracks me up EVERY time!

* Some funny signs ... cross-dressing Jesus, barking guard dog, GITMO lacks nuance??? ... found via WuzzaDem
* Video : Another Mac - Switch parody

Quotes of the Day
Which makes me want to punt Bono in his daddy sacks.
--thanks Nehring!

Speaking of Durbin :
Batman and Robin was worse than the Holocaust
--thanks Frank J @ IMAO! (who also sells sweet T-Shirts!)

Click for Make others die for your cause :)

Click for Disturbin Durbin

Click for playing the Annan card, from Trey Jackson!

Saddam likes his Dorritos like this :
Click for Saddam's Dorritos!
... thanks Aaron, click pic to read his post!

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