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Quick Thoughts
* Did you see the Riley pics yesterday??
* It is Stop the ACLU Thursday ...today's special topic : How the ACLU explicitly supports Kiddie Porn!
The ACLU's position is this: criminalize the production but legalize the sale and distribution of child pornography
... and how about some thoughts on the ACLU's position on Teens + Abortions ... or 'When Children Are Hurt For The Pleasure Of Adults'
* Symantec's ThreatCon staying at 2, due to high VNC activity ... just FYI

* Iraq : 5 GIs (USMC) killed by roadside bomb ... condolences ... and Australian hostage free, terrorist attacks kill 50
* Cambodia : School hostage crisis over, 3 killed (2 of those killed were hostage-takers) ... condolences for the child ... they took 70 people hostage for $1000??
* New England : 200 illegals rounded up ... these were all criminals above & beyond being here illegally ... excellent, keep it up (and more places should do likewise)
* Canada : Al Qaeda bust ... and I don't care what Rusty says, I can still Blame Canada!

* GITMO : Durbin (D-Ill) calls our troops Nazis ... is he intentionally trying to sound stupid, or just trying to beat Screamin' Dean to fit more feet into his mouth? With statements like
treatment of terror detainees at the Guantanamo Naval Base is comparable to torture at the hands of Nazis, Soviet gulags and even Cambodian mass murderer Pol Pot
... he obviously has no understanding of history ...
and, from Opinion Journal ...
We are fighting an enemy that murdered 3,000 innocent people on American soil 3 1/2 years ago and would murder millions more if given the chance--and according to Dick Durbin, our soldiers are the Nazis.
... and
Durbin is "acting like a 12 year old drama queen" (includes LOTS of supporting evidence!!) ... and PWL says we should "treat terrorist detainees less mildly" ... reading how pampered they are I would tend to agree! ... (except for being forced to listen to Aguilera, that is not right) ... and excellent run down of REAL instances of murder / torture ... and how about these rights for the 'detainees'? ... and We need a GITMO ... regardless of where it is or what you call it! ... and 'Liberalism's Dilemma'
* Happy Father's Fatherless Day? : Excellent thoughts on Fatherhood ...
lefties in Britain have been leaping to the defense of the three teenaged sisters, aged 16, 14, and 12, who have each recently brought a little bundle of joy into the world. These brand-new single parents live with their single-parent mother, Julie Atkins, in public housing - at a weekly cost to the state of about $1,200, or $60,000 per year ... Children living with their fathers are safer than other children. The safest place for a child to live is with its biological married parents. The most dangerous place to live is with mother and a boy friend who is not the father of the child. Want to guess how dangerous? It is 33 times more dangerous for a child to live with mommie and her boy friend than to live with the child’s married biological mother and father ... Children living with their natural, married parents are less likely to commit crimes; they are more likely to start having sex later, and they are more likely to finish school
* Super blinkie-flashie stuff! ... found via GadgetMadness
* Iran : Admits some nuclear lies ... (cough) Shocked! And they have always been so upfront, open and honest ...
* A glimpse inside the Manhattan Project
* 'How the Batsuit Works'
* 9/11'ish : More on the desecration of Ground Zero ...and, remember to go here, and help Take Back the Memorial
* XBOX360 : A look at the GPU, ATI's "Xenos"
* Israel / Disengagement : Attacks on Jews being permitted by Israeli govt? ... to 'encourage' withdrawal? ... as always, go here for more Disengagement info
* GOP : 'The McCain Gambit' ... ? ... a way to get Jeb in the White House in 2012 (maybe in 2008, but as VP)? ... The problem is that McCain is not exactly well-liked these days by a LOT of Republicans ... the word RINO is frequently used in conjunction with the word McCain ... and is the GOP adrift / moving too slow? ... in several ways, sadly, the answer is yes.
* Cisco buys M.I. (VPN Startup) ... for the extra-cheap price of $1M per employee!
* House votes - PATRIOT Act being cut back ... (cough) shocker :
House Administration Committee Chairman Robert W. Ney (Ohio), one of three House Republicans who opposed the Patriot Act when it was enacted in 2001, voted yesterday to curtail agents' power to seize the records
... we'll see where this ends up

* NASA'ish : t/Space prototypes their "Trapeze-Lanyard Air Drop" ... "eliminates the need for wings on air-launched rockets, potentially leading to improved safety and cost-effectiveness"
* WaPo Op Ed columnist Raspberry just a little off his rocker ... what media bias?
* Japan + France : New Supersonic Jet
* Are you a saprophyte? ...
In my state yesterday, the governor (a celebrity in his own right, but lay that aside) announced a special statewide election by which some fundamental issues of our governance will be decided. It is anticipated that hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent in bitter, bitter contests over each of his proposals. Yet when I tuned my television to the 6 pm local news broadcast, the lead story was the Michael Jackson verdict, an event that will materially affect about 127 people, counting the jury, which now gets to go home and drink ... Not only was this the lead story, it was the only story for the next 16 minutes. How long does it take to report that Jackson was acquitted on all charges?
* Washington State : PS - the USMC does not kidnap kids in Seattle ... Staff Sgt. Ron Marquez sets the record straight, and contradicts what Axel Cobb's deranged? mother claimed
* NASA : More on Deep Impact ... July 4th ...
* Some thoughts on Cel Phones' feature creep / bloat ... I disagree though, I am holding out for when one is available that
runs Windows? and has a keyboard, camera, GPS, Bluetooth, MP3 player, 3G Internet access, speaker phone, expansion slot
... and can sync with Outlook.

* Stress increases immunization success rate
* EU : Some thoughts ...
The European Union is becoming increasingly uncompetitive in the world economy. The average tax burden consumes almost 45 percent of GNP, and regulatory red tape makes it very difficult for the private sector to create jobs. With this track record, it is not surprising that per capita income in the EU is much lower than it is in the United States. To make matters worse, many European governments face huge unfunded liabilities for pensions, so it is likely that the burden of government will climb rather than fall.
* Happy 25th Birthday to Pac-Man ... and check out this freak:
Billy Mitchell, the first and only person known to play a perfect game of Pac-Man (he racked up a score of 3,333,360 after clearing all 256 levels in more than six hours in 1999
... I mean, that's cool and all ... but a perfect game for all 256 levels?? Seriously, get out the house once in awhile (and this coming form someone who has lost week-long chunks of his life to video games :) )

* Even Astronauts want better gear ... which includes more on astronaut testifying from orbit ... and I had never heard of "oxygen candles" - neato! ... and "Computer-enhanced astrobiologist"
* "Time for a truce with France" ... not to sure about that ...
* Nanomachines vs Arterial Plaque ... found via PuppyBlender
* Imagine a cel phone that can use your corporate PBX, VOIP or regular Cel network ... and switch between them seamlessly? ... and related thoughts here
* Gay Marriage'ish / Canada'ish : Frum is Unfisked & Unimpressed ... and Andrew Sullivan, see the ASFOAS in the sidebar :), is still single ...
* Terri : TSG presents the autopsy report ... worth noting :
unable to determine to any "reasonable medical certainty" what caused the 41-year-old Florida woman to fall into a vegetative state ... But while Michael Schiavo contended that his wife's eating disorder likely caused her to go into cardiac arrest, the autopsy does not support that claim
... interesting, no? (read the whole thing, to be fair it also talks about no evidence of abuse) ... and
SuperHawk Rick posts an excellent & well-thought-out "Wrap Up", and includes some thoughts on the declining definition of Life
* Ditch Win2k, but don't wait for LongHorn - go XP ... I agree - as good as 2k was/is (or atleast, how much better it was than all Win* predecessors) XP is far & away better!
* Bloggers : EFF's Legal Guide for Bloggers ... found via PuppyBlender
* ' Self Defending Networks, Aggressive Network Self-Defense, and Vigilantes on the net'
* Iraq'ish : Remember - Bush (cough) Lied
* From Drudge, FOXNEWS whips other cable news channels :
CNN LARRY KING 1,277,000
CNN ZAHN 718,000
CNN COOPER 618,000
... only 231k for Tucker ... :P

* True'ish : Jeremy extols the nature of Breasts ... enlightening!
* True / China : Step1:Cut Power Line Step2:Get it tangled up with a passing truck Step3:Profit!
* Jacko'ish : Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog, takes on Jacko's fans/supporters
* True : Binary fingernail art
* Rejected Dean Speeches ... and if Dean threw them out you know they are good!
* True : Chicken for sex = jail ... and, pseudo-unrelated : Goat for Cocaine = jail

Quote of the Day
We are better for having fought the fight.
We are better for having valued life above any "cause".
We are better for having joined forces to combat clear evil in the form of "The Disciples of Death".
And Terri is better off now.
Pray Michael will find some better life now, too
--thanks ThinkSink!

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Funniest ad ever :
Click for Happy Fathers' Day, from Durex!
... click for source!

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