Superintendent of Drunk Driving

* Cali : Father, Son terror team nabbed ... "how to kill Americans" ... more here (total of 4 arrests made) ... and Rusty is ALL OVER this
* Africa : US sending another $600M+ in aid
* US strengthening military ties with Vietnam ... one would question the wisdom of doing so with those who "maimed and tortured our guys--and took particular pleasure in doing so to unarmed Christian chaplains" (thanks for the quote, Cao!) ... Or, perhaps it could be a good thing? ... help reign in China?

* Kerry : The 180 mission ... "If it was to perhaps further obscure the truth about his service and post-Vietnam activities, mission accomplished" ... "By going through the Navy Kerry makes it appear that he is using the Navy to screen his file; he added a layer of bureaucracy when all he needed to do was sign an authorization allowing a third party to look at his record at the NPRC" ... and the FULL truth will eventually come out - "The NPRC can open the file to the public ten years after a famous individual dies"
* 'Crosses across America' ... found via Stop the ACLU!
* Canada : What border security? ... just take the weapons and let the murderer in ...
* Poor prenatal nutrition leads to obesity? ... and more here ... all leptin's fault?
* IBM Lenovo debuts new X41 tablet
* Your MP3 player wants WiFi, like this one
* Quantum Crypto goes wireless
* Cold Fusion, real? ... again? ... still? ... yet?
* Bolivia : "Evo (Morales) is the new darling of the American left, however, since he's an America-hating socialist who came to power without being elected" ... Marxism on the march ...
* Women : Having O problems? Its not us guys' fault, it's your genes!
* MS : Win2k, the successful failure?
* Disposable Camcorders?! ... and hacking it
* Japan : 'Ghetto of Geeks'?
* "Fake AP Generator"
* MS : Longhorn's "Hypervisor" ... built in virtualization
* More questions on SCOTUS' "No Medical Marijuana" ruling ... and how wrong they were!
* DeLay'ish : "The left-wing, anti-Bush group (MoveOn) has managed to come up with 700 signatures in a district with a population of about 800,000; not exactly a mandate. Yet, it is consistent with the liberal tactic of using small numbers to make noise and get some headlines from media friends" ... and remember - MoveOn, just like the Democrat party in general, has a "Paid in Full" stamp on it, with the receipt bearing the name of George Soros ...
* Fighting terrorism, the Reagan way
* Global Warming : Govenator getting it all wrong ... and sacking his constituents with the bill, naturally
* Gitmo : More on Carter here
* Declare Jihad, on the Jihadis! ... found via Beth!
* Is the MSM "Punching a hole in the boat"? ... Yes, or atleast they are trying to ...
* The Nature Conservancy under 'review'
* FoleyGate : Not over yet ... keep the pressure on!
* 'San Franeurope'
* "Only Africa Can Help Africa"
* 'The Left Is Scrambling to Preserve Tax Complexity and Confusion' ... (cough) Check out the Fair Tax (cough)
* UK : Bribe-A-Teen?

* OOTS # 191! ... Lord Xykon gets, and gives, a finger ...
* True : Pornographers support Bush ... naturally! (I know - kind of obvious, but I hadn't seen it anywhere else yet!)
* Self-desecrating Koran!
* "US Redneck Special Forces" ... and some other jokes
* 'Kerry Blames Altruism for Bush-Like Yale Grades' ... found via Basil!
* True'ish : 'Blogs for McCain's Opponent' press conference ... found via FlightPundit
* How to get the Norks back to the Nuclear Table ... found via RightWingNews
* Gitmo'ish : "I can't Gitmo satisfaction" ... found via NOfP
* Nepal : Naked rain dance? ... also found via Basizzle
* KoranGate'ish : Now THESE and THESE are desecration!

Quotes of the Day
It's very hard to stop people who have no shame about what they're doing.... It is very hard to stop people who have never been acquainted with the truth
--thanks, Hillary Clinton ... who probably thought she was talking about Bush when in reality (perhaps subconsciously) she was talking about a certain former President, who shares her last name ... :P

Definition - Anonymous:
noun; 1.pitiful excuse for a Frenchman; 2.coward that's afraid of his own name; 3.a simple minded troll who has nothing to say of substance, but would rather spend his/her time playing juvenile games; 4.Spineless moonbat (see also Dumocrat) 5.Proud defender of that which has no logical defense
adjective;1.spineless; 2.cowardly; 3.yellow (not to be confused with the color); 4.weak; 5.without cooth; 6. of French origin; 7. disguised as French but actually German
--thanks Is It Just Me!, who copied it fromGribbit!

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