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* So, did you read yesterday that I FOUND OUT THAT I PASSED THE CISSP EXAM? ... If not, now you have!
* It is Kerry-180 Tuesday! ... 'Monsieur Kerrie release your records s’il vous plait' ... "More smoke and mirrors"
... and "Sorry John, but you can't lie, cheat or weasel your way out of it"
* And there are some excellent Riley pics down below
... and you can still reach the older Riley pics from the sidebar, to the right ... under "Permanotes"

* UK-07.07.2005 : 5 residences raided in Yorkshire
... and
More details on the attack ... more than 50 killed ...
Analysis of emergency calls and other technological evidence now suggest that the blasts all occurred within just 50 seconds, rather than the 26 minutes first reported
... prayers and condolences
... and
BBC insulting victims
... but remember,
the US is the (cough) terrorist nation (according to USA Today columnist Julianne Malveaux)
... and
Malkin calls her a Ward Churchill wannabe - HA!! ... and
Liberal clown rule number 1: When in a slump, dump on your country.
... HA, again! ... and, semi-related :
'Deadly tolerance' ... perhaps complacence is a better word, but still bad!
... and
'Who needs popularity?' ... unabashed Anti-Americanism, and do we care?
... and
The 4 bombers died(?), and let's keep the event of 07.07 in mind whilst we think about the PATRIOT Act
* Northern VA : Weather = hot ...
The Heat Index will hover in the upper 90s for several hours Tuesday afternoon...especially in the urban centers of Washington and Baltimore...where the heat index could hit 100 degrees.
... and we have "Code : Orange" air quality ... and I am still driving my Jeep, top-down and doors-off :P

* Atlantic Ocean : Say "Hi" to Tropical Storm Emily ...
"a record fifth named storm for this point in the still-young hurricane season"
... gonna be a long season!

* SCOTUS / VA : Execution of Robin Lovitt granted a stay ...
The stay will remain in place until the full court resumes in October. The court will then either hear Lovitt's appeal or allow Virginia to execute him.
... my only hope is that the truth prevails, and that justice is done - including his execution if he is guilty.
... Oh, any maybe trial evidence should be held for as long as the statute of limitations of the crime in question
... (in this case, murder, that would be forever (or say we call it 100 years?))

* Israel / Disengagement : More on the forcible ejection of settlers so land can be given, string-free & without concessions
... meanwhile
Hamas is raining rockets into Israel
... and
"ENGAGE - For a Secure Israel" is always a good source!
* RPGers : DMGII ... more in depth version of the DMG, interesting ...BUY IT HERE
* Some thoughts on the flat tax ... and why it increases federal revenue while decreasing the burden on the citizens!
... and I would still prefer
the Fair Tax! ... in short, a flat consumption tax. IMHO, that would rule!
... and be sure to read
"An Open Letter to the President, the Congress, and the American people" (.pdf)
... (and be sure to check the long list of endorsements!)

* Rove : "So, Mr. Bush, fire Karl Rove and then do what we elected you to do: Kick. Some. Terrorist. Ass."
... I'm afraid I agree that this is all a distraction, but I wouldn't go so far as to call Rove a low life opportunist!... or perhaps :
"What Rove appears to have done was something half of the Clinton White House was doing almost every day to Republicans"
... and
Capn Ed reminds us the the lamestream media could solve the whole "controversy" right now
... and
"Finally, one by one, the lefty’s gave up and went back to what they’re good at – trashing America"
... a nearly exhaustive run down of the whole thing, and how a gay male hooker plays into it? Once combined with
this I think all the bases are covered!
* Durbin threatens MoveAmericaForward with IRS audit? ... "another whiny leftist twerp"
* Hands-free Cel devices don't make you drive safer
* "It makes you wonder why we legislators elected by the people? Who needs them if Judges could dictate policy?"
... found via
Ba-silly (+other good stuff!)
* MS : "Windows more secure than Linux" ... and if they say it, it must be true ... (cough)
* New Hampshire : Judge makes a non-decision in the "Illegals are trespassers" case
* Iraq : Thoughts on our current "quagmire" ... or why that word is not applicable here
... and
US GIs finally getting a well-deserved PR push? ... "Rainbow; Never Forget" ... thanks to John B. Dwyer!
... and semi-related :
Curbing Fatwas? ... now Rusty may never get his! ... found via the Everlasting Phelps
... and
Aaron reminds us what happens if the Terrorists / Islamofascists win ... the key words are sharia, dhimmitude, and :
Form of Abuse Percentage
Forced Labor without Pay 96.9%
Forced Conversion to Islam 25.8%
Frequent Beatings 96.9%
Racial Insults 97.9%
Rape 79.3%
Gang-rape 77.0%
Female Genital Mutilation 40.2%
... is that your idea of a good time?
... and
Some more here ... and be sure to read the comments as well, like this one about Nick Berg :
He didn't die because he was an American. He died because he was not a Muslim
... Praise be to Allah, indeed! ... found via
Lunchy Spice
* '"Operation Site Down" Closes 8 Warez Servers' ... no more free games for you!
* EU : Cause of failure, part 1 ... and Cause of failure, part 2
* Spyware, a national security threat
* Illegal Immigration : So, you wanna join the Minutemen? ... send an email to join the "Internal Vigilance Operations"
* NASA : More follow-up on Deep Impact
* China : In collusion with western companies, the Internet is being divided ... from Slashdot reader :
Is this the beginning of the end for the global, unregulated, uncensored, Internet?
* Arizona : Students sans book ... all laptops! Nice!
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Lost, and no compass in hand
* This roller coaster might have more computing power than your data center ... well, not more than my data center! :P
* Treating your Parkinson's is a gamble ... but not the way you might think ...
Researchers have identified a strange side effect to a treatment for Parkinson's disease: excessive gambling. Some patients taking medications known as dopamine agonists developed the problem within six months of starting treatment, even though they had previously gambled only occasionally or never at all
* NASA : Launch timeline ... such as :
T - 6 hours – NASA begins loading 1.9 million liters of cryogenic liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen into the massive external fuel tank
... 1.9M liters ... damn

* Real-life "Lightcycle" game!
* Overcome your procrastination ...
Set Priorities.
Break the Task Down into Little Pieces
Set Up Small, Specific Goals.
Take One Small Step at a Time.
Reward Yourself Right Away When You Accomplish a Small Goal.
Use a Time Schedule.
Learn How to Tell Time.
Optimize Your Chances for Success.
Delegate, if Possible.
Just Get Started.
Look at What You Have Accomplished.
Be Realistic!
... those are the summaries, click for more details / examples ...

* Rove : 'Resigns over ignorance of Plame's name'
* Rove (or is it?) : 'Unnamed White House source denies leak'
* GITMO : '9 Out Of 10 Journalists Would Prefer Gitmo To House Arrest'
* Illegal Immigration : 'U.S.-Mexico 'border' renamed 'Junction'' ... "Americans don't oppose their liberal ideology, just the words they use to talk about key issues"
* Frogs : ' France Loses Bid To Host Next Tour De France' ... Rwanda wins!
* True / sad : 911 made me take drugs & rob the bank
* True / Germany : 63 yr old prostitute to retire ... 49 year of experience @ ~4 clients per night ... ugh ...
(found via
SCA! but not sure he/they want the credit :P - so go read the blind restaurant part of the post )
* The Alliance of Free Blogs : 'Precision Guided Humor Assignment: The British Empire Strikes Back' ... my answer:
They will reignite their Empire-building fires, re-enact the 1914 and 1941 invasions of the "ungrateful volcano" (Iraq), continue on to the rest of the Middle East ... plus Afghanistan, for good measure. And this time, it won't just be drawn & quartered - but remain united under the Queen's crown.
Oh, and they will continue speaking "English" with that silly accent.

Quotes of the Day
How to save your mosque from a senseless + wrong over-reaction ... post this sign thereupon :
"We unconditionally condemn Islamic terrorism in all it forms and work daily to prevent such extremist fundamentalism from infecting our faith!"
--thanks TAotB!

Some (more) thoughts on Live8 :
The first time Bono and Madonna got together to save Africa, the unintended consequence was the death of perhaps as many as 100,000 people
Live 8 audience that the July 2, 2005 concerts were "the greatest thing that's ever been organized, probably, in the history of the world." ... Imagine that! Getting Bono and Madonna together for another afternoon shot at saving Africa is bigger than D-Day, a bigger and greater achievement in organization than the putting together of the invading force of 11,000 airplanes, 5,000 ships, and over 150,000 troops that broke Germany's grip on western Europe and foreshadowed the end of Hitler's dream of turning the planet into a Nazi hellhole.
--thanks Ralph Reiland

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