I survived NC

Quick Thoughts
* We made it back in near-record time (9 hours flat) and will have many pics uploaded tonight ... but more importantly we had an excellent vacation in the mountains (sans banjos, TYVM) and had lots of fun with (inlaw-)family even though I did not turn on my computer a single time! While I was out, apparently there was some terrorist action in London and a hurricane is beating up the South-Eastern US ... prayers for all affected, & condolences where appropriate
* So I finally get back to listening to Don & Mike, and hear that Don's wife - Freda Source, was killed in a car accident ... condolences & prayers to Don, Bart and their extended radio family
* Oh, and apparently my archives are worth ~40 visitors per day ... so, any of you low-volume advertisers out there paying attention?? (and this means all the time spent here is to get another ~50 visitors / day - that is actually just a bit depressing ... but I can't stay depressed because I JUST FOUND OUT THAT I PASSED THE CISSP EXAM!)

* Florida : In the wake of Dennis ... with 120mph winds ... now "just" a tropical depression
... and hit within 50m of where Ivan did last September
... and
Cuba falling apart?
... and
It ain't /wasn't so bad, and let's talk about media hype
* UK : "Atleast 50" killed in Thursday's blasts ... again, prayers & condolences
... and
"Group of al-Qaeda of Jihad Organisation in Europe" claims responsibility
... and
UK's alert level raised to highest ever
... and
La Shawn Barber has some thoughts on a Christian response
... and
a jailed "American" to be pumped for info
... and
some observations / thoughts here
... and
Dr. Shackleford on backlash, moral equivocation, and acts of injustice
... and
Guardian's Nick Cohen vs Guardian's John Gray
... and, speaking of the Guardian ...
'Karen Armstrong: Am I Dhimmified Enough?'
... and
Vinnie reminds us that the Terrorists still lose!
... and
The Art of War
... and
Manhunt in progress, massive CCTV review ... and speaking of terrorist attacks :
Nukes already in the US? ... Alarmist, yes. Scary, yes. Possible, yes. FUD, maybe ... found via Rusty!
* Idaho : Body of Dylan Groene found ... condolences
* Afghanistan : Rebels making peace ... no word from Derka Derkistan :P

* NASA : Countdown to Shuttle launch ... July13th @ 15:51 ET
* Global Warming : G8 leaders say it is a problem ... Kyoto finally going down?
... and
shuttle launches sending confusing GW signals?
* 'The wages of multiculturalism: demagogue enablers'
If you want to understand the hard Left in Britain, think Dixiecrats in Mississippi before the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Think Robert Byrd, the Kleagle of the Klu-Klux Klan who now spends his days demagoguing President Bush on the floor of the US Senate. Think Dick Durbin, who smears American soldiers as Nazis, even as they give their lives to protect his porcine carcass. Not that Mayor Livingstone is anti-Semitic, you understand. Some of his best friends are Jews who hate Israel
* SuperHawk Rick brings us 'Rove scandal: lots of sizzle, not much steak' ... the most important point :
... Hugh Hewitt gives the story a little perspective :
The military has just recovered the body of the last Navy SEAL missing in Afghanistan : This incredible sacrifice, coupled with the carnage in London and in Baghdad, provides the backdrop for my comments on the media frenzy surrounding what Karl Rove said or didn’t say to a reporter about the cheeseball’s wife.
* SARS receptor found, better treatment coming ... or atleast preventing the lung failure
* Iran : President-elect Ahmadinejad says he can control the Americans ... + pics? ... good find!
* GITMO : GTL's last relevant post, and some anger!
They think this is what YOU want, and the way YOU want it. Dammit, if it IS, then y'all can just go and handle this crap yourselves, and I'll be happy to come home and watch Y'ALL put up with this crap (literally) in the security of my own home on my 36" Sony Trinitron while the "talking heads" analyze YOU. That is correct, I'm telling you that YOU can go to HELL if you think I signed on to pay THAT price for "freedom", because I surely did NOT.
... found via
Basil ... who is doing something I refuse to : dial-up blogging!
... he also found this (funny):
50 things about Colorado that rock
* 2005 to get an extra (leap) second ... I want my salary adjusted accordingly ...
* PLA gets additional $8B ... WTF? The phrase "throwing good money after bad" comes to mind
* Conservatives vs Hollywood ... a plan for victory?
* Identical twins not quite identical ...
epigenetic factors--that is, differences in how the genome is expressed--could be responsible
* Good Thoughts on Apple going Intel ... and it is NOT about The Snappy(TM)
* EU : Software Patents officially dead ... for now, anyway
* North Carolina : Theft of $300 punished the same as rape, murder ... that is when a felony, isn't.
* Da Vinci +1 work of art
* Durbin would be a funny clown if he weren't so dangerous to America
* Chris Hitchens brutalizes Ron Reagan ... always a good thing!
... and
direct link to video
... and
transcript ... all found via TigerHawk!
* NAACP : Not happy with Bush ... *gasp* ... I guess they prefer the company of Bobby Sheets Byrd
... and let's see if they lose their non-profit status :)

* NASA : Deep Impact follow-up ... still ongoing ...
* Compare & Contrast : Islam v Christianity, WRT drinking and gambling ... very long, but well worth it!
* SCOTUS : Bork, on replacing O'Connor
To restore the court's integrity will require a minimum of three appointments of men and women who have so firm an understanding of the judicial function that they will not drift left once on the bench. Choosing, and fighting for, the right man or woman to replace Justice O'Connor is the place to start. That will be difficult, but the stakes are the legitimate scope of self-government and an end to judicially imposed moral disorder.
... well said! ... and
W to get two picks? ... and Some thoughts on that here
* Bloggers : Join the American Flag League ... I added them to my sidebar!
* MilBlogger + songwriter ...
He says "Oh, no, my pretty ones.
There’s a need for men and guns,
and it ain’t enough to sit and pray.
Sometimes even good men go away."
... click link to get whole song (and Black5's T-shirts still rock!)

* Clintons : Hillary will never be the President ... one last bit o' controversy before Da' Captain returns, and I can only hope he is right!
Although her recent comments have caused her verbal status to be upgraded from a Topical Depression to a Category 5 hurricane ... found via DialUpBasil
* 'Can you prove God exists?' ... and "Plausibility Structures"
* Lefties : MoveOn realizes they need to conceal their true feelings? ... not so proud of your beliefs?
* Karnival of the Kidz (#12) is up ... no Riley this time, I was off of the Internet so didn't submit anything :(
* Social inSecurity : "and the Moronically-Hypocritical-Liberal Minded-Galactically Stupid"
* Fantastic Four - not so fantastic? ... "It's not that bad. Not that bad at all. However, it's also not terrific"

* I missed a few OOTS while I was out :
#198 - Dragon Loot, and Elan gets a Kazoo
#199 - rain = drama
#200 - wild empathy sucks, smite evil not so useful against good (LONG!)
#201 - Thor is a drunkard
* Caption This : "Oh, gross. There's a dead hamster in this one. Oh, what the hell, it's beer"
* Category 3 = Devastating ... so Cat5 = ____ ? ... um, 100mbps? (I am sooo sorry)
* NASA : 'No longer remembers why it launched space probe' ...
"We are confident that the Explorer 17b will expand our understanding of the solar system and the universe," Mr. Froling said. "We’re just not sure how"
* 'France Passes Emergency Mandatory Turban Law' ... ""
* RIAA sues mother-of-four for not buying an album ... "effectively stolen from the artist by buying groceries for her children"
* W's autobiography ...
Since Bill Clinton, who had nothing important to say in his long-winded, boring autobiography, sold over 2 million copies in hard cover, it's likely that a popular president like George Bush with his untold military tales, successful business operations and astute statesmanship will be able to sell twice that number. Because his wife Laura is a professional librarian, writing a book should be a snap.
* RC truck throws hamster
* 'Terror Downgrade to Yellow Leaves Orange Blue, Green With Envy'
* 'Wal-Mart to Begin Selling UltraLight Airplane Kits'
* 'US to create one new spy agency for every terrorist on Earth'
* 'God continues to punish Florida for 2000 Election' ...
Well, it's Ohio. They have the Cleveland Browns. I'd say God went easier on Florida.
* Livingstone :'I Will Not Allow My Anti-Semitism To Be Outsourced!'
* 'Competing with Canada, Mexico offers gay divorces ... US tightens both borders'
* W gives an impromptu oratory ...
First, a brief history of the opium trade, then a bit of Brahms on the piano, then a rousing discussion of Virgil
* Blooper : Norah O'Donnell, the white ho?
* Iran : Building peaceful nuclear weapon
* Housewife committing a Sex-for-security scam ... hey wait, he got sex for giving her security! :P
* 'Aruba Tops Rand McNally’s “50 Most Cooperative Places To Kill Americans.”'
* Cruise returns to home planet ... but first :
he uses Dark Force Lightning on Oprah ... sweet!
* USGS discovers "midwest"
* GITMO'ish : 'Jailed Journalist Reports NY Times Desecration' ... found via KillRighty ... who also shares a thought or 2
* Didn't miss too many ALPs, but #129 is here ... the author let the birth of twins get in the way of his site :(
* SCOTUS : Specter to push for O'Connor as Chief Justice
* Schadenfreude has a gift ... just for you, John :)
* Malkovichilated "There's a war on" NIF

Terrorist Quote of the Day
The lives of non-Muslims have no value or sanctity and are legitimate targets of terrorists
--thanks to NEIN for bringing us this little gem from Sheikh Omar bin Bakri Muhammad in the UK (no permalinks :( )

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