Letter from CFRA

As a valued member of our online team, I wanted to give you some information regarding the President's nomination of Judge John Roberts.

Of course we expect this nomination will signal the beginning of a very difficult and trying confirmation process that will ultimately center around Robert's stance on abortion.

TJ, but even before the announcement of Sandra Day O'Connor's retirement, The Center has been center-stage on judicial vacancy issue. We have been a consistent voice, urging the President to honor his campaign pledge by nominating a person with sterling credentials, who will uphold the Constitution and defend public faith and the unborn.

Early in this process, it would appear that the President is a man of his word--that he kept his promise to us.

However, it is early in the process ...
That is why we are urging all Christians to do two very important things over these next days and weeks as the confirmation process unfolds:

Action Item #1--Pray
As the President said in his announcement speech this is very important decision that affects all Americans. He is right. The next Supreme Court justice will be instrumental in the direction of our nation for the twenty-five years or so-- affecting our children and grandchildren.

That is why I am asking everyone on our team to be in earnest prayer over Judge Roberts throughout this entire process.

I would ask that you pray specifically that the heart Judge Roberts will be revealed early in the confirmation hearings, so that people of faith can determine their level of support.

Action Item #2--Help us Rally 300,000 petitions!
TJ, my staff informs me that you haven't yet added your name to our important "Judicial Vacancy" petition. Let me just say that as this confirmation process begins, I really believe the grassroots voice of America needs to be mobilized and ready to respond to our Senators at a moment's notice!

That is why I am urging friends like you to take immediate action by adding your name to our petition and helping us reach 300,000 as soon as possible. Click here to sign!

Here at The Center, we are trusting that the President has made the right choice for our nation and our judiciary, and are relying on the Lord to reveal whether or not he is the right man to sit on the High Court.

And throughout the process, I am encouraging our team to keep the grassroots voice of America strong by adding their name to our petition

Thank you in advance for standing with us!
Dr. Gary Cass, Executive Director

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