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DeLay Wants Enforcement Before Any Guestworker Bill
Call His Office and Thank Him

Your calls are needed to reinforce House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's (R-TX) position that immigration enforcement must come before any guestworker bill.

Just days after Senators Cornyn and Kyl unveiled their bill tying the promise of strong enforcement provisions with an unlimited guestworker program DeLay announced that the House will pass enforcement legislation before considering any guestworker bill. During his comments, DeLay said more security measures are needed and the government has to prove it will enforce the law before voters will accept a new guestworker program.

Yesterday, President Bush told House Republicans at a closed-door meeting that he wants them to pass a guestworker bill this fall. The president also said he wants MORE legal immigration.

It is critically important that we fortify DeLay's commitment to put enforcement first. He has resisted the president's request to expedite a guestworker bill thus far because he knows the American public will not accept more guestworkers when the government is obviously failing to enforce immigration laws or secure the borders.

Please make a quick phone call to any of Leader DeLay's offices listed below and thank him for holding the line. Tell his office that American voters expect Congress to first eat its spinach by passing a tough enforcement bill and funding its implementation before even considering the special interest desert of an unlimited guestworker program.

Leadership Office: 202-225-4000
D.C. Office: 202-225-5951
District Office: 281-240-3700

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