Letter from Natl Taxpayers' Union

Tell the Senate to Kill the Death Tax Once and for All!

After taxing you in almost every conceivable way throughout your lifetime, the taxman follows you to the grave for one final reach into your wallet. Worse, the death tax is a tax on virtue -- living frugally and accumulating wealth. It discourages saving and asset accumulation and encourages wasteful spending. It wastes the talent of able people, both those engaged in enforcing the tax and the even greater number engaged in devising arrangements to escape the tax. The death tax is unfair and immoral, but due to Senate inaction, it remains in effect. We need taxpayers to speak out now and to tell their Senators that it is high time to kill the death tax once and for all! Please speak out today!

Send a letter to the following decision maker(s)!

Below is the sample letter:

Subject: I urge you to end the death tax once and for all

Dear [decision maker name automatically inserted here],

I urge you to support permanent repeal of the death tax and to oppose any half-baked compromise that would keep the tax in place. Because it taxes virtue -- living frugally and accumulating wealth - the tax wastes the talent of able people, including those who enforce it and those who must find ways to legally escape it.

The death tax is one of the most unjustifiable federal taxes, since it punishes the hard work and savings of parents wishing to leave behind a better life for their children. The death tax is especially damaging to small businesses and family-owned farms, many of which are thrown into bankruptcy or insolvency when forced to pay these levies.

The main effect of this unjust tax is to create an industry for thousands of lawyers and estate planners who help the super-wealthy waste time and money avoiding it. I'm counting on your vote to end the pointless death tax once and for all.


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