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  • Iraq :
  • ... Journalist Steven Vincent found slain executed ... condolences (click link for LOTS of details, thoughts, etc.)
    ... 14 US Marines killed by IED ... 21 in three days; condolences for them all (and prayers for their comrades)
    ... Also, 6 USMC Snipers were ambushed
    ... Baghdad police, rife with corruption
  • UK-07.07.2005 : Zambia is extraditing Rashid Haroon Aswat
  • Baby Torres : Born! ... Susan Anne Catherine Torres, one pound 13 ounces, 13 1/2 inches long
  • Scouts : More lightning deaths! ... condolences
  • Cisco : Hacked ... change your CCO passwords!
  • Louisiana : + Killer Bees
  • Cloning : South Korea unveils cloned dog ... and ugly one at that
    ... Basil adds "Hunger in South Korea eliminated" (link below, under "More news")
  • Canada : Air France flight shoots off runway, catches afire ... everyone survives. France surrenders.
  • Weather : Forecast updated; 21 expected now
  • Hawaii : Brush fires, evacuations
  • Nigeria : When food is unaffordable ... locusts, drought raise prices beyond their means (64% of them earn $lt;$1/day)
  • Travel : State Department issues worldwide travel advisory for Americans
  • More news : Basil has more news ... like other news, but with funnier (sub)titles

  • Quick Thoughts * News Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day * Closing
  • Voter Intimidation : Left better at it than Right
  • Dedication : Read this. Now. ... "It's time for the Friends of the Terrorists™ to shut the ..."
  • AntiTerrorism : In support of profiling
    ... from NY Assemblyman Dov Hikind, Democrat! (See, they can make sense when they try!)
  • Left : When losing is not losing
  • Shuttle : Repairs underway ... Repair worked
  • Black Holes : We have gone from Hide to Seek to Found!
  • WiFi : 802.11n compromise, 540mbps wireless!!
  • ESCR : Embryonic stem cells more useless than shuttle? ... and shame on Frist! ...
    Frist's position carries much weight, we're told, not just because he's the highest-ranking Republican in Congress, but also because he's a physician. Actually, that makes him as much a specialist on stem cells as a plumber is on aquatic chemistry. A half hour of reading will give you more knowledge about these cells than the average doctor possesses. In that short time you might learn that ASCs are CURRENTLY used in over 250 human clinical trials and are treating over 80 different diseases.
  • Election 08 : Either McCain or Giuliani would both beat Hillary and/or Kerry ... sweet!
  • Iraq : Did Rumsfeld order "aggressive" interrogations?
  • Religion : SCA on "God, Faith And Ice Cream"
  • Islamofascism :
  • ... A phony Fatwa ...
    Nowhere was there a denunciation of Islamic jihad or its ultimate goal of a return of the Islamic Caliphate

    ... DC Mayor Williams welcome indoctrination ... say Hi to Imam Johari Abdul Malik
    ... Fisking Juan Cole, doesn't believe we are at war with Terror
  • Words to live by : "The 10 cannots" ... "You cannot bring about prosperity discouraging thrift."
  • Conservatism : Spreading to the youth? ... maybe this generation will get it right :)
  • ID :
  • ... Some thoughts on W's statements, and the uproar some are leading ... found via Breakfast
    ... Lots more here
  • Fined : Enron, another $2.4B ... $7B so far
  • SCOTUS : "We are not defenseless in this war against government power expanding"
  • SCOTUS'ish : Liberal Professor Erwin Chemerinsky vs Clarence Thomas ... :
    It means changing to a smaller government that keeps tax rates low and expenditures under control instead of feeding the liberal beast.
    It means creating a vast ownership society of private institutions: businesses, churches, associations, unions, families, schools, in which ordinary people can practice the skills of self-government instead of depending a megastructure staffed by all-powerful liberal experts.
    It means a Supreme Court that is so dull and boring that the nomination of a new justice fails to divert radical left-wing law professors from the important work of defending terrorist detainees.
  • Israel : Disengagement getting ugly
  • Sneakers : Adidas buying Reebok ... $3.8B
  • Economics : Zero savings! ... which means the real estate market, if it 'pops', will royally sux0r
  • Ohio : GOP's Jean Schmidt wins! ... defeats Paul Hackett (vet, who was not a fan of W) ... Yeah Schmidt!
    ... replacing outgoing Rob Portman, who is the newly appointed US Trade Rep
  • "Global Warming" : US surprises, circumvents EU, UN - beats Kyoto
  • Left : Modern day "Medicine Men" ... "inheritors of this tradition of charlantry", and hypocrisy
  • DNC : Desperate to criticize W, blast him for Phys ED ... and a funny pic of Kennedy :P
  • Public Trust : You are being lied to ... obesity, smoking, alcohol
  • Free(?) Press : Russia boots ABC ... because ABC was "supporting the propaganda of terrorism"!
  • Apple : 'Hauls mouse technology into 1990' ... adds third button
  • Scanning : Docupen R700, World's lightest scanner
  • International Phone Calls : Skype-based startup iSkoot to offer $10/year(!) calling ... Skype to Skype only
  • Homeland Security : 'An Open Memo to the Homeland Security Secretary'
  • UNOCAL : CNOOC bails ... as reported yesterday by TMH
  • Abortion : Some thoughts ... it "simultaneously protects sexual freedom and relieves personal responsibility"
  • Intel : No more low-end chips?
  • How To : Podcast
  • Cisco : Told ISS it wasn't possible ... and thus Mike Lynn's resignation, and lawsuits, came to pass
  • Open Source : " What business ought to be getting out of open source isn't the software, but the process"
  • Politics : ACT shuts down ... Hi George (How's that $37M?)! No media coverage?
  • CAFTA :
  • Signed ... next up : "Bahrain, Thailand and the Andean countries of South America"
    ... Exporting DMCA ... ok, that is bad
  • Delta : Stock @ 43 year low
  • Education : High-Tech High
  • MS'ish : Useful Windows Software
  • Texas : BloggerWear to be tax free this weekend!
  • Firefox : List of KB shortcuts
  • Civilization : Commercial for Civ4 ... addictive, like EverCrack?
  • P2P : Truly anonymous filesharing coming to you, this Christmas?
  • MSM : CBS starting a truly obvious program
  • Fridge-Computing : Your refrigerator wants a computer
  • Driving : This is why you shouldn't get in traffic fights ... condolences, and prayers for the daughter
  • Printers : Wanna make yours into a shredder?
  • Blogiversary : Happy 1st AW
  • Bloggers : TB Party @ TMG, OTB, TMG, today!
  • Etiquette : Be Nice!

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  • Physical Fitness : W to "shape up" Congress ... found via Man Spice
  • True : How to know when your credit card company doesn't like you
  • GITMO : ~'Carter Compares Gitmo to “Crummy Habitat House”'
  • Air steal the money America : Hiring Dan Rather
  • WTW :
  • ... Who gets beaten with the ashtray?
    ... Sitcoms
  • GoreTV : Mr Gore's Neighborhood
  • Graham : Says Thanks, and enough support! ... he has mine! Stop CAIR!
  • Drugs : Meth - labs, laws, pictures!
  • One liners : One Happy Do has some funnies ... found via Ogre

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  • Internet Explorer 7.0 boycott :
    My advice is simple: Boycott IE. It's a cancer on the Web that must be stopped. IE isn't secure and isn't standards-compliant, which makes it unworkable both for end users and Web content creators. Because of their user bases, however, Web developers are hamstrung into developing for IE at the expense of established standards that work well in all other browsers. You can turn the tide by demanding more from Microsoft and by using a better alternative Web browser. I recommend and use Mozilla Firefox

    --thanks Paul Thurrott!

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    Fear the Stache, PGHA

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