Letter from Stop the ACLU


In this issue:
Opening remarks
Stop the ACLU contest winner
Taking action
The ACLU's revenue
Your role in helping Stop the ACLU


In this issue:
Opening remarks
Stop the ACLU contest winner
Taking action
The ACLU's revenue
Your role in helping Stop the ACLU

Dear Friends and Supporters:

First of all, I apologize for this long newsletter. If you cannot read it all now, read a part of it and come back to the rest of it later. We have a lot to cover.

Starting today, we will send out the Stop the ACLU newsletter three times monthly on the 1st, the 11th & the 21st. My decision was to send it out twice monthly but given the number of crucial matters the ACLU is part of, I believe it is important to keep each of you apprised more frequently so you can take action and share this with others.

Due to the death of my stepfather earlier this month and subsequent family matters, I was unable to get this issue out on the 15th as I promised in my last newsletter. I sincerely regret the delay but at the same time, I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to those of you who sent me the many e-mails and online cards containing your prayers and words of encouragement. I am proud to have such a caring database and for this I say thank you.

For those of you receiving our newsletter for the very first time, I welcome you aboard and thank you very much for being part of this grassroots effort. The surge in subscriptions during the month of July has almost tripled its usual pace and I am very thrilled about it. It is quite clear the vast many of you are joining the coalition because you are sick of what the ACLU is doing to America and you want to change the course of history of the ACLU by your association with our grassroots coalition. I share your intense passion to see the ACLU put out of business and earning your trust to see it occur means the world to me.

Keep in mind that there is an unsubscribe box on the home page of the web site should you ever feel we're not doing our job and wish to opt out. And if you change your mailbox, please don't forget to let us know. We don't want to lose anyone. Each of you is important to me and each one has a role to play in extinguishing the agenda of the ACLU.

And before I continue, you will be pleased to know that this past week, a former ACLU attorney and legal counsel joined the Stop the ACLU mailing list and will be working with us in our efforts to stop the ACLU. I cannot reveal more information at this present time other than to say welcome aboard, Tom. We are glad you are with us.

We have a winner in the Stop the ACLU Contest

I want to extend sincere thanks for each of you who shared your best acronyms on the ACLU. We will be posting all of them on the web site in the coming days. There were many terrific submissions and the decision by the 5 judges to choose one above the rest was not easy at all. Each judge listed his or her top three selections. A 1st place choice earned 15 points, 2nd place was 10 points and 3rd place was 5 points. One 1st place entry from one judge was a 2nd place entry by another judge for 25 points. Another 1st place entry was a 3rd place entry by a second judge for 20 points. One other entry was listed as a 2nd place entry by one judge and a 3rd place entry by another for 15 points and eligible for a wild card submission in a runoff.

The 5 judges then had to vote to either name the 25 point finisher as the winner or permit a runoff with the 5 1st place finishers and the one wild card entry since no single entry was selected by a majority of judges (3). By a 3-2 margin, the judges agreed that the 25 point finisher was the winner as opposed to continuing in a runoff. As such, the winning entry was Atheists, Communists and Lesbians United by Michelle C. of South Carolina. She will have the choice of receiving 4 Stop the ACLU T-shirts and 4 Stop the ACLU bumper stickers (when our store opens) or a $50 gift certificate to a restaurant in South Carolina.

Congratulations, Michelle, and let me know which selection you wish to be bestowed on you. And my thanks to Jay Stephenson (our blogmaster), Melanie Mills (my assistant), Greg Thompson and Michael Hinton for being judges in this contest. It was fun having each of you judging these great entries and my hats off to you.

Greg is someone you should know. Visit his site at www.asleepkNOwmore.com. As a former school superintendent in Missouri, he stood up to the ACLU and school bureaucrats for refusing to remove the 10 Commandments from school property and for keeping a cross and a Bible in his office. He ultimately paid the price with his job for his stand against the ACLU, the power brokers in the Humansville school district and the attorneys who opposed him. He is doing God's work by educating people around the country about our values being undermined and attacked by the likes of the ACLU. The Stop the ACLU Coalition is very proud to have him as one of our better known supporters and I encourage you to get familiar with his web site as well as ours.

Oh BTW, the 5th judge was me. And for those of you interested, we will post all the acronyms on the web site in the coming days. Be sure to check it out.

Action Request

As many of you know, two of the biggest issues with the ACLU are (1) the receipt of taxpayer funds when an ACLU lawsuit results in an adverse ruling against a city, county or state and (2) the ability to sue when someone claims to be offended in hearing a public prayer, saying the Pledge of Allegiance in a school or seeing the 10 Commandments posted in a public place. A classic case of the second one is the current 15 year old lawsuit pitting the ACLU against the City of San Diego and San Diegans for the Mount Soledad National War Memorial. An atheist hired an ACLU attorney to sue for the removal of a cross above this memorial which overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

In a sheer display of patriotism, San Diegans voted this past Tuesday by a 3-1 margin to transfer ownership of the property to the federal government so that the cross, which has been on the site for over 50 years, would not be removed from the memorial. Transferring ownership of the property to Washington was seen as the only foolproof way to keep the cross in place. The ACLU attorney is ignoring the will of the people and is still pressing in court for the cross's removal. However, if Congress reformed the Establishment Clause of the 1st Amendment, cases like these would not be litigated since the ACLU would have no standing to sue.

For more information, click here to read this World Net Daily story.

There are two things you can do if you want to see this issue rectified. The first is to demand that Congress defund the ACLU in cases like the above as they are an abuse of taxpayer funds. A vast majority of Americans don't want to see their tax dollars used against them to sanitize America of religion. The ACLU doesn't think twice about getting public money for the likes of Planned Parenthood to perform abortions but it sure bothers them if the10 Commandments are involved.

To do so, visit the home page www.stoptheaclu.org and scroll about a fifth of the way down to where the image of the 10 Commandments is in the left margin. Follow the instructions on the page and ask your Congressmen to support Congressman John Hostettler's bills HR 2679 & HR 1100.

You can also go to Court Zero's web site (one of our supporters) to take action as well.

The second course of action is to demand your Congressmen and senators introduce and work to pass legislation to prevent the likes of the ACLU from bringing lawsuits from people who claim to simply be offended. Ask them to modify the ability to bring such litigation under the 1st Amendment's Establishment clause. Inserting a clause that would mandate the ACLU paying the opposing party's legal fees in the event of an adverse ruling would also be very helpful and stem the abuse that is going on in courts around the country.

While the above two actions for reform may appear to be contradictory and the World Net Daily story shows a clash between the two, the idea is to get at least one of them passed. For too long, the ACLU and groups like Americans United and People for the (Anti) American Way have taken taxpayer money to oppose what the majority of Americans support. It's time to put an end to the ACLU's raping of the taxpayer.

Where does the ACLU's money come from?

This past Friday, I privately received two articles from the National Journal on the ACLU and their sources of money. The stories are not available on the Internet and are only available via subscription. A subscription to the Journal is extremely expensive but if you are interested in getting one, contact me and I'll put you in touch with the right person.

The articles were about the best written ones I've ever encountered and this was world class reporting at its finest. Unfortunately, I cannot reprint the pieces as they are copyrighted and protected by law. However, the author has personally given me permission to quote facts and figures from the articles on a limited basis. And since there is some very pertinent information here, I wanted to share some of it with you.

As many of you know, we are committed to boycotting the ACLU in any and everywhere possible, seeing that those who benefit from them and those who give to them are denied any of our hard working dollars. However, one group that is very hard to boycott is Hollywood. We can boycott the movies they make and we should but it is one group that is very hard to hit financially, according to the Journal. The Journal also reports that 1/5th of all ACLU members are from the West Coast. And entertainment companies and other organizations with branches on the West and East Coasts are almost assuredly tied with the ACLU. Since the ACLU claims to have 400,000 members nationally, that would translate into 80,000 members from the West Coast.

And while West Coast states like Washington and Oregon have their fair share of ACLU members, California by far has the most. And with most of Hollywood's values being out of the mainstream of America with its push of abortion, same sex marriage, homosexuality, pornography and assisted suicide, the ACLU has been a perfect fit. As such, California is one of the most dangerous states in America with ACLU heavily running it and backing the most liberal Democratic state legislature in America.

The Journal gives some incredible figures regarding the ACLU and its finances. They report that the ACLU was in the red to the tune of $150,000 in 1978 with no financial reserves. With Ira Glasser at the ACLU's helm from then til 2001, they went from six figures negative to revenues of over $57 million, using wealthy foundations and lawyers to bring them from the red to the black.

The Journal further noted that in 1990, the ACLU had over $21 million in income and over $12 million in net assets. In 2004, the ACLU was reported to have over $69 million in income and over $183 million in net assets, combining for a total of over a quarter billion dollars.

In 1993, the ACLU had a revenue growth of $32 million and more than tripled that to $97 million in 2004. Approximately 70% of the ACLU's money goes to its headquarters in New York and DC with state affiliates getting the remaining 30%, the Journal reports.

Foundations like the Rockefeller and Ford were among its biggest contributors under the leadership of Mr. Glasser and Hollywood celebrities like Richard Dreyfuss added to the ACLU's mix. In addition, Progressive Insurance owner Peter Lewis has contributed over $15 million to the ACLU in the last 6 years. So if you are thinking about buying a Ford or purchasing insurance thru Progressive, consider going somewhere else if you don't want profits from your money going to the ACLU. And avoid Allstate as well.

To no one's big surprise, the homosexual movement has been a big contributor to the ACLU. Early on after Mr. Glasser took over, the ACLU saw gays and lesbians as a source whereby they could be a match. Since homosexuals by and large do not have children, they were viewed as a good fit for supporting the ACLU since they often have larger and more disposable income than the average person. And with the ACLU's Anthony Romero, an avowed and practicing homosexual, as its director for the past 4 years, the revenue continues to flourish between the two sides. It may be one reason you will never see the ACLU on the other end of a gay or lesbian rights or issue. You may see the ACLU occasionally on the side of a street preacher, a religious student or even a pro-lifer holding a pro-life sign. But you will never find them opposite of the homosexual agenda.

What may be most disturbing of all is that well known pornographer and Hustler magazine producer, Larry Flynt, is not only a long time supporter of the ACLU (since 1990) but he is on the board of directors of the ACLU's Southern California affiliate, so says the Journal. Few Americans would not know the moral depravity of the likes of Mr. Flynt.

As such, it isn't hard to see how the ACLU is wrapped up in causes that are opposed by a majority of decent law abiding Americans. It seems they will defend perverted sexual causes to no end. Put Larry Flynt and NAMBLA together and you see how the ACLU is in the moral sewer of society.

We will cover more on the ACLU's money in upcoming newsletters.

How can I help stop the ACLU?

As I have stated in the past and when we first got this operation going in November of last year, this is one where each person can play a role. You can pray, sign our petitions, contact Congress to defund the likes of the ACLU as noted and we want you involved in all these items. But there is much more you can do and I will briefly highlight a couple of them here.

One way is becoming a Stop the ACLU coordinator in your state. Just as the ACLU has directors in each state, we want to have directors/coordinators in each state as well to counter them. We tentatively have coordinators from Washington (state), California, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Alabama and Louisiana. Tentative here means we have people who have offered to coordinate efforts in their state and whom I have given a preliminary OK to do so. We are seeking county coordinators for those who want to help on a smaller scale. If you are interested in either position, let me know. And for those desiring to be state coordinators in the states listed above where the position is tentatively filled, please still contact me any way. We will likely need backups and assistant coordinators as well, especially in large states like Texas and California.

Some of the information regarding coordinators' tasks is listed on the web site. However, a state coordinator's task is just as it sounds, coordinating efforts for the Stop the ACLU Coalition in your state. This will involve keeping updated with any ACLU efforts in the state and countering them in any and every way, including: opposing their agenda in the state legislatures and alerting others accordingly, conducting counter protest rallies where the ACLU has theirs, recruiting people to the web site and encouraging them to become card carrying Stop the ACLU members. It will also entail the recruiting of thousands of citizens to descend on the state's ACLU office, hopefully occurring one day in 2006. The goal is to have one million citizens across America march at their state's ACLU offices.

Recruitment is an essential part of this cause. As noted above, the ACLU has approximately 400,000 members. While this seems like an almost insurmountable number, it is far from it. Their numbers are because they go out relentlessly and recruit people to join them. One of their key recruitment sources is the schools, particularly colleges and universities. At some point we hope to do the same. However, we have an untapped source that the ACLU seldom uses. And that is our churches. There are some very liberal churches across America whereby their members and even pastors belong to the ACLU. But I daresay, they are in the minority.

State coordinators should have some experience in recruiting, coordinating projects and/or managing people, though it is not absolutely necessary. A passion to stop the ACLU agenda, persistence, determination and a willingness to abide by the Stop the ACLU mission statement and agreement with its goal are just as important, if not more so.

I don't believe it is a stretch or an impossibility to say we can recruit one million people in our churches (and elsewhere) to join the ACLU. Many people have no idea what the ACLU is about. They think the ACLU's job is to preserve the civil rights of everyone. That is what they say on some of states' web sites but that is far from true and in reality is an untenable position to take. That is why public awareness is critical to what we are doing. That is why we have formed a Stop the ACLU traveling team (albeit a small one for now) to go into houses of worship and educate people about the ACLU and why the ACLU's presence is a danger to churches across America. Once more people are educated and find out what the ACLU is really doing, we can get these people in our camp.

Although the task of recruiting churches and religious organizations was one I originally designated for state coordinators, potential county coordinators can now do the same. You do not have to cold call these places of worship and faith. All you have to do is send out our letter which I will send in an attachment to anyone requesting it. You will be responsible for postage, envelopes and copying the letter. Sending 50 letters would run about $25 in costs and roughly $5 less if you run them from your own printer. We do not have the resources yet to reimburse coordinators for postage and costs but we will do so as funding becomes available.

I will guide you as to what denominations and churches you can mail our letter to and give you a web site listing every town in America and what churches there are, if any, in those towns. The lists you find may not always be comprehensive and updated but they are a good resource. You can also use your local yellow pages as well.

You will not be responsible for speaking with church leaders and administrators if they have questions, at least not right away. That will be my responsibility. They can contact me via e-mail and telephone should they wish to be involved. You will put the Coalition's return mailing address on the envelopes you send out so if any get returned, they will go to me and not you.

You do not have to send the mailings to hundreds of churches unless you have the financial resources to do so. Work within your budget. If all you can do is 20-40, that will be just fine. However, it goes without saying that the more houses of faith that get our letter, the more people we will have in our camp.

Ultimately as we get things rolling, state coordinators will work directly with the churches that decided to join our cause. But for now, your work will be confined to locating places to send our letter and keeping up with the ACLU in your state.

And feel free to send the letter to local chapters of patriotic groups that would likely support us such as the Boy Scouts and the American Legion. We need everyone we can get on board. Thank you.

Finally we're getting near the end

Please remember we cannot run the Stop the ACLU Coalition without your help. This operation currently runs out of a kitchen office. The growing amount of traffic at the web site and the increasing numbers of people signing up to receive our newsletter and wanting to get involved warrant having separate and outside office space. We are at the point that we have no option but to get our own office if we are to have a tangible community and national presence. We also need computers, desks, and at least a couple volunteer or part time paid clerks to help with the lagging work we currently have. We have a lot of work to get done.

We also need funds to help get our Stop the ACLU merchandise store in operation as well as coordinating the card carrying Stop the ACLU memberships. We will need funds to take out ads on the radio and in conservative news sources like the Washington Times to let people know that we are out there and we are the alternative to the ACLU. Plus we want to get press releases out to every media source in America so people will know we are out here. And we need to reach those in America who believe like we do but do not have Internet access. We need to get one million Stop the ACLU members. That would require a mass mailing. We cannot do so in our current status.

We do not beg here and never will. We don't want anyone to drain their life savings for this cause. Of course, if you have been blessed financially and would like to underwrite a major part or all of this operation for a full year, please do not hesitate to contact me for a private consultation.

However, with this rapidly growing database, if everyone that has the financial means to do so can contribute just $5 or $10 a month or $50 or $100 one time annually, we can begin to move this operation into high gear. Most people can save the $5 or $10 from one family trip to the fast food restaurant or movies. If you would do so, please send your gift to:

Stop the ACLU Coalition
6000 S. Central, #8
Chicago, IL 60638

For various reasons, we have temporarily moved the ability to pay via Pay Pal off the web site. We will put it back up eventually. However, if you are interested in donating monthly or one time thru the Pay Pal route, let me know and I will give you the necessary information. Thank you.


If this web site and cause means something to you, won't you take the time and share it with at least one person who does not know we're here - whether it be someone in your address book, a family or friend, a co-worker, someone you work out with or even someone who doesn't yet have Internet access? We could double the subscription base right away if each one would reach one.

And for that someone who doesn't have Internet access and can't get to the local library, please help him or her do so.

Thank you for your patience in reading this long e-mail and thank you for your support of this cause.

For America's Future and Ours,

Nedd Kareiva, Director
Stop the ACLU Coalition

P.S. An article was just forwarded to me before I sent this out concerning the ACLU of Florida and their ties with the Florida Supreme Court. I will post this on the web site sometime this week with some commentary but for the story on it, click here. Florida supporters, demand your state's legislature address this matter and impeach the justices responsible for this.

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