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  • ME : No PM blogging, was too drunk :)
  • KERRY180 : It is time, once again, to ask Kerry about his AWOL info

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  • Iraq :
  • ... 7 Marines KIA
    ... Infection spreading?
  • Islamofascism : Nuke strike in US by this weekend?? ... "American Hiroshima" on August 6th?
    (that will be the 60yr anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing)
    "It is as if Bin Laden started by scheduling 'American Hiroshima' for 8-6-2005
    and then worked backwards to arrive at 9-11-2001 as the precursor," he speculates
    ... or maybe on the preceding Friday? Or, not at all. Developing.
  • UK-07.21.2005 : 2 more arrests! ... "20 people are still in police custody"

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  • AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : SCA Interviews Jay of Stop the ACLU!
  • Islamofascism :
  • ... 'Humiliation and contempt for more than 80 years' ... History of extremism, and the roots thereof
    ... Word Search of Incitement ... containing such gems as :
    Iraqi City where scores of Muslims die everyday [sic] from civil
    strife that started as a result of the US invasion (7) — Baghdad
    ... how touching; and in my own home state! ... found via Northern Virginiastan
    ... 'Why Terrorism is Successful Today' ... reactive vs proactive, and money!
    ... Anti-Americanism in Academia
  • Non-Islamic Terrorism : More on the homegrown terrorists ... like "ELF", "ALF" ... and PETA, and GreenPeace
  • Gangs : 500 arrests! ... only ~8500 more to go; and let's count the convictions / deportations
  • Iran : 10 years form Nuke? ... "it is a reflection on the leakers"
    ... SuperHawk Rick has more!
  • Employers : 'If you want loyalty, get a dog'
  • UselessNations :
  • ... Coleman say US should keep the Internet ... "management that was at best, incompetent, and at worst corrupt"
    ... Trump wants to fix their HQ
    ... UN Staff respond to Bolton's appointment
  • Shuttle : In-flight repairs ... "he'll tug out the ceramic-fabric filler with his gloved hands. If that doesn't work ..."
  • Conservatives : The Most Annoying ones ... I didn't get polled :( ... found via Black5
  • Carnival of the Clueless : #8 is up! ... while at it, check out Raven's linkfest as well
  • Govt Waste : Top Ten Most Harmful Government Programs ... all the biggies are there, go read it!
  • Pennsylvania : More on the Legislature's recent raise ... :
    16 percent to 34 percent, on top of the 5.2 percent cost-of-living pay hike
    In Pennsylvania, the base compensation for state legislators after this latest pay grab ranges from $81,050 to $145,553, not counting the free cars, gas, generous defined-benefit pensions, fully paid prescription coverage, free dental and vision insurance, free parking, "walking around money," fully paid life insurance and long-term care insurance, expense accounts, and the no-receipt $128 daily reimbursement for every day the Legislature is in session, whether the legislator spends the money or not
    77 days per year
    ... that is criminal (literally, they had to find a loophole to make it happen!)
    ... and that is 18-36% more than my last raise!
  • Elevators : hack it to get there faster? ... hold "Door Close" and hit the Floor button .. hmm ...
  • Actors : Jimmy Stewart, Commie Hunter!
  • Laws : When AntiTrust legal wrangling stops benefiting the consumer ... :
    EC, whatever else it is doing, is not protecting consumers
  • Cancer : Nanotube + Folates + Near-Infrared light = burns cancer
  • China : A pre-revolutionary environment ... "Communist ideology has been discarded, with nothing else replacing it"
  • Left : 'Democrats of the World: Untie!' ... :
    This question is both a threat and a promise. If the Republicans face a weak opposition which is philosophically alveolate and inchoate, then expect party discipline to slacken (see also, Bill Frist). And if other traditionally Democratic groups go the same route, we will see a party realizing what it means to be politically accountable.
    ... I am a little less pessimistic about this, but valid concerns nonetheless!
  • SCO v World : Novell "swings for the fences" ... "SCO could be in for a world of hurt in both lawsuits"
  • MS : Employee Dan McKay wins "Worlds Worst Writer 2005" ... I wonder if he writes their error messages, or is a coder?
  • Parkinson's : Amphetamines relieve symptoms?
  • DNA : Frees Thomas A. Doswell after 19 years in jail for a rape he didn't commit ... :
    When he was convicted, he was 25 and the father of two young children
  • Carter : GMR found some people who don't like Jimmy ... :
    Shut up, go home and let adults handle the world.
    You tried, you messed it up, and others have taken your place.
  • Robots : Journey - 6 wheels, offroad, autonomous, climbs stairs ... lots of video over there!
  • Apple : +Trusted Computing ... -Customers?
  • Data Center : Lee got taken out by lightning ... and could use some help ($)
  • Wireless : MIT making it cheaper?
  • Moon : Manned trip by 2018? ... cool! (Hi Rodney!)
  • How To / Firefox : Make a toolbar extension!
  • MS : IE7 will fail the ACID2 test
  • Active Camo : Demonstration (video)
  • Networking : Good asst of calculators ... in case you can't do it in your head :)
  • MilBlogger Wounded : CPT Charles Ziegenfuss recovering, meets W ... could use some help as well!
  • "Global Warming" : 'What Cicerone left unsaid' ... :
    variations in solar luminosity or the frequency of major volcanic emissions could
    have contributed to the irregular rate of warming ... cannot be excluded
  • Disease : Pig disease (Streptococcus suis type II) spreading human to human in China?
  • Air America : More on their theft of $800k ... and still no media coverage, interesting
  • Movies : "The real stealth here is the stealth with which a stupid movie gets past our critical defenses ... "
  • Smokers : Exposing teens to smoke encourages "excess belly fat" ... +"heart disease, stroke and diabetes"
  • A Story, bit by bit : ... "The organization and the crime" : Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5...
  • DaisyCutter brings us a "hypothetical" journey :
    This DC exclusive mini-series is inspired by those contend that Pres. Bush is a “war criminal, that the Iraq War is “illegal”, “unjust”, “the wrong war at the wrong time”, “ill-advised”, etc., but nonetheless claim they “support our troops.” This series is fictional, but it is based upon current events. Any resemblance between any character herein and/or between current world events is not designed to impugn the patriotism of any Leftist … as we know that the Left loves the military, “supports the troops” and it is completely outlandish to even imply otherwise.
    ... having said that, and without further adieu : Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 ... truly amazing, and to be continued!

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  • Islamofascism : An answer!
  • Helen Thomas :
  • ... Goomba must marry me or I'll kill myself!
    ... Dick is running!
  • Oil : Fahd burial boosts oil reserves ... :
    The Islamic monarch is perhaps best remembered for his funding of progressive Wahabbi Muslim schools which helped to train 15 of the aeronautical theologians who attempted to teach Americans a lesson on September 11, 2001.
    ... found via Beezy ... who also found :
  • Old School Computing : 3min MP3 = 40k+ punchcards!
  • Picture Manipulation : Hack your face? ... wanna see what you would look like black? (If you aren't already, that is)
  • GoreTV : Someone (cough) watched it, and you should see this! ... found via you_know_who
  • UselessNations : Some uses for the UN building

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