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  • NIF : Might be a light blogation day ... oh, and thanks for the random title
  • Tuesday : Let's reflect on Kerry, his AWOL 180 and his betrayal of his brothers-in-arms

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  • Iraq : More on the killing of Abu Azzam, al Qaeda's #2 man in Iraq
    ... 22 bodies found ... "blindfolded with their hands tied together"
  • Afghanistan : Election results trickling in ... and Interior Minister Jalali resigning
  • Katrina / Rita : More updates on Rita's damage ... death toll reaches 9 (as 5 die from CO poisoning) ... condolences
    ... Refineries faired better than expected, so no $5 gas
  • Ireland : IRA's disarmament != political power?
    ... IRA not disarmed?
  • Economy : New home sales drop ~10%, but prices rise
  • SCOTUS : Anna Nicole in on the way ... trying to re-steal $474M ($89M was simply not enough!)

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  • Health : H5N1 spreading in Eurasia ... past time to take it seriously, especially in Jakarta
    ... Nifty wrist/forearm exercise gadget ... found via Smoke Eater ... sposda' be good for Carpal Tunnel, etc.
  • Islamofascism : "Ansar al-Sunna finds 'Safe Haven' in Sweden" ... super secret site here ... help expose it!
    ... EU should say no to Turkey
    ... Pakistani President Perez Musharraf waffling on OBL's capture
    ... CAIR pushing Congress to recognize Ramadan ... um, no
    ... US waffling on Muqtada al-Sadr ... and what is a Muttcatarrh?
    ... Marine, injured by IED, has a message for his attackers ... found via Argghhh
  • SCOTUS / Roberts : "Democrats may have finally discovered that the longer they fought against Roberts, the more ridiculous and partisan they appeared"
  • MSM : NYT admits lying ... but not printing retraction ... WTF?
    ... As usual, the MSM blames others when they are caught lying
  • Crawfordstock : "Peace rallies serve THE INSURGENTS. Protesting the war is NOT 'supporting the troops'"
  • Katrina / Rita : FEMA's Brown responds ... primarily blames NO for failing to follow their own plan
    ... Misappropriation of relief funds, by Sheehan/Moore/"Veterans for Peace"
    ... Peter Porcupine directs us to Pork-by-state ... monies that could be MUCH better spent!
    ... NOPD : '249 officers left posts' ... and 700 failed to report at all? ... the word is "disgraceful"
    ... ' Hurricannibalism' ... will common sense prevail over State-greed?
  • AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Court Zero's excellent video on what the ACLU is, and wants ... found viaSTACLU
    ... "Their attacks on Christianity aren't designed to eradicate Christianity, per se" ... but, but ...
    ... Las Cruces under attack for, of course, their crosses ... ACL surely to get involved?
  • Prayer Request : A heart has been found for Drunken Samurai's daughter
  • Organ Transplant : Bribery works; gets St. Vincent hospital in hot water ... happened in 2003, UNOS just found out
  • Abortion : This is why elections matter! ... partial birth abortion ban reinstatement (finally)!
  • Oil : Saudi says we have enough oil, need more refineries
  • Left : Kos doing something scary?
    ... Protesters lie ... media darling Jeb Eddy; TheArtist points us to more here
    ... More protest pics ... and some excellent commentary!
    ... More uglypics
    ... BillReal IndianBradford being punished for not supporting Ward lying, plagiarizing, fake Indian Churchill
    ... Hillary, et al intimidated Bill's "other women" ... "maintain power at any cost"
    ... Hillary lied to us repeatedly?
    ... Byrd announces he is running again ... one last chance for WVa'ians to make it right
    ... Someone made contact ... "the U. S. is a terrorist state" etc., etc.
  • Anarchist : A moral question WRT "primalwar" ... scary stuff!
  • Right : BethMac wants us to remember our values ... and, FTR, she he is far above average!
    ... Let's talk strategy, and what we are doing wrong ... "Reagan's 11th Commandment"
    ... Some thoughts on loyalty ...
    ... In search of a real Conservative ... and why did it take a disaster to bring this about??
    ... McCain trying to have a virtual transformation as well?
  • Computing : MS released preview of Acrylic
    ... Apple screwed you with the Nano?
    ... More on iPod Nano scratchability
    ... Your iPod Nano needs an Invisible Shield!
  • Internet : Did Google steal Gmail?
    ... Google turns 7, fixes Video Search
  • Gaming : Halo 3 - "PS3 is dead" ... ? ... should be interesting!
  • InfoSec : (ISC)2 teaming with IP Events for Free CPEs
    ... Cisco upping their Net Defense options ... "Distributed Threat Mitigation" to help stop 0day sploits?
  • "Global Warming" : "How can you tell when a political ideology has become the equivalent of a religion?"
  • Space : Mars colony by ~2025 ... private group 4Frontiers trying to raise $25M ... sweet!
    ... ESA taking a Don Quijote approach to asteroid deflection
  • ID : Some (more) thoughts on ID ... and read the comments ... and read this as well! ... and Harvey isn't so sure
    ... More here, + legal stupidity
    ... Trial ongoing about the teaching of ID in Dover
  • Israel : A lost tribe, coming home soon? ... Bnei Menashe converting after 2700 years in exile
    ... To the loser go the spoils?
  • Homosexuals : This is the sort of behavior that causes them to be discriminated against!
  • Crime : "Cool Rapist + Drug Supplier Mom" now involved in questionable accident ... put her in jail already!
    ... Macon Republican David Graves claiming he is above the law ... trying to avoid a DWI
    ... Alcohol makes women (ahem) pliable ... is that really a newsflash?
    ... RIAA loses!
    ... Atlanta "Courthouse Shooter" hostage talked about God, shared Meth ... the latter part just came out
  • Automobiles : Car thieves/vandals get their picture taken
    ... More incentives to buy hybrids, alternative fuel vehicles ... I still like the H2N-Gen idea a lot!
  • Education : 'Ivory Cower' ... what is broke in our education system, found via (and MANY more comments from) Dr. Sanity ...
    More importantly, we have lost sight of what university presidents are supposed to be. Their first allegiance ought to be to honesty and truth, not campus orthodoxy masquerading as intellectual bravery amid a supposedly reactionary society. In a world of intellectual integrity, Robert Birgeneau would ask, "Why are Asians excelling, and what can Berkeley do to encourage emulation of their success by other ethnic groups?" Denice Denton might wonder whether open hiring, monitored by affirmative action officers, applies to university staff or only those who are not associates of the president. President Hoffman would decry Ward Churchill's crass behavior and order a complete review of affirmative action and the politicized nature of hiring, retention, and tenure practices at Colorado
  • Military Profile : Supply Sergeants ... sorry I missed much of this series of posts!
  • Bloggers : Want to participate in the Carnival of TRUE Civil Liberties?
    ... Carnival of Classiness including 2 TWAers - Rick and TMH
    ... BOTV, ZeroBoss's cranky edition ... featuring TWAer TMH (yes, again - whatever!)
    ... Win money by being #15k ... found via GM
  • Serenity : Black5's review ... I am seeing it Thursday, free baby!

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  • Crawfordstock : 'Cindy Sheehan Arrested, Forced to Live Indoors'
    ... Sheehan's rouge reproductive entrance eats officer's hand
    ... Sheehan arrested, sent to GITMO
    ... "The roundup of all those who dissent against Bush and the war in Iraq has begun" ... snowball trajectory may be off
  • ID : Dover lawyer eats Defense Counsel ... "survival of the fittest", indeed!
  • Katrina / Rita : T SHIRTS - "Flash Me for Food and Water"
    ... 'Race of ƜberBlacks believed to have survived Katrina'
    ... Gore demands body recount
  • Multiculturalism : Engrish!
  • Celebrity(ies) : Demi arrested ... "Trouble began early when Moore almost married the ring bearer"

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  • Celebrity(ies) (Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell) :
    This is a very good day for lying drug-abusing prima donnas who want to have their cake with the media, and the right to then shamelessly guzzle it with their Cristal champagne
    --thanks TSG!

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    Stop the ACLU
    Stop the ACLU

    Sheehan arrested
    Macs Mind

    North American Patriot
    ... found via TMG

  • Sources / Bloggie Linkfests: Basil-AM, STACLU, JC, CO, Basil-Noon, OTB, TBIFOC, Basil-PM

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