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It's Monday again, so it's time for our weekly blogburst! Here's Part 2 of our series (and our second Blogburst post) on illegal immigration from Mustang, who blogs over at Social Sense and graciously agreed to a reprint of his articles.

Dear President Fox,

A recent article by Reuter's reported that you are disappointed with recent U. S. measures to stem the flow of illegal immigrants, calling it a “step back” for bilateral relations. You have been quoted as saying that Mexican migrants do jobs “that not even blacks want to do.”

Assuming that you were not discussing Labrador retrievers, may I just say what a clever diplomat you are in making such a disparaging remark about African Americans. But that really isn't the point of this letter. I must tell you that you and I have very similar sentiments with regard to our immigration policy — I’m not happy with it either. The difference is that I pay taxes in the United States so that your people can be employed, fed, clothed, educated, healed, and prosecuted. What I keep hoping will happen is:

(a) The government of Mexico will begin to develop a society that incorporates every segment of the population so that a large portion (the poorest) will not be coming to the United States in the first place, or alternatively

(b) I will receive a check or draft drawn on the Bank of Mexico made out to me personally, which reimburses me for the taxes I've paid to take care of your people. I can provide you with an accurate accounting of these expenses if you wish.

Just so that you understand—this is not an issue of racial or ethnic bias. As you know, many Hispanic peoples have made a substantial contribution to all that is good about the United States of America. This issue is simply one involving your inability, or your unwillingness, to take care of YOUR citizens.

I am hesitant to infer that you do not care about the people of Mexico, because such an assumption would imply the worst kind of dishonesty. Can you imagine wanting to be president only to enrich yourself at the expense of your own citizens? Rather, it is likely that you are simply unaware of the circumstances in Mexico that drive so many of your people toward the northern border. If you will please leave a comment (below) and include your email address, I will send you an in-depth analysis of the problem, and suggestions about how you can best serve the people of Mexico.

Meanwhile, hoping that you will refrain from disparaging our people of color in the future, I look forward to either helping you square this problem away, or the arrival of your check as discussed above.

Sincerely yours,

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