Labor Day Weekend

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  • Katrina : Continued prayers to all of those caught up in the wake & clean-up, and to everyone else - please give
    Contact info for military families displaced by Katrina (also a great collection of Military-related news releases)
    Info for Guard families impacted by the storm.
    Info for getting deployed Guard members in touch with their families
    Greyhawk of the Mudville Gazette has compiled these resources here
  • Bloggers : The latest Watcher's Council ... featuring TWA friends (Dr Sanity, Rick) and others (Rusty) ... but read them all!
  • NIF : Yet another Limited Blogation Weekend! SO have a party while I am gone, comment or trackback at will!
    ...and being the nice buy that I am, I will even create a link to you since my trackbacks don't get auto-listed ...

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  • In memory of: Chief Justice Rehnquist, dead at 80 ... a great man, a great Chief Justice
  • Katrina : Door to door searches underway in NO ... and some people are trying to stay? WTF??
    ... Damage may total $100B
    ... HiRes pics ... want to check on your house? Ace
    ... Relief workers, helicopters being shot at ... WTF?? ... "it is not unbelievable but it is unforgivable"
    ... Louisiana Governor - "Shoot to kill" ... excellent!
    ... IEA releasing 2M barrels per day for 30 days
    ... SuperDome should be emptied NLT tonight
    ... Early morning explosions!
    ... More uninformed questions regarding troop strength
    ... And Robbins has the answer to those baseless allegations ... found via TMG
    ... Death Toll in Louisiana could hit 10k! ... unbelievable
    ... Major oil spill on Mississippi river
    ... How To, and how NOT to, build a refugee camp ... found via BoingBoing
    ... A bush saved 14 police officers ... found via MPJ
    ... Mayor firing up his blamethrower
    ... Fed responds ... (+ lots of other details)
    ... Bush agrees results are not up to par
    ... It was a tragedy ... and remember the definition of the word tragedy!
    ... Govt needs to relax regulations! ... EPA = good example / start, but gas taxes should also be relaxed!
    ... Hellish Chaos ... Hastert questions rebuild-ability
    ... Economic ripple
    ... "most of the region's refineries remain shut and its offshore platforms unmanned"
    ... The failed levee had recently been upgraded
  • Iran : More evidence of nuclear intentions ... duh
  • Cali : State Senate approves same-sex marriage bill
  • UselessNations : Another Russian diplomat indicted ... Vladimir Kuznetsov

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  • Katrina : Thoughts on our newfound vulnerability ... two words : Be Prepared!
    ... More "Be Prepared" here ... excellent stuff!
    ... Liveblogging New Orleans ... and ER doing it as well!
    ... Clinton (verbally) smacks CNN's Suzanne Malveaux ... typical partisan media!
    ... Chrenkoff rounds up stupid, partisan statements
    ... "Didn’t take long for the race baiters, class warriors, and economic determinists ..." ... good job, Rick!
    ... More Bush-bashing here ... "have finally come to see my country for what it really is. A monstrous fraud" ... such ignorance, partisanship
    ... JCB knows who is to blame
    ... Blame Mayor Nagin!
    ... "Why didn't Nagin do more to evacuate the city?"
    ... Nagin is Bus Hitler
    ... Blaming Bush, but for a different reason! ... excellent post ... logistics!
    ... Town was already ripe for collapse ... I didn't realize how bad the crime their was!
    ... When moral levees break ... looting should have been expected
    ... FEMA head did not expect looting?!
    ... Speaking of the best in people : Scrappleface wants you to meet the "Southern Baptist Disaster Relief"
    ... "End Times are here"?
    ... Some thoughts here ... tragedy, forecasts, planning, perspective, "Global Warming"
    ... "Bad is easier but Good is stronger"
    ... AntiAmericanism in Germany
    ... Cisco ponying up
  • Islamofascism : Smart people, bad ideas ... "people with a truly mad ideology will soon have their own nukes"
  • Crawfordstock : Cindy hates YOU
  • Economics : ECB trimming forecast, due to oil ... Katrina not exactly helping
    ... Investing in a post-Enron/WorldCom world ... diversify, etc.
    ... Boeing machinists strike ... unions to kill company?
    THIS IS BAD - If Boeing does go under, the US will have a strategic and economic problem WRT our
    airplane manufacturing capability (civilian and military). Airbus must be happy!

    ... Delta stock fell below $1 (briefly)
  • Iraq : In memory of Corporal Starr ...
    I don't regret going, everybody dies but few get to do it for something as important as freedom. It may seem confusing why we are in Iraq, it's not to me. I'm here helping these people, so that they can live the way we live. Not have to worry about tyrants or vicious dictators. To do what they want with their lives. To me that is why I died. Others have died for my freedom, now this is my mark.
    ... Boots is coming home, and shares some observations ... also found via B5
  • Able Danger : More witnesses ... 9/11 Commission loses yet more credibility
  • AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Druids vs Cops ... ACLU pulls for Druids. Best wishes for Tony Stewart
  • Illegal Immigration : The govt has given up?
  • Energy : Why the apparent shortage of oil? ... and a link to this, 'Anything Into Oil'!
  • Rumsfeld : A peek inside ... found via B5
  • GITMO : Hunger Strike, "detainees are idiots"
  • Left : Planned Parenthood to the rescue ... swooping into action with the oh-so-important contraceptive airlift!
    ... "Not totalitarian by accident" ... wow, lots to process!
    ... More "Blame Bush" ... think he is happy when people die
    ... More on the Blame Bush First crowd ... psychosis
    ... Moore speaks, MoLWL is there to respond
    ... Reveling in Katrina's horrors
    ... Poll results, and thoughts
    ... Undermining our national security for decades
  • Right : Some Conservatives are (rightfully) upset at Bush, McLellan ... for not getting the right message out enough!
  • Intellectual Property : "Public Domain" dying ... thanks RIAA, MPAA, SCO
  • Gaming : More XBOX360 info ... wireless, cool
    ... Games to integrate XBOX360-specific features
  • Internet : Cisco's CRS-1 has a customer!
    ... 24mbps ADSL is here ... well, there (UK) ... whatever
    ... Firefox, Opera, etc. make cyber-sleuthing harder? ... and that can be a good thing!
  • Hacking : IOS vulnerable since 2001? ... not good
    ... DVD Jon repeats DeCSS performance, breaks WMP
  • Deal : 300GB HDD for $130 ... SATA150, 7200RPM, 16MB cache
  • Robots : Build your own ... Mindstorm is for p0s3rz!
  • Pennsylvania : More on the state legislature's money grab
  • Poland : In memory on September first ... in 1938, Hitler started bombing
  • Global Warming : "Public debate on air pollution continues to confuse regulatory arcana with actual emissions"
  • Genetics : Y chromosome not dying out
    ... We are not part Neanderthal
  • Health : Olive Oil is damned good for you
    ... Ebola threatens gorillas, chimps!
    ... Smoking in movies means you are unsavory, not cool ... despite the "Hollywood is glamorizing smoking" tripe
  • Space : Men to Mars by 2020?
  • Relationships : Its the little things you miss ... found via B5
  • Pray : Emily needs a new heart ... and you can donate money too! ... found via MadTech

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  • OOTS : #216 ... sweet reach+AOO combo, but watch out for the fast stop at the end of the fall!
  • Katrina : W speech imperils thousands
  • FDA : No "Plan B" for Susan F. Wood
  • TTLB : PuppyBlender striking back at Malkin
  • Football : College ball is gay, NFL is gayer, and some relevant politics ... (true'ish)
  • Bloggers : Sobek interviews WuzzaDem ... and Clippy makes an appearance!
  • Crime : Subway Spanker caught! ... 4 days after pic released! (true)
  • NSFW : Schadenfreude's Thursday Diversion(s!)

  • Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny Quote(s) of the Day * Closing

    Quick Thoughts * News * Interesting * Funny * Quote(s) of the Day Closing
    Help fight diabetes, sponsor Connor
    Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Intl

    ... found via jcrue

    NO needs Deuce 4 - the Punishers
    Day by Day

    NO - more looting
    Cox & Forkum

    Air Force Aid Society, help Keesler AFB

    Found via... TMG

    Donate to the American Red Cross
    American Red Cross

    Third World County

    Wars prevented by the UN

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