Happy Day-after Thanksgiving

Enjoy the shopping. Or something. I'll be staying home, kthx.

Oh, and I thought I would share these Thanksgiving thoughts I, from a colleague at work:
On a final note, every culture takes a moment to reflect on life’s abundances. While Thanksgiving as a commercial holiday is rather uniquely American, the idea is universal. Whether you’re having a huge family get together or going to a sports bar with a couple of people, take some time to reflect on the abundances in your life. We all tend to think more about the things we don’t have and want versus the things we do have. Think about the families in Bangladesh, the conditions of the institutionalized in Serbia, the orphans in Africa or even the hungry in America and give thanks for all that you do have.
Indeed - if you can read this you have atleast a few things to be thankful for and are blessed beyond belief, whatever challenges you face daily.

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