The IPv6 Year in Review

If anyone is still here (I mean, I hardly am!), I decided to make a blog post ... over there --> The IPv6 Year in Review

... and this now mean that I, technically, made a blog post here this year. Sure, only one and on the last day possible, but still ...


Not the best way to end a month ... a letter from HR saying:

(And I quote, with just the company name elided:)
Due to legal action recently taken against {my employer} by a governmental authority, beyond our control, {my employer} is unable to continue normal operations. {my employer} will try to reverse the adverse effects of this action as quickly as possible.

However, in light of these developments, {my employer} is terminating the services of its employees and consultants effective today, May 31, 2011. We are making every effort to place you with an appropriate successor to minimize the disruption of the performance of your services and we will keep you advised of developments. For those of you on H-1B visas and Greencard processing we will work with the immigration attorneys to ensure a smooth transition to other potential employers.

If you are in a billable assignment, to provide continuous support to the clients, you are requested to work directly with them and identify means to continue to work on the project. We will encourage the other entities to facilitate that transition. For non-billable employees, ADP will send the COBRA information for health insurance, and we will keep you posted on developments.

We thank you for your cooperation and your past service to {my employer}.


Human Resources
{my employer}
Publicly available info here ... see what I did there?


Once again ...

It is with some regret (no hard feelings for C2!), and a lot of excitement, that I am changing employment again. Technically, I am unemployed right now - I took the whole weekend off between jobs!

I am now (well, as of tomorrow AM) a Principle Network Engineer with
TechnoDyne, and will also be working closely with TechnoDyneUniversity - their training arm. Wish me luck!

As always - if you have any IPv6 questions drop me a shout.
IPv6 is the only real exception to my "I don't like talking" rule ...



Man, it seems like - lately - the guy that runs this blog only posts on holidays, about IPv6 or when he is changing jobs.

No holiday today, and no IPv6 in this post ... Hmm.

(sidenote - this is also a test post from the Android Blogger app ... :)  )


IPv4, we have hit the first brick wall

With 5 simple lines:
102/8 AfriNIC 2011-02 whois.afrinic.net ALLOCATED
103/8 APNIC 2011-02 whois.apnic.net ALLOCATED
104/8 ARIN 2011-02 whois.arin.net ALLOCATED
179/8 LACNIC 2011-02 whois.lacnic.net ALLOCATED
185/8 RIPE NCC 2011-02 whois.ripe.net ALLOCATED

IPv4, at the IANA level, is gone. All used up. Kaput. Actually, we could sum it up in one line, from Leo Vegoda(ICANN):
"There are no more unallocated unicast IPv4 /8s in the IANA IPv4 Address Space Registry."

(You did watch th announcement @ NRO, yes?)

So, what does this mean? Hopefully it is a sign to you that you need to start getting up to speed on IPv6.
Because whether or not you are, your competition - and customers - are.

On an only-tangentially related note, if you didn't make it to ShmooCon2011 you can watch the presentations online!
Check out Mudge's @ YouTube.
The tangentially-related part is about treading water ... and how it is important, but how you must do more than just tread water.


So, it is a new year ...

I am a simple man, with simple desires - here is what I want for this year:

Android Devices (running Android 2.3 (phone) or 3.0 (tablet), or later of course), in both phone and tablet forms, both with IPv6 connectivity via LTE (Yes, only really interested in Verizon Wireless 4G until someone can provide better connectivity), running Video-capable Skype (which also needs IPv6 capability!) ... with no OEM skins (or ones that are readily removed).

Note: I like some of what I see coming from CES :).

Extending this past end of year, I want a real-time heads-up-display for my glasses (or car windshield) ... tracking eye movement, able to zoom in what I am looking at based on triggered requests, and able to tell me what it says / means or who it is. Which would probably be do-able first in an Android powered device, which I think I am just fine with :).

PS - For the sake of completeness, I guess I should add in all the usual, health, happiness, continued employment and a faster car. Maybe toss in world peace, socio-economic stabilization (followed by improvement) and widespread (by which I mean "almost literally everywhere") implementation of IPv6.

PPS - One more thing, should be pretty simple. I want HULU to stop being asinine (by which I mean stop blocking GoogleTV). I don't really care if this happens because HULU fixes it, or if Google does ... just do it.


Change in scenery ...

I hear someone is leaving their employer soon.
Like, "the end of this week" soon.

Hint: It's me. Stay tuned!

PS - this poor, defenseless (& of-late, mostly ignored) little blog turned 6 earlier this month. Happy Blogiversary!
PPS - Memorial Day (Weekend) Party this Sunday, noon, my place. If you know me/us you are invited!