Earth gets brighter. Are we cooling after all?
Mr 'No Controlling Legal Authority' (i.e. - Al Gore) is MAD
... but right-thinking people don't care!
... they REALLY don't care. Which is good, because Al is whacked.
... Rush disagrees with Gore. But don't take that to mean Gore is correct!
Economy = rising.
But so is the water. ~2000 die in Caribbean
GI's getting Drain Bamage.
... and having a bullet shortage too.
Finally, federal spending CUTS coming
Obese kids ... Like a 3yr old dying from obesity kind of fat.
The Governator is damn popular.
Next step: Photon Torpedoes
State assisted suicide is legal, but only in Oregon.
If you are underage - don't drink & pizza
Divorce (and sue) the ugly ho.
Pickup lines, possibly all used by Mr. Mike Gatewood.
Create your own religion!
Cheney to run sans-Bush
Ugly so-called Lesbians ruining it for the rest of us.
Moore popular with spineless jellyfish. You know, like the French.
id10t's are everywhere.
Go here, have fun.
BONUS: What to feed a German Shepherd Dog ... selling a book.
BONUS: What to feed a German Shepherd Dog ... selling food.
Oh yeah ... and waffles!!! Confused?... read yesterdays entry.


Moore lies
Want to get Booed off stage? Rant politics during a graduation speach
Wacko Jacko might flee ... duh
The power of the atom ... to stop global warming
Saudis (finalyl) bring home the oil ... maybe
Cars sink. In fact, 4000 of them just did.
Making home movies
Shocker - the Media is liberal. Except for Fox news. So, watch Fox
Windows is a Security Nightmare. Their words, not mine!
MS to require somethign extra of employees
Bush wore white hood while planning war
if we just get rid of all them there Jews, Negroes, Roman Catholics, Yankees and other un-Christian people
Gasoline hits $30billion per gallon
========================================== News:
Bad News ... US (reportedly) mistakenly kills 40 Iraqi's
Taiwan shakes ... 6.5!
BMP-based virus ... not such good news!
4 Arrests made in connection with Nich Berg beheading
Kerry waffles some more, but gas is still too expensive
No release of oil reserves
Hacker have access to Financial Institutions ... ack.
Fewer missiles for Syria ... so sad
========================================== Interesting:
Venus-eclipses sun - June 8th
Amateurs reach space
Billionaire liberal just keeps going
PC Gasming console ... maybe
Wireless security isn't just for thsoe with wireless networks
Swarm of robots to defend Earth Free SCP + SFTP tool for Windows
Unsolved codes
========================================== Funny:
Chappelle already did 'wife swap', now ABC will too
11 Computer Guides that you'll never see
Fight terror with terror
Only I, Ted Kennedy, can behave like that!
Muslims are finally getting down to kicking some serious infidel ass
It is your patriotic duty to call in sick!
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