* Bush : Bold & Decisive ... and RNC to focus on domestic issues tonight ... maybe we can FINALLY get the whole Vietnam thing to stay where it belongs; in the past! (let's see if Kerry will let that happen, probably not - since he's got nothing else to stand on!)
* Frances still on track to hit FLA EOW ... meanwhile, Gaston apparently hit Richmond pretty hard
* Far Right not so happy with GOP
* Elder Bush speaks on younger Bush
* Pro-GOP Jews
* Rudy on Kerry
* Economy is strong ... calling it a blast-off might be a bit extreme/premature though ... or maybe not - this article uses the word miracle!
* Thoughts on what the President's Agenda might look like for the next 4 years ... let's hope he gets the chance, according to this poll Bush is pulling ahead ... and according to Democratic Strategists Bush is making advances as well.
* Someone who questions BOTH Bush & Kerry ... still a liberal who is spouting off adjectives without backing them up. The first paragraph alone is riddled with 10 incorrect statements.
* Russia hit (by terrorist, presumably) again ... while Palestinian revenge bombing in Israel

* Dog gives birth to kitten ... or, local yokel wants attention ...
*Moore NOT returning to RNC .... HAHAHAH
* Doctor has cloned a baby from DEAD CELLS ... FrankenBaby? ... THIS raises some SERIOUS moral & legal issues. Is the Dr responsible for child support? He has also cells from dead adults. Scary, but definitely interesting!
* Plastic Magnets
* OIL below $42
* Male brain vs Female brain ... all because of ONE GENE? ... in fact, due to testosterone. God Bless testosterone :).
* MULTI-Channel RAID for SATA ... never lose data again? Hi Chris!
* Get a grip on Antimatter ... wouldn't that hurt just a bit?
* Smallest Atomic Clock Ever
* Bush is the candidate for change?
* Suggestions for Bush/GOP to make a real difference ... and to greatly differentiate the good guys from the bad guys :).
* From poverty to prosperity ... "The American dream is to become rich, not to punish them".
* Moore gets BOOed, and other cool unscripted happenings at the RNC ... as opposed to the strict, somber DNC? ... More on Moore
* Benefits of the Dividend tax cut .. thanks Bush!
* How a higher minimum wage makes poverty worse
* Thoughts on al-Sistani's fatwa
* Full-Body CT scans ... bad for you (cancer risk)

... too busy to post Funnies.
... unless you count the GOP handing out purple band-aids as funny ... I sure do!!
... Or the EU claiming it won the Olympics ... the entire EU, not any one nation ... otherwise (of course) the USA 'won'. This 'failed Italian politician' also hopes athletes display EU flag instead on / alongside their own nation's.
... or a look at "Kerry's core supporters"
* FINE ... here's one:
- Little David was in his 4th grade class when the teacher asked the
children what their fathers did for a living.
All the typical answers came up : fireman, policeman, salesman,
doctor, lawyer, etc.
- David was being uncharacteristically quiet, so the teacher asked
him about his father.
- "My father's an exotic dancer in a gay cabaret and takes off all
his clothes in front of other men and they put money in his
underwear. Sometimes, if the offer is really good, he will go home
with some guy and make love with him for money. "
- The teacher, obviously shaken by this statement, hurriedly set the
other children to work on some exercises and took little David
aside to ask him "Is that really true about your father?"
- "No," said David, "He works for the Democratic National Committee
to elect John Kerry, but I was too embarrassed to say that in
front of the other kids."
.... thanks Aaron, hope you don't mind I modified it :P


News: ... OIL
*RNC hits NYC (note the Dems that are voting Red this year!)! Big party, lots of protesters. w00t!
* Bush on Terror ... and McCain on Bush
* Clinton speaks out (against Bush, duh), while left-wing nut jobs continue the ad hominem attacks ... proving the old saying, if you can't refute the statements just attack the person making them :).
* Consumer Spending UP ... that's good, BTW.
* Iraq pipeline hit AGAIN
* (Dark) Chocolate is good for your Heart! ... obesity still bad. Speaking of obesity, this drug makes (?) you lose 10% of your body weight
* Democratic Senate Minority Leader Daschle trying to court Conservative voters? ... let's hope this FAILS!
* Taleban threatens more hostilities ... let's keep the pressure on them!
* Intel to shrink transistors by 30%?? ... more power to Moore (Gordon, not Michael!) ... More here - it is 65nm process technology! ... Intel stock still down :(
* Oil @ $42- ... ... getting closer, get it back down to $35 and I'll be MUCH happier!

* Prepare to hear massive amounts of double-standards in the media this week ... expect FOX's ratings to go EVEN HIGHER as people seek less partisan reporting.
* Kerry's daughters BOOed at MTV! ... HAHAHAH, Vote Bush - his daughters are throwing parties!
* Human brain produces its own anti-psychotic drug?
* Some thoughts on Heart Disease
* So far, France not bowing down to terrorists ... the controversial head-scarf ban stays in effect.
* This mouse has a fricking laser!
* Some thoughts on why the RNC chose NYC ... and on the decline of the Democratic party in general.
* Genesis returning with payload
* When your AIDS test comes back positive, get a retest!
* Lube makes your HARD drive LONGER and FASTER ... well, it helps drives of the future so they are able to go faster. get all picky why-don't-you.
* Wild winter this year ...as FARK says, here is the pseudo-science!
* Mrs Kim Jong Il dead? ... did the 'smite' request miss her husband on accident?
* NYC vs NRA
* Bloomberg's pro-tax actions contrary to GOP's anti-tax stance?
* A different approach to a convention ... difference on how Kerry did it and how Bush is doing it.
* Peace is the key to cheaper oil
* Democrats make a wrong turn in selecting Kerry? ... and Kerry's mistakes since being chosen ...
* Personal Cluster Workstations? ... nice! (but expensive)
* E-Voting ... maybe not, which is hurting Diebold
* Some thoughts on Sudan's ongoing civil war
* The 'Official' RNC Drinking game ... actually, what is funny is you drink whenever a basic Conservative principle is trashed.
* Historical tie between unemployment and reelection
* Red vs Blue ... stocks ... nowhere near as fun as redvsblue.com ... but might be more profitable (and riskier)

* Kerry launches an attack at SBVFT ... by physically choking him
* Target changes name for security reasons
* Terrorist group named "'MTV" attacked Miami! ... Director of Homeland Security Tom Ridge called the attacks "fatally innovative".
* OverClocked, SuperCooled ... and hovering?
* You don't need to win Gold to take Gold home
* Couple separates over pronunciation of Tomato
* Big videos of firestorm-tornadoes ... nice!
Click for Nuns clamming
... from FARK!!


The quick Sunday edition :)News:
* France is negotiating with terrorists ... not to be flippant, but it probably involves the words "We Surrender". The REAL problem is that the Terrorist hate all 'western civilizations', not just the US ... we get most of the hate because we have most of the power (military, economic, etc) but they hate us all.
* Cisco Telnet vuln ... not good
* Potential Hurricane (Tropical Storm Gaston) hits SC ... and Frances to hit FLA?
* The internet is 35 ... and still growing, changing, maturing ... (all thanks fro Al Gore, right? :) )

* Can GOP win by losing? ... I'd Rather not find out! (Although I have discussed this exact situation/result previously (Hi Rob)).
* Contrary to popular opinion, PEACE is breaking out all over the place
* What if the whole world got to Vote for the President? ... anon-scientific, non-accurate attempt - but still interesting.
* Thoughts on immigration ... old article, still worth reading
* Some peoples' feedback regarding taxes
* How Kerry can win ... let's hope he doesn't read this, or that it doesn't work!
* Cali church to pay $1.5B ... yes, that's a B.
* From a leftie source, gay Republicans may not support Bush .. no pun intended. Hopefully, they can see the larger picture and still vote with the issues.

* Good Old-Fashioned MUDding ... text-based and everything


* Second downed Russian plane also due to terrorism
* NYC terrorism on trains - plan derailed? ... Also in NYC, 250+ protesters arrested ... already!
* Hoops Gold for US ... not for the men (they got Bronze)
* Bush of Social Security ... and Kerry said it is 'no issue', showing how wrong he can be!
* Asia running out of water? ... in some parts, famine and import-dependency are only 5-10 years out.
* More on Bush's Intelligence-related Executive Orders ... and more here
* Teachers going on strike
* French journalists kidnapped ... sadly, now we get to see how France reacts!

* US Military can speak for themselves ... interesting.
* Longhorn in 2006 ... -WinFS
* Very amusing read on how pacifism / inaction on your part does NOT prevent someone from doing bad things to you
* Kerry flip-flops on Iraq ... AGAIN
* Tainted vaccine lots not a crisis ... but how about the decreased effectiveness?
* GOP heading in the wrong direction?
* A very Anti-Bush person questions Kerry's zombie-like followers ... Atleast zombies have 2HD, it could be worse! :)

*GAY ALERT* If you want to be scared - see Townsend's (some boy band) video on the web ... it is a great way to make your eyes hurt
* not that there is anything wrong with that ...
* Indian Olympic Team Wins Gold Medal in Outsourcing
* So-called Marathon Mouse escapes ... ravages countryside, runs fast ... better mouse now needs better trap :)

K418: Bash.org is false advertising.
K418: I expected IRC to be all funny and interesting, instead you're lucky if you can find a channel people actually talk in...
K418: And then when you do it's full of complete idiots, whose intelligence could probably be scientifically proven to be equal to that of the average turnip, and horny geeks, whose only interest is getting into your virtual pants.
... http://www.bash.org/?389734


News: ... 20?s ... IRAQ
* FBI : SPY within the Pentagon? ... more details here
* Retirees to strain US economy? ... duh; the advice is to KEEP WORKING! More comments here
* Bush acknowledges miscalculation on post-Saddam Iraq ... and (AGAIN) says Kerry served his country ...
* (Atleast) One of the downed Russian planes WAS the work of terrorists! ... my guess is the other one was as well ... more coverage here and groups already 'taking credit' for them
* Najaf:Peace? ... al-Sadr calls on his militia to lay down there weapons ... now we get to see if he still has control over 'his people' ... UPDATE: Sistani now has the keys to the shrine ...UPDATE: Weapons are being turned over! ... UPDATE: Iraqi police forces are IN ... UPDATE:Fight Over, 'Ali Shrine once again a place of worship' ... UPDATE: Could this deal spell trouble for us? ... What about the bodies found in the shrine?
* Oil going back up a bit ... thanks to pipeline sabotage ... and prices to rise during the holidays ... UPDATE:Oil Prices slip back down
* Speaking of planes - Cheney had a close call ... " Air Force Two was forced to make an evasive maneuver to avoid another aircraft"
* Bush pulling ahead? .. and this is pre-convention! ... about Kerry:"I still don't really feel like he's come up with any definite plan for what he would do and how he would change things"
* US Intel reforms drafts in progress! FWIW - I still oppose the idea of creating the NID.
* Yemeni man on trial for terrorist related acts - 1) drop lawyers, defend self 2) declare your al-Qaeda membership ... should make the trial go a lot easier for the prosecution!
* Hurricane Frances growing fast ... luckily, still a ways out there.
* The ONLY way to protest ... if you're attractive, that is, ... NUDE!
* Some on Wall St growing cool on Bush ... like Kerry will do anything but royally screw them over? ... "This is New York," Mayor Michael Bloomberg joked later. "Of course we have ... naked people on Eighth Avenue."
* Pinochet no longer immune ... EXCELLENT, try (and fry?) the bastard!
* US GDP slowing down ah, crap. Atleast it 'met expectations' ...
* Hamm asked to return Gold Medal ... doubtful, for several GOOD reasons! Oh yeah, and NO MEDAL FOR IRAQI SOCCER TEAM HAHAHAH

* Police should not, generally, threaten to kill the President
* Kerry vs Himself /... Regarding Vietnam, in 1971 he said "We wish that a merciful God could wipe away our own memories of that service" ... if that is so, why does he KEEP BRINGING IT UP!? Oh yeah, because he has nothing else to say :).
*Also: more factual problems for Kerry HERE and HERE ... and I still wish it would all stop (it probably will during/after RNC).
* COOL picture of the sun
* Flu shot not as effective as thought?
* Comparison - Kerry & Hoover ... "If Kerry’s theme of personal integrity is more than a slogan, he will face up to the strength of our economy and develop an honest economic agenda". In other new, Kerry has raised more $$$ than any other Democrat ever .. hopefully it is all wasted on losing an election :P. Actually, it makes sense - Kerry will spend more money than any Democrat ever has trying to get elected, and if elected he will continue that plan and spend more money than any president ever has. Sweet (not).
* Some thoughts on the Global Terrorist Count
* Is Minnesota becoming more conservative? ... let's hope so! ... "A number of years of having the Democrats control a state can turn a state Republican" HAHAHAHHHAAHHAAAAA
* Buy a new car, get a used one free ... interesting promotion
* Some thoughts on Troop re-deployments
* GOP wrong on recent Immigration draft?
* More on superconducting wires
* Introducing the Hamster Powered Night Lite! ... and a low-RPM alternator
* The Ultimate Cubicle
* The list of banned or challenged books in the US ... think of it as a must-read list :)
* Arrow misses ...
* Media should challenge Kerry to answer these 20?s
* Let's talk about the right war for once
* Flying cars still a goal ... but not to be available for 20+ years, but reasonable 'small plane' transport much sooner
* Dual layer 8.5GB DVDs coming soon to your PC?
* Interesting read - political prisoners INSIDE the US? ... note that i know nothing about the author aside from what is in the article; it may well be that he actually should stay in jail!

*TRUE DOS kills Martian Rover? ... almost!
* Ted Kennedy Reprimands William Kennedy Smith for Ineptitude in Leaving Rape Victim Alive
*NICE Cards that say what you mean, but are afraid to say ... "I'm gay and you hate yourself"
* Americans now being targeted by negative ads
* Modified Olympic sports?
* Kerry receives 4th Purple Heart for his recent emotional wounds ... They are as serious as some of his "real battle wounds"!
* More on superconducting wires
* The two sides of John Kerry ... when he isn't saving, like, 3000 people he is a lying maniac :)
*TRUE Convicted Cop Killer endorses Kerry ... CKFK, has a nice (ahem) ring to it, eh?

Abby: nice language
Abby: you kiss your mother with that mouth?
nether: no, i kiss yours


* 8 oil pipelines bombed .. but Oil still slips below $43/barrel! ... 20 oil pipelines hit, according to this source
* US report acknowledges greenhouse gases ... major policy change!
* Anarchists gathering in NYC ... violence expected :(
* Van full of guns and explosives found in Montreal ... organized crime
* RIAA sues another 700+ ... when will someone put them in there place?
* Illegal immigrants cost US $10B/year+ ... its like an additional tax on all of us! ... speaking of which, progressive and regressive taxes explained
* Future terrorist attacks to be seaborne?
* Kerry calling for Rumsfield's resignation ... way of avoiding issues? YBTJ. PS - he yet again tries to play the "I served in Vietnam" card meaning a) he has nothing else to say and b) he really does not want this non-issue to go away. Some Democrats agree that Kerry needs to 'get past this (non)issue ... especially since it is hurting Kerry's poll #'s ... HAHAHAHHHAAHHAAAAA
*... Bush is hitting up the FEC to regulate the 527's ... what makes his action different than Kerry's is that Bush is going after ALL 527's, Kerry just the one that is against him. That whole Goose-Gander thing again.
* Najaf still ongoing ... al-Sistani still pushing for peace ... sadly mortar strike kills 25 people ... and the Governor has declared a 24 hour truce ... another delay, or a good move toward a peaceful end? Sistani actually arrives - proposes peace plan, and hopes to extend it to other troubled areas. (It includes amnesty for the al-Sadr militia) ... We'll see! ... UPDATE: al-Sistani has brokered peace agreement ... for now ...
* Chaotic homes hamper child development ... didn't we already know this?
* Apocalypse Not - No eJihad (yet :P) ... "baseless hysteria"
* Blair impeachment launched ... baseless and misguided publicity stunt ... also, first impeachment effort in 150 years.
* GOP bumbles email
* IOC gets dumb ... asks us no to exercise free speech in our own country.
* Jobs count too low .. better than we think?
* Understanding Income Inequality
... Quote - 'In one sense, John Edwards is correct: There is one America that works a lot and pays a lot in taxes, and there is another America that works less and pays little. However, the reality is the opposite of what Edwards suggests. It is the higher-income families who work a lot and pay nearly all the taxes. Raising taxes even higher on hard-working families would be unfair and, by reducing future investments, would reduce economic growth, harming all Americans in the long run.'
* ... then again more Americans slipped into poverty .. not a lot of details to back this up :(
* The worst example (Partial Birth Abortions) of a bad category (abortions in general) ... "The law is aimed at stopping a procedure, usually performed during the second trimester of pregnancy, in which a fetus is partly delivered, its skull punctured and its brain removed, often by suction." HOW can anyone read that description and not want to stop this??
* These fish are not so healthy for you ... polluted water blamed. Increase due to better monitoring, not decreasing water quality.
* Housing bubble ... not a pop, but ripples forming

* Both sides misleading about Yucca Mtn project ... Yucca Mtn project = GOOD! (even though it is ATLEAST 8 years until it will be operative, and by then we may have found ways to cut the half life of the waste!) ... MORE HERE ... and a stray comment on Kerry flip-flopping to pander to Las Vegas residents. It really cannot be overstated, regardless of your opinion on nuclear power - we need a place to safely store the Nuclear Waste we already have (and that we continue to produce) for the long term, and Yucca is about as good as it gets!
* Excellent article on how the 1st amendment is probably the real victim of the current 527 debacle ... also calls Kerry a dove, and comments on how he is asking us to ignore his 20 years of service as a senator and focus on his 4 months as a serviceman.
* Kerry ='Sue Them' When you can't fight an idea, or a person on the merit of their ideas, sue them. That's the American Way, right?? By the way, did you know that Kerry's campaign uses the same lawyer as 'America Coming Together', an 'independent' 527 ... another example of Kerry's goose not living up to the same levels he want Bush's gander to meet. Ain't politics *FUN*. His lawsuit makes as much sens as this one! :)
*Related Note: This article points out that Kerry challenged his critics to 'bring it on', and then sues them when they do! EXCELLENT POINT! ... UPDATE:Kerry pulls ad that featured McCain (unauthorized use), AND Bush's response to Kerry's request for debates - ""There will be a time for debates after the convention, and during the next few weeks, John Kerry should take the time to finish the debates with himself." ... HAHAHAHHHAAHHAAAAA
* Swarm-based weapons of the future ... FARK:"Australian scientists develop robotic insect swarms; obviously haven't watched enough sci-fi horror stories" :P
* Ann Coulter: Admitted War Criminal Cries Foul ... I know she is a bit extreme in some of her views and comments, but damn she is fun to read!
* Max Cleland; Soldier, Patriot.....Hypocrite ... Yes, we admire and are thankful for his service to this great country, but there are no free passes! ... UPDATE: Max Cleland makes $136k/year as a BUSH appointee ... can you say 'conflict of interest' or 'amoral', yes I thought you could.
* The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy preventing protests? ... not really, just protecting a RECENT HUGE investment in re-sodding the park. The protest can go right in front of the convention, but apparently that is not good enough.
* New & Improved Semiconductors - SiC ... also mentioned HERE.
* Shell moving forward with North Sea exploration ... $1.8B!
* Kerry's campaign flip-flops again - now says they would NOT have invaded Iraq
* New ver of XWindows from X.org
* Killer bees as far north as OK
* Honda making hybrid-engine motorcycle ...
* 10 Nobel Prize winning economists endorse Kerry ... sidenote, Kerry="I wasn't taking care of myself" ... right, I was busy FILMING myself not taking care of myself :P. The whole 'Nam thing should be dropped anyway, but he is keeping in the spotlight (while complaining about it being in the spotlight. Does that count as a flip-flop/waffle?)
* After Jersey Girl flop, Kevin Smith to not direct the film he is writing now
* A reverse dictionary - sweet!
* I agree - we should stop adding to the SPR when the price is more than, say, $40 ... we SHOULD NOT draw from it, just stop adding until market uneasiness settles down and price drops.
* Believe-It-or-Not Economics
* How NY has benefited from GWB, and how NY will suffer under Kerry
* Now YOU can bet on the nature of the universe
*Didn't know if this should be classified FUNNY or INTERESTING Some asshat says NASA is to blame for bad weather ... this is a case of terrible science with no supporting evidence, proposing flawed 'corrections' and insufficient test/verification methods.

*TRUE Lawsuit against JibJab baseless, um, the copyright expired a while back ... irrelevant since they already settled, but still funny!
* New shiny fish? ... with hooks? Admiral Akbar would say something.
* Paris Hilton wants the attention to focus on her instead of on the SBVFT
* Kerry trying to out-bulge Gore
* How the undecided 5% will continue to not decide
* Protesters plotting to speak!
* Top 11 reasons to move out of the basement ... strangely, getting laid not listed.
* Name Generator Generator
* Everyone should have a DVD rewinder!
* Hackers Steal Revenge of the Sith
* The GAY gene found ... hiding behind MARRIED-WITH-KIDS gene
* Moore next movie - F1812 - to tie King George III and James Madison
* SBVFT: Kerry had tea with Ho Chi Min
*NICE Porn-ogami

simon-say: CNN is reporting that Lance Armstrong may be stripped of his 6th Tour De France title.
simon-say: In a random check for banned substances, three were found in Armstrong's hotel room.
simon-say: The substances banned by the French that were found in his hotel room were as follows: (1) Toothpaste, (2) Deodorant, (3) Soap
simon-say: The French officials also found several other items which they had never seen before, including a testicle and a backbone...
simon-say: Earlier reports that French Government officials attempted to surrender to Armstrong as he entered Paris were apparently erroneous
... http://www.bash.org/?386538

From Drudge: ... Fox News dominating the race ...
WEDS, AUG 25, 2004


Paul: So anyway, i hit him over the head with a shovel
Paul: and now he's all "Lawsuit" this and "Jail time" that
... http://www.bash.org/?386207
Click for Larger Version of this cool game!
... from FARK ... you should seriously go there, lots of good entries in this PS!


You think Bush's tenuous-at-best ties to SBVFT (or any 527) is bad, check this out:
Click for Larger Version of how Kerry is tied to 527s!
... from HERE

Defintion - Irony : Kerry pushing to stop talking about the past and talk about the issues, while in the background of the picture some Steamfitter schlub holds up bumper stickers questioning Bush's service.
News: ... OIL!
* Canadian legislator calls Americans idiots ... then tries to back-pedal ... damn Canadian bastards :>
* Flu outbreak coming?
* Internet to end tomorrow? ... hype? More comments here
* Terrorism NOT at fault in 2 downed Russian planes .. or, atleast probably not. Maybe.
* Oil still moving in the right direction ... UPDATE: Drops below $44!
* Najaf shrine standoff still ongoing ... time to level it? UPDATE:Maybe not, if anyone can help (from the Iraqi perspective, it is Grand Ayatollah Sistani, and he is back in town ...
* E-Voting coming to a California near you
*FollowUp The Florida XBOX slaying-victims were tortured first

* 20GB USB HDD ... no power cables needed!
* Al Franken blathers on, shows why he is a failing host on a failing show on a failing network
* Although stocks are up today, are there bad signs for job recovery? ... businesses just not spending, and that could be bad news indeed, for all of us.
* Unused muscles 'deactivate' ... that may not be too surprising, but what's really interesting is the next step - the muscles in this example support your spine, so by loafing around you are contributing to back trouble.
* Long-Ass article on lots of Moore lies ... they never stop!
* Breast Feeding etiquette
* Sodas cause Diabetes ... and obesity
* lesbian cannot be forced to pay child-support ... an example of how they are different, if I got her pregnant I'd be paying big time (and Becky would NOT approve!)
* Wanna live in Antarctica?
* Super Earth discovered .. the size of Jupiter!
* Tiny telescopes find distant planet
* Israel wins first-ever Olympic Gold ... in windsurfing!
* Polio outbreak! .. in Africa
* Meet Billionaire George Soros ... rich, philanthropic, very Anti-Bush. Even smart people can be wrong :P
* The 1TB Holographic Disc! .. yes, that is a T.
* Meet the M16's replacement - H&K's XM8
* Self healing fuel tanks! ... "shooting particles at stuff to see what happens is a long established scientific principle"

*TRUE Track the Olympic LOSERS
* Scope of work - Stuff that is technically possible ... from our friends at UF.
* Don't let Wally choose!

PS - Kerry can say what he wants about forgetting the past and focusing on the issues, but let's not forget that HE is the one that spent his entire party's Nat'l Convention talking about the past and INTENTIONALLY avoiding any issues. Oh yeah, and he questioned Bush' military record LONG before Bush questioned his ... "Mom, he started it". AND Kerry has the balls to, while saying we should forget about the issue, sending Vets to Bush's ranch to pester him.
*Cool Stereoscopic Animated Hypercube ... reminds me of SodaConstructor
* Quote:"You can’t have it both ways. You can’t build your convention and much of your campaign around your service in Vietnam, and then try to say that only those veterans who agree with you have a right to speak up. There is no double standard for our right to free speech. We all earned it ... We urge you to condemn the double standard that you and your campaign have enforced regarding a veteran’s right to openly express their feelings about your activities on return from Vietnam."
*Reminder - the above is in response to Kerry sending Vets to GWB's ranch in Texas to pester him
* ... and since we are on the subject, Here are some more thoughts on Kerry + Vietnam


Misc Late Updates:
*Shrine - within 200 yards!
* Two Russian airplanes fall out of the sky ... developing
* Yahoo being held libel in France ... raises the interesting specter of one nation applying laws to the internet at large.
* Hot Sauce Discipline
*Cool Picture!
*The left-bias is clear, and the nits are being picked, but atleast he admits Kerry lied
*Another comment on Kerry's phone call(s) to vet(s) ... and why they are probably still a bit peeved.
*Cheney says states should decide 'gay marriage' issue ... I just wonder why we can't call it something else?
* No Gold Medal for Iraqi Soccer team ... maybe no medal period. Not be rude, but I hope they lose after their little Anti-US tirade.
* The Bush girls go out and aim for kiddie vote :)
* Vonage teaming with SoHo gear makers ... bringing VoIP to the masses
* Place a caption, win a T-shirt ...
News: ... OIL ... Earthquake @ Athens ... Kerry ... IRAQ ... GPS4PETS
* Closing in on the Shrine ... UPDATE: ULTIMATUM ISSUED by Iraq's Defense Minister ... UPDATE: Attack option moving forward as Iraqi forces enter combat zone for the first time ... UPDATE: al-Sadr aide claims to be ready/willing to negotiate (again?) ... ... and I am including this just because it mentions al-Sadr's days being numbered and pro-USA sentiment amongst Iraqi civilians ... a militia (NOT US) rocket hit part of the shrine?. I know some may disagree, but it would seem to me the answer is simple - you announce quite loudly, in a language they understand, whatever structure they are hiding in (AND SHOOTING FROM) will be a target. Whether that be a hospital, a school, or the holiest site in the land. Make it clear that the blame is on THEM for endangering the structure and any lives within/near it. IMHO - Once negotiations break down (as they have, repeatedly)THAT IS THE ONLY WAY to proceed. /rant
* Kerry calls SBVFT supporter(s?) to apologize and question ... desperate move, or honest apology? You be the judge ... but the recipient didn't seem to buy it. Also, SBVFT reject Bushes request to cease ads ... AND, A preemptive counter-attack to the surely-soon-to-be-raised 'issues' regarding Arceneaux. Sidenote, Kerry's own words ... and the truth shall set you free.
* High blood pressure up in the US ... to much McDonalds :)
* ... some thoughts on Conservatism
* Reporter successfully smuggles fake bomb aboard a plane
* Woman falls 11k+ feet and survives ... how many d6's is that?? :P
* Another example of state governments ignoring the law ... just to be PC?
* Oil below $46 ... still not good, but better than just under $50! UPDATE: OIL down to $45! ... Iraq pumping close to 2Mbpd!
* McCain and Rudy out, Arnold In ... Major News coverage of RNC ... guess we will need to stick with 'real networks' like FOX-NEWS, CNN, etc. to get decent coverage :)
*Earthquake @ Athens ... 4.5, "nothing out of the ordinary"
* US CoC to fund ads against trial lawyers .. interesting timing, given the current Democratic Presidential Candidates :)
* Alice Cooper says rock stars campaigning for Kerry are guilty of Treason! ... hahahahhhaahhaaaaa
* 'Price Gouging' is good ... supply & demand in effect!
* Kerry on energy independence .. and why he is just a bit off, even one of his own energy advisers agrees it is 'asinine'. :)

* Another Dem supports Bush!
* Firefighters for ... Bush, Kerry ...
* Another $1B for Unmanned Combat Aircraft ... sweet; all those years playing Flight/Combat Sims might pay off ...
* Forget who was were 30 years ago ... but you don't need to overlook how many times someone's story has changed ... and how many times he has been CAUGHT LYING. Funny how much truth comes out when you are under a real spotlight, such as when running for the Presidency.
* Transparent Aluminum! ... Step 2: time travel + Klingon spaceships ... Step 3: Steal Whales (no profit)
* Pakistan comes through for the good guys ... and some comments on how this came to be.
* Judge permits a whole raft of evidence against Jacko ... including a tape with a terrified child's voice on it ... and, did you know his nose is NOT plastic - it is, however, made from his ear. Freak.
* USPS to use SAP ... eieio
* Cisco buys again
* FDA vs Illinois
* Non-smoker Lung Cancer a result of gene mutation ... smokers still lead the (cough) pack; speaking of which - Cigarettes more polluting than diesel exhaust
* Charter schools - where teachers actually need to perform to succeed ... and that may be why they go away. Well, that and the teachers' unions. Sad.
* Universe aglow with early star creation
* Looking for life on Mars - in methane?
* One helluva penny - $400k+ worth
* A bunch of people are peeved about the Gymnastic scoring @ Athens
* Genetically Altered 'marathon mouse' ... the cure for obesity! (well, aside from eat healthier and get off your butt)
* Why isn't Java cool ... I like the first comment, "because it's slow" :).
* Anti-Spam FireWall ... let's see how long it takes Spammers to get around this :).
* A self-cooling can ... sign my beer up!
*A GPS for your PETS!
* Watch cameras blow up ... but CF card survives, with images

*TRUE The coalition of anti-IE users
* Defining Kerry
* The Scream has been found ... in dorm room
* Swift Yacht Veterans unveil campaign - Kerry is a 'jolly good fellow' ... "Kerry cares about the little people, even Negroes" ... "alone … at sea … for three months … and there was … surprisingly little … homosexual activity"
* What would really happen to Mario
* Courtney Love not worth making fun of
* moving vs. not moving, from the baby's perspective ... Homer "Hey, how come I have to breathe for myself when heeee doesn't?" Simpson would agree
* Bush's Medals ... the Fearless Ninja medal (the name anyway, not the actual medal) = sweet!

*New Site for today:BlogsForBush

Maimed_Perfection: Anything with numbers replacing letters is just farking stupid.
Sanctum: Yeah
Sanctum: PLEASE
... http://www.bash.org/?384735


News: ... STEM CELLS ... GOOGLE ... North Korea ... Medal Tracker ...
***Bush has asked all '527' groups (including the SBVFT) to stop running "attack ads" ... now let's see if Kerry does likewise (to MoveOn :P ... doubtful - MO has been doing it actively for the last 18+ months and has nothing else to do with their time) ... and the announcement is well timed - Kerry just started a fairly expensive ad campaign today imploring Bush to do just this ... Kerry says "bye-bye $$$".
* GOP to split CIA? (and to rip out the NSA, etc) ... and some other comments on that. ... Tenet agrees that this is bad ... amusing sidenote - White House not involved and not pre-informed of this action!
*** To me - this is the ABSOLUTE wrong approach. When you consider that almost all of the terrorist involved in 9/11 SHOULD HAVE BEEN STOPPED AT THE BORDER if CURRENT laws/procedures had been PROPERLY followed. We are in the situation, again, of creating new problems instead of just solving the existing ones. We SHOULD simply enforce & improve upon the existing countermeasures. Also, we should NOT have one unified source of information - the current setup provides independence and "outside verification". All we SHOULD do is increase the level of inter-agency communication; which DOES NOT include creating a new level of bureaucracy and breaking the existing system. Oh yeah, and if this does happen - does Eddie still have a job and what will his employer's name be??
* 9/11 Commission - National IDs?
* Shrine-fight still ongoing ... Helicopters, Planes and tanks moving in ... more here ... STILL GOING ON, battle rages ... and captured journalist released ALIVE ...Overview of the situation, and what al-Sadr really wants ... UPDATE: US Troops nearing shrine - tanks 250 yards away and snipers on rooftops, all US fire is return-fire only (no offensive actions) ...
* Pope condemns human cloning
* Both sides missing/omitting info
* Serial hammer killer? ... this is why gun control will (and does) fail - any tool can be a weapon, it is in how someone wields it that matters.
* Jackson case comes to pivotal point?

* The 50 most influential Christians in America ... GWB is #1.
* Some truth on Stem Cells ... embryonic stem cells NOT proven and DO KILL, non-embryonic stem cells ARE proven and DO NOT KILL ... things any well-informed, non-baby-killer already knows. (This does not include little Ron Reagan nor Howard Stern) ... also, a few abortion facts for good measure.
* The truth about Kerry's 'popularity' in Europe
* Exploding Star ... pretty pic
* 10 patents that changed the world
* North Korean ... a nightmare that is closer than we think?
* You can get an artificial Cornea ... just 4 days ago I heard you can also get a new retina
* Critical review of 'Iraqi Sovereignty' ... also criticizes Kerry as being viable, but not being an alternative ("same policies as GWB")
* Truth is the first victim of politics ... overall, leans very left but the point is valid (just look past the bias)
* Earth almost hit by asteroid (last March, new details out recently)
* Google slammed by SEC and independent advisor ... rates last on S&P500!
* Some (negative) thoughts on the world's oil supply ... running out or not, 'transparency' is the only way to know.
* Mis-Matched hearts OK for infants?! ... could save hundreds of infants per year. AND IT APPEARS TO LESSEN (eliminate?) THE NORMAL INTOLERANCE FOR BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS!
* Comet impact remnants at Jupiter
* New cancer drug (asbestos-specific)
* Synaesthetic Experiences
* Big-Ass Antarctic craters
* 4 door Wrangler coming in 2006!
* Pat Buchanan - No Conservative Party left in DC
* Are MoveOn.org and Kerry in collusion ... the 'equal and opposite' charge to what Kerry says SBVFT and Bush are doing ... Dole vs. Kerry ... Kerry's war record starting to drag him down? (Like there aren't so many other reasons to keep him from getting elected?)
* More reviews and contradictions to F911 ... let Moore's lie parade continue.
* IBM beating up SCO some more ... couldn't happen to a nicer (ahem) target. Except, maybe the RIAA :P
* Paris burns down Jewish Community Center ... gotta love France!

*TRUE The Peeping Tom worm ... uses your webcam against you :).
*TRUE Software Disasters!
* Drug or Transformer
* Did Kerry perform gay wedding of SwiftBoat?
* National Angst Level raised
* Barney Franks (homo) admits to Heterosexual Affair, resigns
* VC say Kerry lies
*COOL Convert any jpg to ASCII ... well, any 400x400 or smaller jpg.
New site of the day - Brightwinger

PS - Give Blood, everyone should. In fact, do it every 56 days.
(Or give platelets - "Apheresis". Takes longer, but you can do it more frequently and, hey, you get to watch a movie too!)


News: ... OIL
* Ali G in the news ... the show is sweet!
* Kerry and McCain, on Kerry ... and Kerry is filing a FEC complaint ... remember when I said that adding -gate was old and busted, well now we have ADGATE
* Phelps skipping last race, but will still get the medal (more than likely)
* Shrine taken ... Al-Sadr slips away ... OR, maybe it is still ongoing.
* Oil to stay above $40 forever? ... track its going price HERE
* Kerry, although against the plan now, has endorsed the type of troop withdrawals that Bush is proposing now
* Military records seem to support Kerry's 'Nam claims ... so perhaps we can NOW drop the whole damn issue? .. oh, and ignore the horrendous spin & bias while remembering that he served a whole, whopping 4 months.

* New SBVFT ad
* A judge made a good call - P2P networks are LEGAL
* The D&D Experience
* Bad cubicle neighbors?
* Wrongfully convicted man freed after 40 years ... if you look up the definition of 'this sucks', here it is.
* Houses getting too big?
* Sedna may have a moon ... the darkest object in the solar system
* Viral Ads getting some push back?
* RAM as Swap?

stupidMM: heh i admitted that freely at the pub once
stupidMM: this chick came up to me and was like
stupidMM: "so what do you do for fun?"
stupidMM: and i was like
stupidMM: "sit in a dark room and chat on irc at 3 in the morning"
stupidMM: she turned around and walked off
stupidMM: and i was like . heh man i'm leet


News: ...OIL!! ... GOOGLE ... IRAN ...
* Big Assplosion possible .. largest non-nuclear boom ever. Sorry, UK.
* Kerry strikes back (well, kinda'). Kerry is still not letting this issue die, and he is still slipping in the polls too, sweet!
* Some thoughts radical Islam in general, and Al-Sadr specifically ... he has called for his people to hand the shrine over(after a night of bombing I'd think about changing my mind too!) ... dozens killed overnight ... UPDATE: Al_Sadr aides say they are handing over the shrine ... UPDATE: Weapons removed from shrine ... UPDATE: Al-Sadr out (slipped away?), shrine to be taken shortly?
* Iran to preemptively strike at US?
* Stocks & Oil still dancing ... UPDATE: Stocks still up despite oil approaching $50/barrel!
* The liberal NYT (accidentally) debunks one of Kerry's claims ... result - "The richer you were, the worse you got hit." Truth - 1, Kerry - 0.
* Last minute re-victory(Gold) for Peirsol ... Phelps sets new OR in 200m (he has 4 Golds now) ... US also got the Gold in the Gymnastics, first time since little Mary Lou. ... UPDATE: Phelps Gold Medal collection +=1
* Leftist groups publishing personal info about RNC delegates, encouraging 'contact' ... and openly state that they plan to violate NYC's permit laws. They may just get a dose of this!
* More on how bad Europe will be screwed by global warming .. regardless of the root cause(s).
* HotMail = 2GB storage, doubles GMail ... still not as 'cool'.
* How pulling our troops out of Europe helps end the passive-aggressive cycle of dependency

* Dust Storms up ... 10 fold in the last 50 years.
* Google managed to IPO at $85, opened at $100 ... rose to 100.34, down in after-hours trading to below $100 :( ... track it here
* Ted Kennedy on 'watch list' as potentially dangerous ... actually, I agree - he is VERY dangerous! (just not in the way the TSA is looking for)
* Anti-Kerry ... on why he IS making ad hominem attacks and on how he IS NOT just addressing the issues at hand to get the done & over with!
* DNC trying to keep soldiers from voting?
* Alaska = legal pot?
* School Choice is good for all schools ... except in FLA, where the judge said NO.
* West Nile contracted through dialysis ... oops!
* Jackson living like king of pop, of course
* Bush better for the economy (as opposed to Kerry)
* Can you spot Sagittarius?
* Sender ID moving forward?
* Malaria isolation ward?
* Stunt pilots and astronomers working together ...
* McCain on why the McCain/Feingold CFR bill just isn't working
* Thoughts on US's healthcare system ... "The system we have now is set up to be the most inefficient one possible."

* Iraqi's and French
*TRUE: Kerry legal advisor busted for soliciting a Ho
* Charley (the hurricane) declared an enemy combatant
* Bin Laden lost, blames mapquest
* J-Lo trivializes marriage
* India making play for Gold medal in over-population
* FCC fines NBC for Olympic coverage
*TRUE: Tricks of the trade .. submit your own, win fabulou ... well, nevermind - all you win a is a chance to see a painting of Bea Arthur fighting a velociraptor.

Ouroboros: I think the downfall of the Roman Empire was caused by something similar to IRC.
Ouroboros: The Roman equivalent of a lawless, perverted group of weirdos, if you will.
... http://www.bash.org/?11281


News: ... IRAQ ... GOOGLE ... OIL ... D&D ...
* Lou Dobbs paraphrase - "the only people who are impressed with Kerry's military service are those who haven't served" ... and what Lou says differentiates Kerry & Bush, and he is not overly impressed with either!
* Al-Sadr not moving out fast enough? ... strike may begin within hours
* Drilling to move forward in Alaska's waters ... need more domestic oil!
* Eolas losing court battles to own the internet ... luckily, and +$565M for MS?
* Al-Jazeera to have a press-box at the RNC
*Olympics: US Women = set record in 800m Freestyle
* SCO vs World - IBM strikes back
* Democrats pulling no punches against Nader ... dirty pool, old man.
* Dems lie about Bush and this URL alone says enough :) (a little gratuitous in their presentation, but like I said - I like the URL) ... to be fair, it looks like some of the SBVFT people may not be 100% honest either

* Freeware ways to tweak / add-to Windows ... can actually make it useful! (although AdAware was omitted :( ) ... offers ISO download to expedite the process :)
* Nanotubes have no temperature?
* Want a new retina? ... I wonder how bad this would mess with Retina scans?
* AVP ... but out in the real galaxy? ... speaking of which, the galaxy is 13.6B years old
* Immigration control not there yet
* More teleportation action! ... also available HERE
* Another example - positive side of owning firearms
* National sales tax might be bad
* Google = $85/share ... the low end of the downwardly-revised $ range ... no IPO for Lindows (ever?)
* DNA sequencing against SPAM
* The real Gladiator story
* Nintendo receives patent on several key online gaming features ... our odoriferous PTO strike again!
* Cryptographic Weaknesses

* While I disagree with the sentiment, atleast this is advertising people would pay attention to NSFW
* Election outsourced to India
* Apocalypse, or clumsiness
* Gandhi - militant animal rights activist
* Phish ascends into heaven
* The least-active SourceForge projects
* The letter 'K' offered to Iraq
*TRUE: German men told not to pee standing ... does that make them females, gay or just dumb? (not that there is anything wrong with any of those options)
* I bet you don't expect THIS

"For the people in government, rather than the people who pester it, Washington is an early-rising, hard-working city. It is a popular delusion that the government wastes vast amounts of money through inefficiency and sloth. Enormous effort and elaborate planning are required to waste this much money."
-P.J. O'Rourke

Mooglez: the lack of intelligent and cultured converstaion bores me
Mooglez: laterz bitchez
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News: ... GOOGLE ... OIL ... Stocks! ...
* Al-Sadr making a deal? ... Disarming!... Oil hits $47+ anyway (NEW RECORD!):(
* Peterson, likely to walk
* Kerry and the uber-Liberal plan
* Cisco Router + OSPF = reboot
* Our solar system has acquired 7 New moons
* OK arrests 8 terrorist suspects ... while US may have mis-arrested 2 in Albany
* Google lowers IPO $$
* Dems and GOP agree - McGreevey should leave now
* Jacko news - probable cause was good and Psychologist being questioned, possible COI
* More on the FMA
* Another example of what's wrong with our legal system - Judge acknowledges suspect is 'guilty as sin', but lets him off - otherwise it would 'end his football career' WTF!?
* Toronto being cooled by Deep Lake cooling from Lake Ontario ... kinda cool (no pun intended) (well, maybe) ... more info here
* 10% of crops worldwide are watered by sewage ... often raw, untreated sewage. Ick.
* Dow above 10k!
* Freddie Mac being hit by SEC

* DLink's USB-powered WAP
* US Soldier suing Military ... doesn't want to go back to Iraq
* A social revolution?
* Miss Norway booted due to porn career
* Longest Palindrome
* Personal Aviation
* Saudi's not fault free, contrary to 9/11 commission reports
* Kerry embraces Hollywood as 'the heart and soul of this country' ... and the rest of us are ____? (hopefully voting against him)
* More Moore problems
* Iraq - no 2nd chance for al-Sadr ... time for them (not US!) to move in and clear him out. ... more on that here
* Thoughts on non-permanent allies
* Kerry's Band of Brothers
* The NSLU2 can be hacked, see THIS and THIS ... sweet!
Gay divorce
* Craig's lost - the new Google?
* Ann Coulter on Kerry ... always thought provoking, sometimes amusing ... and a bit extreme here and there :) ... interesting correlations between Kerry, Gore, Clinton ...
* Arafat (another terrorist) admits to, and promises to clear out, corruption ... riiiight.
* More signs of water on Mars

* Carville starts foaming
* Toys are obsolete
* Imaginary GirlFriend
* Bush gets the Oval Office redecorated
* Zeus speaks about the commercialization of the Olympics
* America's sweetheart dumps US
* Kerry having gay love affair with his hair ... and with Edwards :P
* Somebody got some

Miyomei2: I had my portable CD player, and took it in the bathroom with me while I went to pee.
Miyomei2: And the second I whipped my penis out, the theme song to 'Rocky' started playing.
Miyomei2: I've never felt more manly than in that moment.
... source: http://www.bash.org/?377931