* Russia to ratify Kyoto!? ... the wrong answer for the right question ... speaking of the climate, have all of our climate models been wrong?
* Japan +1 storm ... several fatalities, many more missing, 100k+ homeless.
* Double bombing in Iraq targets children and rescue workers ... and an interesting map showing the terrorist attacks within Iraq in the last 30 days ... link from RedState.org ... car bomb article originally linked here 3 car bombs kill ~40 in Iraq
* 31 killed in Gaza
* Patriot Act -1 provision? ... Ashcroft appealing
* 10 more hostages taken in Iraq!
* Merck -1 Arthritis drug
* Presidential debates tonight!
* Cali +1 Earthquake again. This one 'only' a 5.0 :P ... I think the best part of this site is looking at the "x earthquakes on this map" line ... it is usually atleast 10-20 (which is funny in and of itself, now it is at 63!
* A few relevant facts about the "Bush's Hometown Paper Endorses Kerry" non-story that circulated recently ... good read.
* Tony Blair speaks about terrorism - "The other view is that this is a wholly new phenomenon, worldwide global terrorism based on a perversion of the true, peaceful, and honorable faith of Islam; that its roots are not superficial but deep, in the madrassahs of Pakistan, in the extreme forms of Wahhabi doctrine in Saudi Arabia, in the former training camps of al Qaeda in Afghanistan; in the cauldron of Chechnya; in parts of the politics of most countries of the Middle East and many in Asia; in the extremist minority that now in every European city preach hatred of the West and our way of life.
If you take this view, you believe September 11th changed the world; that Bali, Beslan, Madrid, and scores of other atrocities that never make the news are part of the same threat, and the only path to take is to confront this terrorism, remove it root and branch, and at all costs stop them acquiring the weapons to kill on a massive scale because these terrorists would not hesitate"
* More on St Helens ... more quakes, bigger shakes ... 70% chance of erupting (but still not expected to be as huge as it was in 1980)

* Scientists have a sense of humor - Joke Nobel Prizes
* Want a 100GB email account ... and be the first to till it wins you a 1TB account. That is, for the record, equivalent to 1000 GMail accounts :). Speaking of which - I got another batch o' GMail Invites for anyone who wants one!
* Alcohol for School kids ... the best lunch they ever drank ..
* Ann Coulter, on the election ... as I have said before - she is always, at the very least, amusing! (Sometimes informative too)
* More on Social Security ... and why does it need to be saved?
* They haven't forgotten 9/11 ... but the media has forgotten them.
* Moore wrong (lies?) again, Junior is a Republican .. .speaking of Moore, Michael Moore Hates America opens today :)
* Jeep offers discount for 'Heroes' ... as well as Armed Forces, obviously
* Is Kerry guilty of Sloth?
* Cars that can read roadsigns?? .. as long as they don't automatically force me to obey the speed limit signs it reads! :)
* iPaq hx4705 ... getting closer to the PDA I really want ... still a bit short though :(

* From the folks that brought us REDvsBLUE ... StrangerHood ... based in Sims-world this time.
* New OOTS ... D&D comic, funny!

* Daily Schedule:
Bush : Meet Florida's storm victims, console the hurting members of our nation
Kerry : Recover from spray on tan, and get a manicure

PS - did you hear that the bill in Congress to re-instate the draft was written & sponsored by DEMOCRATS!?
Election: ... a half-serious summary of the First Presidential Debates:

Kerry : calls Iraq Mexico ... metaphorically
: attempts to slam the Iraqi reconstruction for not letting nations that did not support up to benefit from that reconstruction; how would that help our companies?!
Bush : How can Kerry expect to enlist help when he is insulting them or trying to get their aid in a war that he called Wrong-war/place/time) ... HAHA!
Kerry : Forgets to list Poland as an ally in Iraq. HAHA!
Bush : psst - we have a coalition of 30 nations!
Bush : Our victory was so efficient and rapid, bad guys surrendered and returned into the populace ...
Bush : hard work ... "optimistic realism", consistency, resolve ...
Kerry : (makes wrong statements about WMD, Iraq-al-Qaeda connection, danger) ... and insults our allies again.
(Admittedly - we are a large part of the force in Iraq, but we were the victims of 9/11 ... duh!)
(PS - weren't we also a majority in, um, WWII, Korea, Vietnam ... )
Kerry : Says he will fix N.Korea having Nukes ... I'd like to hear how!
Kerry : Bush is a big fat hairy liar, but he used longer words. Says we rushed to war with no plan.
Kerry : Repeats his unsupported claim that the leaders of the world are with him.
(mentions that Osama uses the war as a recruiting tool ... what about F9/11)
Said he wants to follow Kennedy's footsteps ... get elected by the mob and mingle with movie stars?
Bush : Kerry has yet to stand by a statement or position yet.
Kerry : Duh, I said what? Says he has always had one position - "waffle" :P
Bush : Hammers Kerry again on being inconsistent, aka "Waffle"
Bush : Life is precious, and every loss is a great one. Sometimes necessary, and patriots understand that.
Bush : a free Iraq will change the world
Kerry : I was in combat (Ahem - cue the SBVFT) and know loss. I can do it better. We need a Montage, a war fighting montage
(still waiting on the details, Waffle-boy ... and the montage reference would only be funny to South Park fans)
Kerry : plugs his website! Sweet!
Bush : Hits the Wrong-war/time/place button again against Kerry, and the waffle aspect ... "grand diversion" button pressed
Kerry : Tries to twist Powell's words ... again says he has a plan
Kerry : Duh, I have no specifics on The Plan, except that we will get other people to help! Oh, and get out fast!
Bush : Its hard work, dork. Kerry attacked Iraq's leader and leadership, diplomacy a la Kerry.
Kerry : I can do better. Terrorists crossing border.
Bush : Yes, that is why we need to kick ass. Force is a last resort, but it must be considered. Libya is a good guy now, suck it!
Kerry : Repeats his wrong-war/place/time again. Says we have lost credibility.
Kerry : Admits he doesn't know how to stop proliferation, and mis-speaks - "I am for proliferation".
Bush : Preemption is for protecting us, screw the world. And ICC (International Criminal Court) is bad. Being popular is fine, but don't become popular by making bad decisions.
Bush : Nuclear N. Korea can be forestalled via sanctions. Ditto for Iran.
Kerry : Hits Bush on (possible) mis-step in N. Korea -
note - that Kim Jong Il does his own thing regardless of what we do/say ... still a work in progress
Kerry : answers wrong question; and then agrees that Darfur is an example of genocide. Criticizes Bush's policy there.
note - that Bush is the FIRST and ONLY leader(ship) in the world to call it genocide and we are spending $200M there already!
Kerry : says he will grow armed forces, including Special Forces ... and is willing to use force in Darfur! (Kerry is pro war?)
note - that would be good!
Bush : Kerry scares me, but I like his daughters.
Kerry : Tries to justify his waffling, hits Stem Cell research
note that this shows his ignorance in scientific realms
Bush : I have morals, waffle-boy.
Kerry : I don't wilt. Admits Saddam needed to be disarmed and it would take force to do so.
note that he waffles, not wilts. I agree!
Kerry : Nuclear Proliferation is the biggest threat to the world! Implies we are solely responsible for securing ex-USSR nukes.
Kerry : Says we don't need to continue advancing our weapon systems.
Bush : We have increased the spending for anti-proliferation efforts, producing results. We need Missile defenses.
Kerry : repeats himself for the 308th time, insults China's role in the ongoing N.Korea issue.
Bush : Putin is making a mistake in becoming more hard-line; but he is a strong ally.
Kerry : Putin who? I mean, I was in Russia back in the day. That means I know something. Hits WMDs, mission accomplished buttons. Says Kim Jong Il will listen.
Bush : Kerry made the same mis-interpretation based on what we thought was good info.
Kerry : $200B spent in Iraq ... my wife can almost write that check!

In closing
Kerry : We disagree on how to screw up this country, but my way is better! I mean, I will get the world to like us. I defended this country by committing war crimes as a youth, and I am not lying when I say I will do it again. Vote Hillary in 2012! I mean Kerry in 2004!
Bush : Kerry will lead us into tragedy. And take all your money. And your first born children. He eats babies! Soylent Green is people!


News: ... Spaceballs2! ... FOXNEWS ... HELENs ...
* Jack Daniel's is lowering the proof of its Whiskey from 86 to 80 ... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, say it ain't so!
* Yemen to execute the 'masterminds' of the attack on the USS Cole
* Decided who to vote for yet? ... good thoughts, and you should (as always) realize the bias of the source (very right(which is good, BTW)).
* Networks have issues with the debate rules
* West Nile virus kills man in Fairfax
* Phil Spector : Murderer? ... "Phil Spector compared the prosecution team ... to dictator Adolf Hitler and "Star Wars" villains" ... HAHAHHA
* Fannie Mae having problems, could cause home buyers some heartache!
* The Anti-Pilot laser? ... accident in Salt Lake City
* Bagle virus, the joke ... not really funny. In related news, Hackers use porn to target Microsoft JPEG hole
*Spaceballs2!Spaceballs2!Spaceballs2!Spaceballs2! ... finally!
* Kobe's ex-accuser now 8 weeks pregnant? ... "met the father at a rehab center in Boca Raton"; the old "score with mentally injured woman" move (or, she is just a whore - you pick).
*FOXNEWS beats all other rivals, COMBINED! ... go FOX!
*Mid-Air axe attack (Norway)
* SpaceShipOne into space (again)
*DC +1 Baseball team ... good, I suppose. Although traffic won't get any better!
* Martha to serve in W. VA ... court denies request to stay in CT. GOOD, why should she get to request a prison?? ... it is "Camp Cupcake", so not like it will hurt her or anything
* IBM Super-Computer now on top ... "The margin by which Blue Gene/L overtook the Earth Simulator is small, but the machine is much smaller, and more efficient to run, IBM says. Blue Gene/L's footprint is one per cent that of the Earth Simulator, and its power demands are just 3.6 per cent of the NEC supercomputer." Sidenote - this puts the US back on top, baby!!
* Mass. Dem endorses Bush ... regarding Kerry:"at the end of the day, I can’t tell what he’s about"
* Some thoughts on the electoral vote ... and something Colorado is doing to modify how their part of the system works.
* Thoughts on the current coalition ... compared to, say, Korean Ware coalition
* Kerry did something right! .. but it also helps to show all of the things he does wrong!
* Amusing graphic on the voter distribution from the 2000 election ... Yes, Gore may have had more votes but look at the map and check out the square footage comparison 2.4M to 500k!
* Some reflections on the Internet Bubble
* More on the Deep Lake Water Cooling project/plan
* Mesa Verde mystery resolved ... ancient water management system!
* Memorable moments from past debates
* Who would have thought 86 acres was a small mushroom?? ... and mushrooms still suck, BTW!
* KerryPr0n! ... and other ways to destroy a candidate :)
* St Helens ... about to blow? Shouldn't be THAT big ... Advisory issued

*TRUE: Customers Suck
* Freshly unearthed public documents indicate large gaps in Bush's service as President
* Debate transcript released day early
* Radical storm seasons requires radical measures ... "sawing off the state from Panama City to Jacksonville ... we can bend the state backward into the Gulf and shove it up the Mississippi"
*TRUE: Unfortunate MS ad placement
*TRUE: Vmail hacked, message hilarity ensues!
*TRUE: Think your job sucks? ... check these out.
* Ichiro slumps, only 4 hits ... "Anything less than perfection is unacceptable. Boone can play like a girl-child if he wants, but I am a professional."
* Animal Rights Activists step in, take place of animals in experiments ... if only it were that easy ...
*BABY: Blurry Hand syndrome and Teething is a pain in the kisser
* Vote Ackbar; certified trap free!
* The severe damage caused in Sweden by a recent storm ... graphic picture! (not really)

Now, If only I was a woman I would be a Silly Flirt ...
What Kind of FLIRT are you?


Late News:
... check out the new Electoral Vote count up top; auto-updates based on source site! (currently Bush=317, Kerry=207! w00t! )
* Syria - end the genocide ... Bush releases plan
* Italian hostages freed
* New mini-series on PBS - Origins ... "travel to the beginning of time, and back ... my TiVo is already set!
* Next Nintendo to have wireless networking+
* Buckeyballs now safe for Humans
* Cat Stevens - friend of Hamas?

News: ... EARTHQUAKE ... OIL
... Redskins give away another should-be victory, with "help" from the ref's (I quit watching after the Ref's blew it twice on MAJOR plays)
* Cali +1 earthquake! ... 6.0 magnitude (preliminary info)
* Oil.$50/barrel ... damn damn damn .. slipping down a bit, and stocks go up anyway! (The new $50 bill could buy one barrel of crude! :) ) ... some thoughts on a Crude Bubble? (does it even exist?)
* .JPG exploit posted for all to see ... patch your machines! SOME REPORTS are indicating non-MS apps are also vulnerable, as they use the GDI+ library from MS (but packaged with their app, so NOT PATCHED by MS's update sites)
* AIDS cure & vaccine? ... "also eliminated antibodies for hepatitis B and C virus from the blood of co-infected HIV-positive patients and improved symptoms of malaria in a handful of patients"
* Kerry running a loser's campaign?
* Iraqi leader compares US media to al-Jazeera
* More on the Nuke Twins (Iran, N.Korea)
* More on St. Helens - one or two quakes per minute!
* Athens Paralympics ends on tragic note ... 7 dead.
* Human cloning coming soon? ... bad bad bad
* Airplane bomb threat in London
* Debates gonna' be worthless? ... or will they determine the victor?
* Daycare shootings ... 3 dead, including a 3yr old. (Detroit)
* Some thoughts on the amount of $$$ being spent on education ... "the U.S. ranks at the top of the international charts when it comes to education spending" ... "the U.S. ranked 15th among the 31" ... SUMMARY: SPENDING MORE $$$ IS NOT THE ANSWER, it is HOW you spend it! (duh!)
* SunTrust website helping phishing scam ... cross-site scripting is the h4x0r.

* Bush: Kerry could spend 90 minutes debating himself ... HAHAHHA
* Radioactive batteries?
* Republicans - good for Healthcare
* Life on Mars ... more & more likely
* Another Kerry flip-flop ... Saddam a terrorist, but not part of war on terror?
* Thought on massive Armed Forces re-location
* Kerry - losing Ohio
* Public Nudity legal in San Fran ... damn loonies!
* Urban Sprawl killing us?
* Kobe's account of 'the night' .. some, (ahem) interesting things ...
* Edwards stumped?
* PDA for outdoors-men (ack, or women)

* So-called "Bush Lies" ... the name of the site destroys any credibility. But, if you are so inclined, have some fodder ...

*TRUE: Kerry is on 'orange alert'
*NSFW: These are Hi-Larious! (I have been told these are quite old, but I don't care - they are still funny!)
* Paranoid-Schizophrenic Named Scott Peterson Googles Self, Jumps Out Window
* Bush wins by 217% points in computerized election ... "It was the most decisive victory in a Presidential election since Ronald Reagan defeated Walter Mondale in 1984"
* Eddie Vedder sing a Cat Stevens' song, gets declared a terrorist

DAL9000: if you ever feel dumb
DAL9000: look at tasmboy
DAL9000: and you'll feel better.
Tasmboy: its not working
DAL9000: because you're you.
DAL9000: looking at yourself would throw you into a recursive loop of stupidity."
... BASH


News: ... Bush interview on O'Reilly factor tonight.
* US seizes 30,000lbs of Cocaine ... Cocaine is a powerful drug.
* Oil making a push for a new record? ... $.03 short of matching record ... DAMN! (Blames Hurricanes, security problems in Saudi, and potential supply problems in Nigeria & Russia) ... UPDATE:OIL BREAKS RECORD ... UPDATE: AGAIN ... and possibly to continue upwards (and heating oil price going to hit some of us hard this year too)
* WMDs were being smuggled out of Iraq as we were preparing to invade ... interesting possibility, developing ...
* UN : Not even trying to fight terrorism
* Singh to make $10M this year? ... has already surpassed Tiger in single-year earnings.
* Personal space flights in 2007
* F9/11 re-release fails to break top 20 ... or top 30 ... Moore Sucks; an average of 7 people per showing!
* More Wars?
* St. Helens 'hazardous event' impending
* Carter : Voting in Florida not acceptable ... repeat of irregularities "seems likely"
* Thune could replace Daschle .. that would be great!!
* New House Sales jump 9.4%

* Martha 'lucky number'
* Barak Obama is pro-Preemptive strikes! ... I agree, but still don't think he should be elected :P
* The Perfect (cosmic) Storm
* 58M Americans pay $0 taxes ... and Kerry says the poor are being hammered??!
* Kerry : Very detail oriented ... too much so, suffers 'analysis paralysis'. And has only really faced one re-election challenge EVER. And mentions the previously posted item about Kerry arguing FOR attacking Iraq in 1997, against the wishes of the UN!
... (Oh, and he has no personal beliefs/values and no backbone :))
* Some thoughts on College Tuition ... Q: Why is it so expensive? A: Supply & Demand, stupid! (and a dash of "We charge what the market is willing to pay")
* A Burp Vaccine ... wives everywhere are signing their husbands up
* More on pipelining ... if you are into that kind of thing.
* Britney not really married ... yet; "Nothing, of course, screams romance more than a notary public"
* 1TB Optical Storage ... nice! (but not as nice as the 100TB trick)
* New way to store nuclear waste - geomelting? ... economic, safe, lasts 200k years ... more nuclear power plants, please!
* Big asteroid, near Earth ... no movies or devastation to expected.

* Non-Pro-Kerry Democrat : Talks about the Democrats tying Nader up in court, denying ballot access, etc ... if you can't fight a fair fight, sue! ... Also talks about how bad the author thinks Iraq is doing, and : "John Kerry ... mumbles absurdly about the need to involve America's allies in the occupation, which sounds like General Custer wiring the Canadians to come help him turn the tide at the battle of the Little Bighorn." ... HAHAHHA
* They are trying to defend Kerry's attitude on abortion ... He wants to keep it legal, but says he is personally against it ... mentions kerrywrongforcatholics.com, which has quite a collection of not-leftist bullet items. (Mentions Kerry saying the Vatican should not attempt to guide Catholics ... !!??)
* Google-hack - see what people are photocopying
* "Conservative Idiots" ... and remember, according to them, if you are conservative you are a liar, delusional, on hallucinogenic drugs, hypocritical, a nut-job, cuckoo and (as the title implies) an idiot. DU: Please reference the definition of ad-hominem. This from people who are PROUD to be on the failing+atrocious Air America.
*Sidenote: ... but millions of Americans learned long ago that there are probably more liberals on Fox than conservatives on PBS, NPR, CBS, ABC, and NBC combined — and the former are honest about politics in a way the latter are not.

*Eddie: Dolphins are sucking Hurricanes towards Florida
* ... This kid is going to pay for itself in ten years ... hmm, I doubt that!!
* Curfew will conflict with Edwards ability to be VP
* Kerry is Osama's long-lost twin
* Blockbuster launches Book Rental service
* 100k's Floridians filing for emergency hair-spray relief
* The worst rock-stars ever
* OOTS#106 released today ... for D&D players.

* Polymorph spells, fixed ... I think we should use these! ... actually, http://www.giantitp.com is a great site! (especially the comic - OOTS rulez!)

Click for Faster=Bigger
... from Good Pic Site


News: ... Sarah Allen is 30 today, point and laugh!
* US NID / reformation bill unveiled
* Tax breaks approved .. more money for me(since I have a baby now), and a better economy for all!
* Florida + Jeanne, Texas + Ivan ... (Jeanne to land on Sunday AM)
* Oil touches $49 ... dammit, again.
* The Forbes Billionaire's list ... What recessions? 313 NEW Billionaires this year. Gates still #1, even after giving away $28B.
* Kerry's inability to do math ... well, unless he raises our taxes by $2k+ per household! ... Another excellent article - "raising taxes is the antithesis of fiscal discipline" & "John Kerry, despite an unwavering twenty-year record of support for high-calorie federal-spending binges, now promises to keep spending in check"
* Kerry - admitting defeat in Arizona?
* Tightening Air-travel security up ... stricter enforcement on 'no fly' list
* Task Force 626 established ... shh, be vewy vewy quiet - I'm hunting al-Zarqawi

* Ovarian transplant yields baby!
* Top Ten Tips for Bush
* Some #'s for how screwed up Social Security really is ... time to scale it back!
* Some thoughts on why Kerry is slipping ... from an anti-Bush Republican. "John Kerry is a lousy candidate". Very amusing and well thought out, even if you are not politically motivated/interested.
* Dinosaur : 'suction feeder' found
* Harvest Moon - September 28th ... and a Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse on October 27th.
* Jeep vs Hummer .. in sales, not off-road (where the Jeep would clearly win!). The H3 and Commander = the first time these two have had a similar price and target market. Go Jeep, Go! ... more here
* Camera that can see through fog, dust, etc.
* Cost of WiFi going up? ... damn IP lawsuits.
* Howard Stern, blathering on about wanting Kerry to win, quotes internet hoax as fact ... regarding Bush's IQ, link goes to debunking (and amusing cartoon). Note that the debunking is over the report, not the issue - the site linked to believes the results but not the source.
* All I want is a fricking mouse with a fricking laser on it's head ... or mounted inside will work.
* Kerry, way back in 1997, "made the case for launching a pre-emptive attack against Iraq" and said "We know we can't count on the French. We know we can't count on the Russians," ... now, of course, he says we should not have invaded and that we should count of France, Russia. Ahem, Waffle. Hey, and more on France and Russia here ... oh, and this is how Kerry encourages foreign leaders to cooperate
* Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy ... online episodes.

Claims large corporations are leaches on society ... and calls US an oligarchy-to-be. Says the poor are getting poorer (false), the rich are getting richer(partially true - but more people are joining the 'rich' class as well), and uses slightly outdated/skewed #'s to make the points. Also says, in may more words, that our economy will collapse unless Kerry is elected ... The author fails to realize, or chooses to ignore, that to survive as a nation we need an industrial/commercial base: jobs to earn $ and stores to spend $. Oh, and for the most part - Yes, unions are bad.

*TRUE?: OnLine IQ test ... but they say mine is 156, "155 - 164 Genius Nobel Prize Winners" ... so take the results with a grain of salt :P
*TRUE Coming to theaters soon - Michael Moore Hates America ...HA!
* Kerry addresses the UN in igpa atinla
*TRUE: License Plates : GOTMILF?
*NSFW!NSFW - Vote Bush, Kerry's a _____


News: ... Happy 3-month BD Riley!
... did you see yesterday's post, about Riley rolling over??!!
... Oh, and Happy BD to Ray Charles
* Oil being released from USA's SPR
* Jeanne death toll in Haiti could reach 2000! ... current track here (all up in Florida's grill late Sat/into Sun) ... meanwhile, Ivan is still kicking around as well
* Iraqi PM thanks US ... vows on-time elections ... "Today, we are better off, you are better off, the world is better off without Saddam Hussein," Allawi said. He added: "Your decision to go into Iraq was not an easy one, but it was the right one."
* MORE on the Oil for Food debacle ... including Iraqi ties to al-Qaeda!
* Two Italian hostages (probably)killed in Iraq
* Tax cut extension (will be) approved ... "The measure approved (by the House-Senate Committee, not the real vote yet) Wednesday night will keep the child tax credit at $1,000. It also continues an expanded 10 percent tax rate that lowers tax bills for virtually all taxpayers and continues to offer married couples tax savings."
* Most financial sites are buggy, aid phishing scams! ... and I wonder why the phishing scams are increasing @ 50%/per month ... Hmmm.
* Oil easing back just a bit ... finally.
* Edwards seems to think we are distracted from the war against al-Qaeda ... these would indicate otherwise!

* Forget the rats, dogs can smell bladder cancer (for explanation of rats comment read yesterday's post)
*Patch your Windows/Office! ... do it, and do it soon :)
*Related: Colorado DMV down for three days now due to bugs (not the .jpg bug ... yet :P )
* Monster Garage + Jeep Willy
* Some thoughts on Kerry's Iraq plan ... " IMAGINE if, in the presidential election of 1944, the candidate opposing FDR had insisted that we were losing the Second World War and that, if elected, he would begin to withdraw American troops from Europe and the Pacific." ... while I might not go so far as to call Kerry treasonous, I do deplore his Iraq plan (for escape, not victory)
* Another CEO goes down
* So-called Swing States ... swinging red?
* Life, Methane, etc.
* Some thoughts on Character Assassination
* See the new SBVFT ad here ... and read a review on that ad
* Now THAT is fast! ... "A quarter mile and 4.39 seconds later, the rider reached another marker. Loney did the math: 205.11 miles per hour" ... "pulled over and booked for reckless driving, driving without a motorcycle license and driving 140 mph over the posted speed" ... HAHAHAHHHAAHHAAAAA
* Ann Coulter, on Rather-gate ... another compare/contrast - Rather-gate forgeries vs. WMD 'forgeries.
* Are some loose cannons in the Democratic Party undermining Kerry ... undermining, or overshadowing?

* More Bush-Bashing ... lots of the usual blather, but what I get from this article is that Bush has the strength to stick to his decisions in the face of opposition, which is good! Also, "There is scant evidence to tie Saddam to terrorist organizations" ... um, read the above Oil for Food link - that alone indicates a high probability of financial ties between Iraq and al-Qaeda. Suck it, Blue.
* Auntie Pinko (again - her name, not mine!)... always an amusing read (if you can actually stomach her drivel) ... among other bass-akward thinking, she is endorsing the "we don't really love our candidate, but we do really dislike the other one" theory on how Kerry will win.

*TRUE: Sweet photos ... :)
*TRUE: Votergasm ... NICE!
* reminds me of Chappelle's 'I know Black People' skit ...
* Glad we don't have to pay for that!
* Next gen 'Slick' iPod ... ""Editors' Choice 2006! Why even test it?" shrieked one reporter as spittle flew from his mouth"
* U.N. Election Monitors Think Elections A Good Idea
* Drug problem due to parents always leaving me Home, Alone
* Rather still insists that Bush is an alien
* Cat Stevens - that is not the moon shadow, that's the CIA
* Parenting via Post-Its
* Cat Stevens vows to sing again ... I think that is a threat, dude.


* More on Hurricane Jeanne ... which has already killed 1000+ in Haiti
* Vote Early, Vote Often ... break everything?
* Kerry: "Bush is living in a make-believe world" ... maybe from Kerry's world it looks that way!
* Govt files a $280B suit against cigarette manufacturers ... "they lied for 50 years" ... developing
* More on Iran + Nukes
* Oil near $47! ... Ivan blamed. UPDATE: Now up to $48+
* US elections, Iraq elections, Middle East WMDs ... good read
* Some thoughts on Social Security Reform ... and how some of the BIG #s you see aren't really new costs ... "In fact, the cost of privatization is zero."
* More on the Oil for Food CF
* Kerry + Iraq ... "On Iraq, John Kerry is a one-man think tank, producing more ideas more rapidly than any of the experts" ... "over the past year, the Senator has called for sending more troops and withdrawing troops within six months. He has denounced the war--and also said that if he had it to do all over again, knowing everything he knows now, he would still have voted in favor of it."

* War is seldom, if ever perfect
* Loss of Ice Shelf ... glaciers on the move
* Twinkies down, Twinkies down
* Some thoughts on Judicial Legislation ... specifically WRT the education system
* Some thought son Federal Deficits ... NOT to be confused with some thoughts on the Trade Deficit ... and some thoughts on the (admittedly high) current deficits
* The new SBVFT video is here
* Apache as an IPv6 migration enabler?
* 11 year boy old rapes 76 year old woman ... WTF??
* Are we killing the giant squid?

* Comparing Rather-gate to the WMD docs ... the difference here, which some people don't realize or choose to ignore is that WRT WMD - we had three independent intelligence agencies/sources all saying the same thing. AND historical evidence to back up the claim. AND, as reported HERE, they DID have the knowledge, resources and capacity to re-start their old programs (they were basically mothballed, not destroyed) AND have showed their willingness to use them! ... oh, and speaking of Rather-gate - the man CBS identified as the source of the docs is suing them for libel

* Introducing the JeeTang ... Jeep + Mustang
* Coughlin seizes power ... in Germany
* Al-Qaeda conventions fears terrorist attack
* Kerry: I am not a baby-killer ... the real question is : "Do you eat babies?" :)
* Delete_Life.com
*BABY: Standing is hard ... did I mention Riley just rolled over today? :)
* Bush to ask Jeopardy Champ for Iraq answers
*TRUE: Next time, just get the refund ... making an acid bomb probably not the best route.

CookieMan: InternetNews.com has a report of a new Internet2 land-speed record: '859 gigabytes of data in less than 17 minutes. InternetNews goes on to say, 'This record speed of 6.63Gbps is equivalent to transferring a full-length DVD movie in four seconds.'"
@RuneB: CookieMan: "and that great disturbance you just felt was a million RIAA and MPAA executives screaming out in terror all at once, and then nothing."
... roughly quoted from BASH

Keolah: whats up?
Zarggg: A direction away from the center of gravity of a celestial object.
... thanks BASH (again).


* Zarqawi group claims another American beheaded ... sadly, it has been confirmed
* Fed raises .25% rate again ... believes economy is growing
* Al-Qaeda planning massive terror strike against US? ... they seem to be suffering a credibility problem ...
* Iran + Nukes ... 'just for power' they say, can we afford to wait & see? ... more thoughts on that here ... On the flip side- Sanctions against Libya being lifted ... as they re-enter the global fold of 'non-WMD countries'?
* Some thoughts on Stem Cell research ... specifically, embryonic stem cells. FTR - ESCR is bad, and should not be condoned. There are valid, available, funded & proven ways to 'do stem cell research' without killing babies, or using dead babies.
* Some thoughts on poverty ... the poor in this country STILL have it better that the wealthy in many countries! (Some very interesting stats in the article, such as - "The average home owned by persons classified as poor by the Census Bureau is a three-bedroom house with one-and-a-half baths, a garage, and porch or patio". I don't even have a garage!!)
* New President for Indonesia
* Putin - the making of a dictator?
* Bush addresses UN today (updated!)
* TruSecure + Betrusted = Cybertrust ... the InfoSec merger-mania continues, this one creates the "world’s largest privately held information security company" ... their site* Jeane has killed 691 in Haiti alone ... DAMN!
* DeLay involved with now indicted Texan businessmen? ... developing.
* More on the LAX FAA outage ... caused by 'MS Windows integration' bug? .. the old 49.7 day reboot ... I would ask why they didn't fix this in their design (or HELL - at the very least automate the reboot every 30 days).

* A vet, talking about Kerry and Honor ... not Kerry's honor, mind you.
* Want a water-cooled PC? ... who doesn't??!
* Kerry's defeatism ... "plan to surrender"
* Free phone booth @ Burning Man ... VoIP+Satellite+WiFi ... nice!
* More 0G fun
* CBS's memo to employees about the whole Rather-gate issue ... oh yeah, and did CBS coordinate Rather-gate with Camp Kerry?
* WTO - going down? .. faces problems much like the UN, namely that it is being ignored.
* How we are not prepared to fight the war on terror - 'A Dreamland Away' ... "Mr. Helprin reminds us is that in fact we are at war against terrorism and that the appropriate mobilization to fight such a war is a whole dreamland away"
* Kerry-nomics ... you do the math; or look here for the math :). Also, contrary to Kerry - high paying jobs are not being replaced with low paying ones. Suck It, Blue.
* Aliens or planetary farts?
* DIY WiFi a PITA ... security concerns aplenty. Eddie should do this at his work :P
* Raises to go up next year ... but JUST barely. Dammit.* Stricter penalties for ID thieves, online vandals ... finally.* SBVFT to launch new ad soon ... targeting Kerry's anti-war activities this time. Note - still mostly irrelevant to the election at hand!

* CBS Headlines! ... "From our science desk, test results indicate that Soylent Green might actually consist of people"
* Are/Were you a member of the Michael Bolton Botnet ... that no talent a$$ clown.
* Is Vietnam over?
* Britney Spears surprised the world by secretly marrying a six-by-eight foot white plaster wall
* Major Industry Shakeout Leaves Budget Carrier Jetzapalooza! the Last Airline Standing
* Kerry losing support amongst al-Qaeda members
* Kerry does Letterman ... atleast he is talking to someone in the media, finally. Avoiding real news, i.e. avoiding real questions ... can't be seriously talking about issues now can we? (well, actually, no he can't - how can he make a statement unless he knows which group to pander to?)
* al Zawahiri going solo
* The Top Ten Sexually Suggestive Lines in the Star Wars Trilogy ... "Look at the size of that thing!"
*TRUE: Teacher cuts off 17 ears to discipline students ... not in the US.
*TRUE: How do they know I am going the wrong way; they don't even know where I am going!?
* Is My Little Baby Going to Go Gay? ... Damn! ... "A boy must eat everything on his plate. But if your son pesters you to serve corn on the cob, hot dogs or sausages, that is your signal to change his diet. Try serving meals that more effectively evoke a hankering for the fragrant delights of the female genitalia. An artichoke stuffed with tuna fish will usually do the trick."

I think I have coined a new phrase :
YARMABW - Yet Another Radical, Misguided, Anti-Bush Website :P

Quote of the Week: If A is success in life, then A=x+y+z.
x is work; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut.
-- Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)
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Another good quote:
You don't like the IT work you're doing right now? Really? Then think about some of the soldiers in Iraq, some of which are also doing the same IT work you're doing - running cables, configuring routers and switches - while seeing his friends getting shot and killed, and sometimes having to fear for his own life, while getting a fraction of the salary you're getting. Yet for the most part, you don't hear them grumbling - those guys just go out there and do their job each day, every day. If those guys can go out there and do their job without complaining, why can't you? (forwarded from GroupStudy member)


Late Update: ... JEANNE ...
* Kerry waffles - now says he would have left Saddam in power ... to torture his own people, foster global terror, develop WMD in the future, etc.
* No CBS moderator on presidential debates? ... karma :)
* More thoughts on the 'real estate bubble'
* Cool history of VoIP
* More on UN's corrupt Oil for Food program ... $BILLIONS straight to Saddam. Nice!
* Google the web browser?
* Israel Defense Force kills Hamas field commander
* Early warning indicator for Heart Disease

News: ... Redskins=Losers ... TXTtoBinary ...
* Riley Marie Evans Baptism Pics!
* Maybe Arnold will be president in 2008 ... not in time for the rise if the machines :)
* Edwards says Kerry would crush al-Qaeda ... if so, then why does al-Qaeda want Kerry to win? ... and Kerry speaks - naturally, he is mostly mis-guided (incorrect assertions, accusations & solutions) ... :)
* Another Muslim cleric killed by terrorists ... hopefully some good can come from this, in that more will hopefully realize how the terrorists need to be dealt with. Meanwhile, terrorists are 'pouring in' to Iraq.
* 3 more Beheadings in Iraq ... UPDATE: Possibly another!
* Where Kerry went wrong
* Tropical Storm Jeanne killing people ... UPDATE: 500 killed in Haiti flooding
* China misplaces some GM Trees ... this is what scares lots of people about GM products, they go missing / get intermixed with 'everything else' ... UPDATE: GM grass seed blows 21km!
* Lost Nuclear Bombs -= 1 ... off the coast of Georgia.
* Macaulay Culkin drug bust ... plus an amusing pic
* Kentucky +1 Earthquake on Friday
* Britney Spears +1 wedding ... let's see if this one lasts
* MCI on the auction block? ... I want my UUnet back.
* Sonic powered spacecraft? ... well, still nuclear :).
* Regardless of who wins in November, will US bail out of Iraq in a hasty fashion? ... I wouldn't use the term 'quick' or 'hasty', and I also think it will largely depend on how well Iraq's elections go and how the country fares afterwards. Oh, and as for the "neoconservative dream of building democracy in the Arab world" comment ... shouldn't that be everyone's dream - that all people everywhere have the opportunity to experience freedom?
* Eat pork, get chipped?
* Illinois State Capitol = not so safe ... +1 shooting (today)
* Arnold paroling left & right ... not so sure I like this trend (although it is admittedly a select group being released, still - IMHO parole is bad)

* Interesting look at the world - amazing how off-base our current maps are!
* VMWare making Enterprise/Security play
* Face-Off ... really possible?
* Oil back up over $46 ... Damn Yukos. Damn storms. ...more on Yukos here
* When in doubt, copy mother nature - Ox's natural Mosquito Repellent has been synthesized
* Democrats not too happy with Kerry campaign?
* John Kerry, sports imbecile ... I am too, but atleast I admit it and don't try to pretend to know WTF I am talking about.
* Another example of what socialized medicine does for you
* I wish I could buy stock for $.30 and sell them for $108 30 days later!
* And Gallup puts Bush up by 13%! ... ditto on the CBS polls, but we don't trust CBS that much anyway :) ... in fact, CBS now admits they were deceived ... and it is still irrelevant to the election!
* Prostate Cancer test is no good
* While I understand her being sad & upset I totally disagree with her statements & conclusions.
*BE quoted in FCW ... article = "4 tips for a strong defense". Lightweight read. Kinda related news: BE resigns Mickelson - just in time for his humiliating Ryder cup loss
* Bike-Locks no workie ... similar to Kensington PC security cables :P
*MOM2005 being released ... MS's monitoring utility, re-done.
* Release the swarm of RoboSapiens!
* Drug tests for Welfare Recipients - FINALLY!
* Spinach powered PC's?
* IOmega WiFi NAS ... cool, even without WPA. Use your own damn file encryption.
* No more whips, no more chains, no more homemade S&M devices
*COOL: OldSchool video games!

*SWEET!: Convert a Text string to Binary ...
*TRUE: This is what happens when you lose your picture-storing memory stick ... someone posts them all online!
*SCARY: The WhackoJacko Mask ... just in time for Riley's first Halloween!! (ahem)
*TRUE: Fun Latin
*TRUE Stupid laws, by state!
*ZIP-FILE: A very hawking Christmas
Misguided, but amusing:
Click for a misguided, but amusing, picture
... from some dude.


Late News:
* US Household wealth soars to record levels
* NYC unemployment drops to lowest since 09/01
* Iraq going down-hill
* IE usage slips a bit
* A though on health-care reform
* Kerry - in trouble in Illinois too?
* Robotic Cockroach
* Boston's 'Big Dig' has a big leak
* For the record - playing with mysterious liquid metal not such a good plan
* Drunk Jurors are A-OK!
* Asshat American company that is HQ'd in Caymans to avoid taxes asking US Military to help stop looters .. my answer - sure, here is your bill.

News: ... Iraq... IVAN ... More Ivan ... MORE IVAN ...
* Jeanne is a hurricane now! ... now expected to hit US by early next week!
* Panic Storm Over MS04-028 Reaches Category 4, Mozilla Responds With Vulnerabilities Of It's Own! ... thanks for the headline ISC!
* Iraq - three more kidnappings
* Oil back up, thanks to Ivan wiping out half of the Gulf's production capability - "these numbers are going to be screwed up for the next three to four weeks" ... and US inventory #'s for crude and heating oils ... and Chavez - Oil could hit $100/barrel, blames US ... and more on the ripple effect of high Oil prices
* Green Zone in Iraq not totally secure? ... this should probably be addressed ... as should this (biased) article regarding Iraq reconstruction
* US debating how to deal with 'Nuclear Iran'
* You can fly with explosives and ammo ... airline security at its (cough) best!
* Ivan-coming ashore - "The storm was expected to make landfall early Thursday near Mobile and could swamp the coastline with a 16-foot storm surge and up to 15 inches of rain" ... "An 11th-hour shift turned Ivan away from New Orleans, but the sheer size of the storm could create catastrophic flooding in the bowl-shaped city. Officials warned that the levees and pumping stations that normally hold back the water may not be enough to protect the below-sea-level city"
* Judges for sale?
* Hockey on strike
* Science Exam for Kerry & Bush

* One of the German ex-Conjoined-Twins dies
* India winning the AIDS race ... but in a bad way.
* No more Johnny Ramone ... they are getting the band back together, just not in this life.
* Some thoughts on Social Security reform
* The nose-steered mouse ... no more RSI, just don't blink too much. I still want the direct neural inputs ...
* Bush making advances even in Strong Democratic bastions (like NJ) ... and NY, as mentioned previously. However-we cannot become complacent!
* Comparisons between Rather and Moore :) ... and Ann Coulter comments on CBS/Rather-"CBS-hired document examiner:"I did not feel that they wanted to investigate it very deeply."" ... Rather/CBS ratings plunging
* Cisco joins WiMax forum
* Cribs kill
* All i want is a planet with a freaking laser on its head
* GMail hacks ... BTW, I still have some invites!
* Inflation still low (~3%), but some costs rising faster ... "insurance to heating bills to college tuition" and housing.

Insane Lefties:
* Blames everyone except CBS for Rather-gate, claims media is pro-right, and claims that "On a level playing field, Kerry would be winning in a landslide" ... amusing, yes?
* Auntie Pinko's (that's her real pen name!) latest "column" ... the usual blather, but atleast admits "... Mr. Kerry has thus far demonstrated the personal charisma of yesterday's cold oatmeal. And that his refusal to make promises or espouse positions that he would be unable to deliver has frustrated many. And that his persistent attempts to keep the complexity of the issues confronting America visible, is a problematic campaign tactic, at best" ... :)
* MoveOn.org thinks US surrenders

* Bush gets high marks for War on Rather
* DoE passes the 'Back in My Day' Bill
* Female athletes making great progress ... in getting more attractive.
* Expected Hurricane closes schools in Florida, middle of next month
* Kerry Aide gets paper cut, demands Purple Heart ... more bleeding than Kerry did for his :P
* Freddy & Jason to wed
*TRUE Cheney has two DWI's of his very own ... still irrelevant, but funny!

Leno: "In an interview in Harper's Bazaar, Teresa Heinz Kerry said she doesn't much care for the title 'first lady.' You know the way the campaign is going, I think you'll be OK. You got nothing to worry about."

Sonium: someone speak python here?

SmilinBob: what's wrong with my e-mail?
FarkStats: SmilinBob: Outlook not so good.


News: ... IVAN PIC(small version below)...
*Reposting, since it is kind of important!: MS releasing new CRITICAL bulletin(s) ... affects a wide range of products. Symantec raised their ThreatCon to 2 based solely on this vuln! This .jpg MAY crash your IE ... not sure if imageshack breaks that 'functionality', but you have been warned. (PLEASE let me know if it does :P ). Being called the "JPEG of Death" vuln.
* OPEC: Oil output +1Mbpd
* New Orleans-about to be sunk? ... Ivan's 12'+ storm surge, levies overflowing (or worse - breaking). 300k people remaining in city (~100k have no way to evacuate, they rely on public transportation - whoops!). More here, and cool pic showing 2 hurricanes and 2 tropical storms active now - "50,000 people could drown". Damn! ... Ivan to cause $10B in damages? ... More Ivan News - "This is a bad one and people need to get out".
* Air travel in South-West US grounded ... ATC system decided to quit working.
* Kennedy to stump for Kerry ... one extremist for another. From right-thinking.com="Kennedy also plans daily drinking binges, picking up hookers and college girls, and driving the campaign off the bridge into a river" ... HAHAHHA ... and one of Kerry's co-liars now admits he was lying, and that he was coerced BY KERRY ... the downward spiral continues! ... Update: Kerry/supporters misquoting church document ... and he still cannot receive communion :P
*Rather-gate continues - CBS ignored concerns and CBS's experts say they didn't authenticate the memos ... "Catch me if you Rather" ... UPDATE:TexasANG secretary says Docs are forgeries, but that accusations are true ... and CBS to release a new statement ... and an older Rather-based controversy - perhaps he/they should start doing just a bit more background checking on their upcoming stories? :)
* Kerry already planning the post-election-loss lawsuit to challenge the vote count ... just like a trial lawyer would ...
* Sudanese peace talks collapse
* Blair quitting??
* Martha goes to jail ... takes it like a ma, err, woman.
* Barry coming back to DC ... they deserve each other. Someone set me up the bitch.

* The economy - another look ... and some other misc. details.
* how do you view Iraq ... here are two differing opinions ... Bush vs. Kerry. Both of whom are actively courting the 'important Hispanic vote' ... shouldn't everyone's vote be important? :)
* Weightlifting - how much should you lift to sculpt your body ... how about this - you need to consistently lift 60% of your MAX lift weight to get 'any' benefit.
* Gambling - good for you! ... well, good for old people.
* Thoughts on the upcoming Senatorial elections ... GOP to gain a few, maintain control? Probably not enough to prevent filibusters though :(.
* Fidel defeats Ivan ... strange.
* No fizz for coke? ... earnings down.
* Wanna live in the Antarctic? Here is your new house ...
* 9/11 search dogs NOT harmed by dust
* BE stock back up to $9 ... that is half of our IPO price!
* Some banks don't do security quite right ... sending out account PWs via SMS ... per FARK, what could possibly go wrong??
* House of Reps votes itself another (6th straight) raise ... soon to make $162k/year to spend what is left of our taxes. Only one spoke out against it, and amazingly he is a Democrat!! "Jim Matheson, D-Utah. "Now is not the time for members of Congress to be voting themselves a pay raise," he said. "Let us send a signal to the American people that we recognize their struggle in America's economy." ... "
* F-word good for morale?
* Russia to follow Israel's lead in how to deal with Terrorists!

*TRUE: Make money playing poker online ... TJ's dream job, if only he were qualified.
* Cheney returns to Crystal Lake
* Kerry planning December surprise ... too little, too late
* Hurricanes caused by Weather Machine
* Yankees Lose to Indians 287 to 0, Suffer Three Deaths ... just for you, Chris B.!
* Kerry Win Could Mean Increase In Terror Attacks, Rapes, Puppy Murders, Says Cheney
* Democrat, Republican Attack Machines Square Off on Battlebots TV Show

OriginalEmoo: haha someone lost her bronze medal for cycling cuz she failed doping test
OriginalEmoo: if i end up taking drugs to perform better i am not getting my ass kicked by 2 people who didnt

Click for SWEET NOAA pic of Ivan - 1900x1200!

Oh yeah - and GMail invites available, just ask.
Click for Animated Domokun
... from another excellent FARK PhotoShop contest


* MS releasing new CRITICAL bulletin(s) ... affects a wide range of products.
* New Washington Post Poll puts Kerry down 18% in 6 months ... "Kerry was viewed favorably by 36 percent of registered voters" ... "Kerry finds himself in a dead heat with Martha Stewart and Joseph McCarthy, and behind Herbert Hoover" ... HOWEVER:some believe Bush's plan will cost $3T over 10 years (note that a LOT of that # comes from using static analysis and doesn't factor in the economic stimulus provided by tax cuts) ... did I mention the media is biased? Also, Bush pulling further and further ahead in midwest. Sweet!
* Bomb-blast kills ~50 in Iraq
* Cuba hit by Ivan ... over 10% of the population had to evacuate, and Castro refuses US aid (good; why should we help them??) ... death-total now at 68. Also, Ivan (partially)blamed for rise in oil prices
* Blair to urge US to take tougher stance on global warming ... and some thoughts on predicting the weather ... and some anecdotal evidence on predicting the weather (technology vs real world)
* Automotive Black Box being used correctly ... if only they would ensure these would only be used like this!
* Sony, et al, buying MGM
* 4 bloggers killed CBS's credibility ... and some thoughts on (the lack of) critical thinking skills in Big Media ... and a line by line review/response to Rather's ignoring the evidence ... and Fund Mgrs now see a Bush win (insert grain of salt here)
* Sun + MS to play in same sandbox? ... interoperability en route.
* Some thoughts on Homeland Security, Defense spending ... spending ourselves into oblivion? ... and the fact that 'entitlements' now take up 40% of the federal budget (more than double what defense gets). THAT should be a crime!
* Apple-=($LOTS) ... Apple to make 'huge' settlement vs Beatles. (Apple vs Apple Corps)

* Some spec's on the OICW ... including the indirect-fire (20mm) option
* Lose ALL your wait for $3k ... Zero-G flights.
* Nokia introduces cel-phone-based P2P ...
* Kerry plans on spending another $5B ... on anti-crime legislation. Note that crime is already at a 30 year low AND Kerry still cannot due math ... oh yeah, and the 'Ban didn't really do anything anyway (and Feinstein wines). One of Kerry's ballet items - track parolees more carefully. How about someone take a real stand and *abolish parole*. And Moore's thoughts on the 'Ban .. and how wrong he is :).
* N. Korea knows it will be easier to push Kerry around
* Compare and Contrast : Bush's and Kerry's Health Care Plans ... in short, Kerry's is 'more bang'. But costs a lot more ($1.5T - yes, T as in Trillion) bucks!
* Some thoughts on telling the truth ... not necessarily the popular thing, but always the right thing.
* Dense matter ... Neutron Star ... "A teaspoon of the dense stuff would weigh about a billion tons on Earth"
* More on Coburn ... Oklahoma senator-to-be. Also, some thoughts on the sad state of our nation's politics.
* If you are feeling philanthropic, or just generous, National review could use your help!
* Australia's CJD scare all better now
* TB still a threat to the health of the world
* Alternative search engines
* SpaceShipOne getting bigger motor
* Dems -1 foot? ... if (or when? :P ) Bush wins, that is.
* FDA approves new lens implant ... just in time for me to go blind ...
* Outsourcing can be painful ... Awww, so sorry.

Liberals Gone Wild:
* Bush and friends play while everyone else pays ... I find it hard to believe that any sane person honestly thinks Bush enjoys sending America's children to war.
* They consider themselves the light-bearers and the rest of civilization as the marauders

* Excellent FARK PS ... how to get on the Price Is Right!
* The name says it all - Drop Dead Ugly
* N. Korea: Blast was from a Cher concert
* Kerry - no guitar hero
* Lower limbs battling for control
* Bush denies preferential treatment
* Bambi vs Dumbo
*TRUE!(?): detailed map of Springfield .. you know, where the Simpsons live.