News: ... almost time to vote Bush back into office!
... My prediction - Bush wins with 54%, Kerry loses with 45% ... Nader might get 1%
* ...DHS holding press conference shortly ...
* US attacking in Fallujah ... air-strikes now, build-up for major offensive?
* Kerry/Edwards balloon goes does ... just like their candidacy, I hope. :) And a fire on Edward's plane forces it to land as well.
* Dept of Labor memo - "Bush is going to win"
* Iraqi's for Bush

* Some thoughts on Global Warming
* Making your cel phone more durable ... "Super-Tough coating"
* More on US GDP growth
* New IE bug ... WinXPsp2 NOT vulnerable, another reason to upgrade/patch!
* Mad Cow in Humans, in New York?
* Did I mention Harkin lies?
* Gel arouses women ... I thought that was the smell of money that did that?
* UN tries to influence elections

*True: Kerry disrespects gathering


*Symantec raised the Internet "ThreatCon" to 2 today, based on new Beagle variant (BEAGLE.AV ... NAV updates here) ... actually, this is the third recent BEAGLE variant
* OBL Speaks ... on tape, that is.
* Al-Qaqaa: Weapons were still there when US forces rolled through? ... if true, that would not be so good. Regardless, it is RECKLESS of Kerry to make the accusations he has BEFORE knowing the truth. MORE HERE ... UPDATE: THE US TOOK THE MUNITIONS ... I hope this is true!
* Kerry tied to Vietnam (again) ... "provide concrete evidence that Vietnamese communists were directing Kerry's antiwar group"
* NAACP to lose tax-exempt status? ... that would be HILARIOUS!
* Hollywood getting more cameras
* Kerry picking his cabinet ... let's hope it doesn't come to that :)
* DHS visits toy store ... Why is DHS in the Intellectual Property Enforcement business? The words incompetent & ridiculous come to mind ...
* LA Times and Chicago Tribune going down?
* More Flu vaccine on the way?
* 5GB pocket HDD
* WiMax on the rise?
* Harkin lies
* XBOX class action lawsuit in the works?
* UK troops arrive on-site* Economy Grows at 3.7 Percent Annual Rate

* ATMs = Windows Based? ... IIRC - BoA lost access to ~10k ATMs due to Blaster's bandwidth consumption.
* Titan's surface ... "complex & strange"
* NASA preparing Shuttles to fly again
* Some thoughts on broadband ... less (regulation) is more (broadband)
* Internet searches are parasites that are killing the publishing business? ... and here I thought they were just a great search tool and an equalizer :)
* You cannot lead if you don't know where you're going
* Morning Planets
* Free Time = Flame Thrower
* Iraq != Bay of Pigs
* Compound that slows Alzheimer's
* Insert contact lens to get drugs
* Pro-Lifers should side with the GOP ... IMHO that depends if they are single-issue voters or not.
* Some thoughts on the housing market
* A Thank You note to President Bush
* Apache 1.3.3 released
* Voices of Iraq opens today .. in select markets
* "My daddy killed me with a butcher knife" ... thank god for 911 (the phone# / EMS - not the date)
* Courtney Love to face Assault charges
* Cher sucks
* CDs that will last 300 years ... for really important data, etc.
* Virtual sales top $100M
* Dolphins' brains evolved in spurts
* The Case against the UN

* Bush leads by 93 points! ... "In a historic first, Bush is also expected to win Cuba and the Great Lakes" :)
* October Surprise - Cat Stevens captured!
* Boston Fans can now die happy
* Hillary Duff goes slutty
* Cardinals were just Lip Syncing in the series
* Disneyland added to "Trifecta of Evil"
* Bush admits to Lip Syncing to Cheney

Ev: wow my roommates and i are so lazy, instead of getting up and going to the other's room to say good night we IM each other good night that;s the Epitome of digital dependence
... thanks BASH


News: ...
** Late Updates:
* Feds Triple Number of Poll Watchers ... which is needed only because of the Election fiasco we find ourselves in, again.
* Iraq had WMDs and was associated with al-Qaeda? ... if true, this could really impact the election. If not true, 'reporting' it now (with the goal of affecting the election) is very poor form!
* Terrorists execute 11 Iraqis ... and release the video. Prayers and condolences to their families and friends.
* O'Reilly settles harassment case ... which, of course, means we will probably never know the truth ...
* Soros not too confident of Kerry victory
* Germans for Bush
* DOW back up over 10k! ... where it belongs! (And Oil down sharply, closer to where it belongs too)
* Civilian death toll in Iraq ... OUCH!
* FBI to investigate Halliburton contracts
* Remember - no more float for your checking account!
* Malvo gets life, no parole
* Iraqi Insurgents take another hostage ... Polish woman (in addition to the Japanese gentleman they also have currently).
* More on ABC's al-Qaeda terror-threat-tape ... UPDATE:Drudge:ABC withholding 15 minutes of the tape from CIA/FBI??
* BoSox Pull It Off in 4 straight - not to win for another 86 years :P
* Outsourcing to India via Canada ... "near-shoring"? ... I hear a song coming on, 'blame Canada' ...
* Delta + Pilots = compromise? ... avoiding bankruptcy (for now, anyway) ((ATA did not avoid bankruptcy))
*Follow-UP:Al-Qaqaa-Gate: Quantity of explosives from Al-Qaqaa may be overstated ... and don't forget the last update from yesterday: almost certain that Russians relocated them ... Aaron has a few things to say about this as well - "Oil for Food cronies played “Three WMD Monty” while the UN stalled" ... more here (some add'l thoughts therein) ... Another update here ... Russians denying any involvement (let's see if we can find the truth, before election day!?)
... Here's a thought - Doesn't this whole issue actually support the cause for war in Iraq?? ... e.g. - Edwards says 'just one pound can bring down an airline' ... so we HAD to do everything in our power to get the madman controlling them out of power.
... Here's another thought - What good does it do the world for the IAEA to seal/lock a facility after inspecting it if they ALREADY KNOW it has a back-door(OK, technically it was a side-door), that they do not seal?? Just another example of the UN failing the world.
* Some thoughts on how to view the world, and the USA's place in it
* Some thoughts on some of Kerry's statements
* Voting in Ohio is a fiasco ... just like many other places (think Florida :) )
* When working at the Hospital Nursery you should try to give the right baby to the right mother
* CNNfn going away
* Sign Language Helps Baby's IQ

* Moto-Copter ... Could certainly use this to help my commute!
* RC mini-tanks, jeeps, etc .. SWEET! ... Planes and Guns available too!
* Some thoughts on Genetic Bombs ... kill whitey?
* SEC:An end to Quiet Time
* GOP to gain 4 Senate seats?
* Ann Coulter - "40 Excuses And A Mule " ... amusing as always!
* This man can write with both hands, in different languages, at the same time, and he speaks 5 different languages ... jealous?
* TiVo losing capabilities
* Some thoughts on Voter Rights/Fraud
* Some thoughts on Tax Cuts
* Some thoughts on Arafat's well-being
* NVidia finally enters the PCI Express world
* Kerry on Iraq ... some interesting downloads!
* Wide range of info on various economic topics ... have not had time to review it, but looks interesting.
* Some follow-up on Iraq + WMD + Saddam + France ... "Iraq would have been able to produce mustard agents in a period of months and nerve agent in less than a year or two."
* Some thoughts on eVoting ... the amazing part is that we haven't got this all figured out already!! What a fiasco.
* Brief biographies of most of the key players of the Atomic Age
* Some eclipse pix from last night
* Hypo-Allergenic cats a no-go?
* Americans getting a little taller, but a lot fatter ... +1", +25lbs.
* Personality Test
... Apparently I am INTJ; Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging
... Strength of the preferences % 56 67 44 22
... INTJ according to Keirsey ... INTJ according to Butt & Heiss
... Qualitative analysis of - I am:
.... moderately I .... distinctively N
.... moderately T .... slightly J

* More Dems-stealing-signs action ... can we just call shenanigans and chase them out of town with brooms?
* Politics of Oil ... I disagree with quite a few of the statements therein, but it is worth pointing out that Kerry will be drilling for oil in Alaska, which I am for but LOTS of DEMS are against. I wonder how the Sierra Club feels about that!? (probably about the same way the Humane Society feels about Kerry's stance on hunting :) )
* Hit by Hit - how many lies in the ad? "This anti-Bush radio ad is among the worst distortions we've seen in what has become a very ugly campaign. It states as fact some of the most sensational falsehoods that Michael Moore merely insinuated in his anti-Bush movie Fahrenheit 9/11."
* Politics of Division - "Kerry’s backers use shameful tactics to shore up a faltering base"
* Apparently it is OK to pull your kid out of school to stump for Kerry - "The Democratic Party's hold on the nation's teachers' unions is a solid as ever. It is plain to see that the leaders of the unions and the Democratic Party care less about educating children than they do about regaining their political power."

* New OOTS today! ... all previous problems with the site are gone now
* Scariest Geek Movies .. part IV
* Mary Kate, Ashley ... same person?
* Kerry : I am not Bush
* O'Reilly - this sexual harassment lawsuit is totally taking attention away from my huge penis
* Kerry cannot walk & chew gum
* NRC removes some content
* New Feature in WMP10
*Game: PaperToss!
* Bible-approved Wife Acquiring methods
* Defend your Castle .. I am up to level 38 ... make that 54 :)
* Scariest D&D monsters
* Now THAT is a test drive! ... and a bit of an assish move. But still funny!
*True?: 21 Ways To Hook Up with a Model
*True!: Judge Throws Party for Man Then Jails Him for Life


... from FARK ... that is soo wrong. Funny, but wrong.

... from some site ... politically wrong but still funny.

PS - I (still) have more Gmail invites available!
(everyone should have an account ... come on, my almost 4 month old daughter already has one! Catch up!)
PPS - If you haven't, you should try out StumbleUpon! ... its free, and is an interesting concept - "interest-based" browsing. My handle is trejrco.
PPPS - Speaking of StumbleUpon, a very interesting politically oriented conversation going on ... requires SU to post, not to read/lurk.
PPPPS - Go here and sign up, give me a chance to win $$
PPPPPS - Updated Riley Pix, to those interested

VOTE BUSH ... just like Curt Shilling said to :)


News: ... BoSox up 3-0
*South Park just had Stan banished from the town for not voting; his clothing ripped, he was spit on, and forced out of town riding backwards on a donkey ... with a bucket on his head. They also made some points on some of the finer political idiosyncrasies of this great country. "The election is always between a giant douche and a turd sandwich". Oh, and PETA is a bunch of bestialiters!
* Terrorists hoping to defeat Bush ... UPDATE: Drudge: ABC has video of Terrorists planning attack on US - "The streets will run with blood ... America will mourn in silence because they will be unable to count the number of the dead". If true: 1)Why the Hell is ABC holding this out? 2) What are we going to do about it? ... UPDATE: CIA reviewing ... FBI too
* Arafat collapses
* Iran's Heavy Water plant to go live within one month ... not good!
* Oil still crazy-high
* Some thoughts on Kerry's proposed policies
* UK troops on the move
* Japan stands firm - "I cannot allow terrorism and cannot bow to terrorism"
* Putin not seeking reelection
* Cingular+AT&T
* Explosives disappeared from al-Qaqaa before we got there? ... that would be small comfort, but important distinction! ... more here, and why it isn't THAT surprising (377 tons missing, but 400,000 tons already destroyed or queued for destruction) ... more here ... UPDATE:Maybe the Russians took them? - ... UPDATE:almost certain that Russians relocated them
*... and if the UN would have done something about these YEARS ago we wouldn't have this problem now ... but that would require the UN to actually done something productive/useful for once
* Amber Alert for missing child from Texas ... more here
* More Absentee ballot shenanigans ... voter registration / voter fraud too. Shaping up to be a bad election, even before the lawyers get involved. Amazing that we haven't figured out how to do this right, and how to implement the solution.

* Dremel for the hard-core pumpkin carver
* Total Lunar Eclipse tonight - totality=~10:30PM EST ... weather not looking to play along ... more here ... speaking of moons, Titan pix coming in from Cassini
* When in doubt - pretending like you are going to run over people is probably a bad idea
* Mini-Human ... exactly like us,but only 1 meter tall
* Some more thoughts on Iraq
* Sun=active!
* Google acquires Keyhole
* High-Fat - bad for brain ... and waistline
* NASA stealing Super-Computing crown?
* Kerry's Social Security "plan"
* Europe dodge bird-flu bullet
* UN - Big Failure? ... in general, I agree!
* Puppy-killer being charged ... the REALLY FUNNY part is that one of the puppies shot him!
* Prozac makes children depressed ... well, for mice anyway.
* Lungs get weak around noon?
* Stern vs Powell ... and Howard continues to spin it this morning on his show
* FOP against Kerry?
* US Scientists get a bit more bandwidth! ... the "National Lambda Rail", how can I get some of that??
* Comrade Kerry? ... comment from Michelle Malkin "John Kerry may be “reporting for duty,” but the real question is: to whom?"
* Thoughts on 'Armchair Generals' ... and the author's wrong conclusions.
* thoughts on Kerry's history as a hunter ... funny that the Humane Society (striclty anti-hunting) endorses Kerry(says he has a lifelong history of, and is very pro-, hunting)

* How can you say the Media is not biased left?
* How can you say the Media is not biased left? .. All of Slate = pro-Kerry.
* How can you say the Media is not biased left? ... BBC coverage = Moore, Soros, Blumenthal
* How can you say the Media is not biased left? ... "NYT = Kerry’s Pamphleteer"
* More GOP-targeted vandalism ... Dems still the party of peace?
* Democratic Ad urging the assassination of Rumsfeld ... Dems still the party of peace?
* Steal signs, go to jail? ... Dems still the party of peace?
*... then again, this soon-to-be-Marine threatened to kill his soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend if she voted for Kerry
* Kerry confuses hindsight for Wisdom ...

* Countdown to the recount!
* UN Approves Kerry's Goose-Hunt proposition
* Buried Lead confuses Citizens
* Political Apathy
* Cheney blames Kerry fro Gigli
* We all lead secret lives?
*True: Kerry+Football=Funny Pic
* Undecided voters still distracted by Shiny Object
*Baby: Big Brother Superman
*True: Bush flips the bird



* Al-Zarqawi -1 Aide ... go US!
* Another $70B for Iraq War ... War is Hell, and expensive.
* Geneva Exceptions?
* Condi Rice stumping for Bush ...
* CBS was aiming for Election Nite Explosive-gate ... Rather-gate not enough, apparently :) .. PS - "According to NBCNEWS, the explosives were already missing when the American troops arrived." ... more on the missing explosives issue here
* More thoughts on the impending Election/Vote-Counting debacle

* Cisco adds scrambling to VoIP
* Using Pumpkins to pull DDT out of the soil ... I wonder how that hurts their use as a Jack-O-Lantern? :)
* New Galactic Highways ... for Stars (the fusion kind).
* Low Cal diets make you live longer ... well, if you are a fruit fly anyway

* New OOTS ... well, it was new yesterday
* Red vs Blue #40 is out!
* PETA upset at use of animals in Political Ads
* O’Reilly offers her $6 million and then asked her to bathe in the money naked

... sorry for no updates yesterday, had Apheresis and then Becky blew her rear brakes out ... so had to fix those :(. And now I am just too damn busy, so today's post is short too.


News: ... Riley's first trip to the beach was yesterday!
* 50 newly trained Iraqi soldiers executed ... and one State Dept employee killed as well ... condolences and grievances to their friends and family.
* Japan +1 Earthquake yesterday ... 6.8, atleast 21 dead ... condolences and grievances to their friends and family as well ... update:follow-up tremors today (one 6.1)
* The Guardian forced to apologize ... 'John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr - where are you now that we need you?'
* Rosie & Cher - no audience wants to hear their blathering? ... more on Cher's bomb here
* Politics now even dirtier than before

* San Fran to be all wireless, free of charge?
* Quantum Quirk responsible for mass of objects
* Platypus gender takes 10 chromosomes to determine ... instead of 2 like most mammals.
* Whistle-blower being punished
* Democrat flees debate
* Ashlee Simpson busted lip synching

... tomorrow :)


* US destroys Fallujah arms dump ... keep up the good work!
* Dow & Oil both suck! ... Dow fell nearly 108pts! (@52wk low), Oil at all time high.
* Some thoughts on Kerry's global test ... Kerry:"No nation will ever have a veto over us" ... Interpretation:"but the United Nations will"
* Voices of Iraq .. by Iraqis, for the world.
* NC executes spree killer ... he has officially been deterred from ever killing again.
* Spitzer to target Record Labels next? ... while his battle against the insurance industry is gaining steam
* A fabric that is only one atom thick
* Jews for Bush, and why ... for balance, Muslims for Kerry - well, against Bush anyway.
* Boston PD, responding to rowdy crowd, kills 21 year old ... condolences to her family and friends. Sidenote:When a riot is occurring, and cops show up, it is probably a good time to LEAVE (although it appears that she was not in a violent area, but still ... )
* Russia to OK Kyoto ... more here
* Women going to War?
* O'Reilly's accuser to cut a deal ... possibly to pay her $100k+ in debt (unconfirmed, but makes the story more interesting)
* Taiwan going WiFi? ... yes, the whole island.
* USB flash drive with integrated Biometric auth ... a vision of how things should be, assuming it works properly!
* Dems holding out hope to retake majority in Senate? ... let's hope not! :)
* Ann Coulter gets Pied ... ah yes, Democrats - the party of peace :).
*Riley went to the pool, and for the first time went underwater!

*POLLS:RCP shows 2 way race = Bush@ +3.3 and 3 way race = Bush @ +2.8 ... GO BUSH!
* An Open Letter to the Undecided Voter (Pro-Bush)
* Andrew Sullivan on Iraq ... some positive info, and some worrying ...
* Kerry - post turtle? ... HA, I have never heard that term before!
* Mouse forces rethink of Down Syndrome's cause
* More on the Lunar Eclipse - Oct 27th
* Some thoughts on fiscal responsibility in Washington ... and how both parties are failing us.
* Some thoughts on Kerry's campaign
* Some thoughts on Outsourcing ... I don't quite agree with this 100%, and I would also add that outsourcing exposes you to political instability (e.g. - India)
* Why Clinton won't be the next UN SG
* More on Moore ... Matty & Trey blew him up (well, in effigy) for a reason
* Speaking of Moore ... LONG dissections of Moore's lies
* Yahoo buys Bloomba ... desktop search the next big target? Email kinda big too.
* Teresa apologizes to Laura ... but has not apologized to stay-at-home moms?
* Some Canadians are right
* Novel (controversial?) Fertility surgery
* Autonomous spacecraft ready for test
* Mars rovers - one stronger, one going lame?
* Coburn has momentum ... let's hope he pulls out a victory!
* The saving of Cassini
* Thoughts on Kerry ... might seem trivial, but the underlying persona this seems to indicate is troubling in a (potential) world leader ...

* SimBush+SimKerry ... disturbing.
* The Tick endorses Bush ... SPOON! ... other similar "endorsements" here, at the Heroes for Bush Roundup
* Steinbrenner acquires a nuclear weapon
* Metrosexual factor aids BoSox
* Kerry has always been a condescending and uninteresting prick
* A couple quick jokes
* Gravity Launch ... COOL; I beat all 5 - can you?
* O'Reilly calling Martha (in prison)
* Airborne Laser ... not airborne, not lasing
* Ordering from Dell ... a bad experience?
*TRUE: Petition for Kennedy to resign

I will be out of town all weekend, expect no updates :(


News: ... Yankees down & out, Red Sox complete their comeback
* Tenet speaks ... among other things, says Iraq War is wrong (without providing any details)
* Prepare for voting chaos ... regardless of your political orientation ... absentee, provisional, dimpled chads, & lawsuits - oh my!
* UK moving troops into volatile areas
* Israel air-strikes senior Hamas weaponsmith
* Clinton looking to be Secretary General of the UN? ... IMHO this won't happen, the world doesn't want an American UN leader as it would make the UN seem like an extension of the US ... hey, speaking of Clinton: Syphilis through Oral Sex on the rise!
* Intel Reform coming soon to a (US) Government near you
*Disasters: in China:Mine blast kills 50+, another ~100 feared dead ... and ... in Japan:Typhoon kills 60+ ... prayers and condolences to family & loved ones (Florida got a tornado as well, luckily no casualties)
* Staff Sergeant Frederick sentenced to 8 years for Iraqi abuse
* Hamm keeps Gold
* Clumsy Castro ... broken arm & knee
* 5 megapixel camera phone!
* Sitting in traffic is bad for your heart
* Some thoughts on Bush's 'lies'
* Running list of Political Info ... updated multiple times per day, looks nice!
* How to win (steal?) an election : Kerry will just declare victory early ... and sue. :)
* Kerry Goes Hunting for Conservative Votes ... the title alone makes it worth the read!

* Turn the key to boot Windows?
* Replacement for TCP?
* Rebel stars ... real stars - the fusion kind, not douches like Matt Damon
* Jeep Grand Cherokee to climb 30 story building today in New York
* Some thoughts on intergalactic questions
* More on how the UN is failing the world ... "terrorism's silent partner"
* Some thoughts on the impending election ... (and the theft thereof?)
* Some criticism of Rumsfeld, and the US Armed Forces in general ... can't say I agree with the comments/conclusions - only by continuing to advance our capabilities can we protect ourselves in the future. Especially as we are trying to move to smaller forces - meaning we will need to do more with less, requiring more advanced weapon systems ...(FCS, etc.)
* How to Kiss a Woman
* NEC looking to take the Super Computer title again?
* What's wrong with swearing?
* Some thoughts on Tora Bora
* More thoughts on Tora Bora - what Kerry said AT THE TIME: "But for the moment, what we are doing, I think, is having its impact and it is the best way to protect our troops and sort of minimize the proximity, if you will. I think we have been doing this pretty effectively and we should continue to do it that way."
* From someone who is endorsing neither candidate: "John F. Kerry? He's a washout as a Senator, a joke as candidate and an opportunist who protests war when it suits him and embraces it in times of political expediency." Negative comments/thoughts about Bush too.
* Ann Coulter's latest post
* How to support Kerry ... well, what you need to believe in order to support Kerry. Can't say I quite agree with everything said, but the sentiment is valid.
* Intel +1 mobile chip
* Introducing Dolmette - the chainsaw powered motorcycle
* Some more thoughts on ESCR ... and how misguided Reeves was.
* Some thoughts on tax rates
* New video technology from Samsung for PDAs, phones

* New OOTS
* FlipperCam
* Geek Pick-Up Lines (part 2)
* Martha Stewart Prison Diary
* With Bill Clinton Recovering, Threat Level For Interns Reduced ... "the 'lewdness index' and 'general predatory threat to interns' has been reduced to 'acceptable levels'"
* Swift Boat LESBIANS for Truth rip into Kerry
* BASH "That's the joy of Linux. You scream in pain and agony the first time you do it, and then it's not so bad every time after that."
* Bush vs Kerry, BBSpot style
* Married man ready to start dating again
* Kerry hits head on podium trying to dodge a question

Click for Kerry's new flag
... from Conservative Dialysis


News: ... Red Sox tie it up, series now @ 3-3 ... game 7 coming up!
* Kerry NOT being excommunicated ... conservative lawyer busted.
* Secretary-General of the Egyptian Labor party speaks ... THIS is the type of fanaticism we are dealing with in the Middle East; supports killing civilians, supports taking (and killing) hostages, supports Assassinations, supports bombing LA. ... ahh, Islam - the religion of peace.
* Bush up by 5% ... but still shows Kerry with more electoral votes ... polls are polls! ... More Polls: Bush up by 0-8% in both 3 way and head-to-head ... breakdown of one poll into demographically specific sets
* Is Osama already dead? ... or is Osama still alive?
* Kerry misleading you WRT Afghanistan ... saying we 'outsourced the job to locals' ... in reality, we had Special Forces and CIA operatives embedded in those groups and we would have been fighting against the locals themselves if we had used an all American forces. Basically, this is an example of mutually beneficial teamwork ... something Kerry apparently doesn't understand.

* Gravity warps space-time, spinning masses also twist space-time
* Kos misleads?
* Some thoughts on 'cheap medicine' ... drugs at what cost?
* Very interesting, active (and long) Political thread ... (requires StumbleUpon to post)
* Our gene count - recounted?
* Major data theft at UCB
* Couples make boys, single moms make girls? ... or atleast influenced in that direction
* Long Range Bluetooth
* Jet-Engine-powered cel phone
* Some thoughts on Stolen Honor
* Vaccine that does not require refrigeration
* AMD > Intel?
* Some thoughts on VNC
* SBC growing Broadband, faster than previously announced
* Toshiba = HD-DVD in laptops in 2005
* Stored breast milk loses nutrients

* McAuliffe turns $100 into $49M ... at the expense of LABOR UNION pension funds! Your UNION, at work for you (Hi Jeremy!).
* He thinks we are ("by and large") lemmings ... and by we, he means nearly everyone in the US. While I kind of agree that we all need to be more informed, and to make our decisions based on that information, I would not go so far as to say all of us are lemmings ...
* Attempts to cover a wide range of topics, let us focus on ESCR ... saying that we cannot resist ESCR for 'religious reasons' is like saying the Nazi's were OK in performing their 'experiments' ... also, Iraq is not Vietnam - we have local support, we have removed the enemy leader, free elections are only a couple months away AND the quest to remove WMDs was not just some simple justification for a war they wanted to get us into ... At the very least, his article is well formed and not radically left (admits Kerry doesn't have all the answers) ... and condolences to him for the loss of his mother.

*True?: John Narcissus Edwards ... this is a politically oriented (Conservative) site, often amusing
* US Finishes a 'strong second' in Iraq ... well, maybe if Kerry elected ...
* Cheney-Heinz Iraqi Ketchup deal?
* Kerry - ESCR may hold the cure for my ailing campaign ... another reason to be against it!
* Stem Cells for Bush
* POLL:Americans divided over which poll to believe
* Cheney - the most powerful man in America
*Quick: Impending Romance


News: ...
* Iraqi National Guard take a major hit from mortars ... 100 killed or wounded!
* Oil hit $55, now receding ... down below $53! (if it would only go down another, oh, say $10/barrel :) )
* O'Reilly's accuser ... had a crush on him?
* Red Sox delaying the inevitable? ... played for 6 hours (14 innings) - damn!
* Kerry being excommunicated?
* Reagan's daughter suing Salvation Army
* London stepping up troop involvement
* 1000 Green Berets heading out ... to Iraq, presumably
* Arnold supports Prop 62 ... good man! ... "I didn't come to Sacramento to make political parties happy".
* SBG backs down from Stolen Honor?
* Arnold endorses ESCR .. .that is not so good.

* Mice used to grow Human Testicular tissue?? .. man not so special anymore :(
* Durable PDA
* Big Collider, and the search for the Dark Matter ... make things go fast, smash them together ... what man wouldn't like that??
* Baby, meet your three parents ... three??
* Your daily hack project ... collection of cool DIY things ... including things like how to make a USB flash drive bootable
* New MyDoom variants aiming at AntiVirus companies ... and ridicules NetSky, which will probably prompt more back-and-forth escalation :(
* 10 things you should never buy used and 10 things you should never buy new
* Genetic Modification by Lightning ... for bacteria, anyway
* Celsius 41.11 ... and there is FahrenHYPE 911 as well :)
* Kerry and his Weapons of Mass Distortion ... PS - he also missed 92% of all the votes held during the 2nd session of the 108th Congress and has only authored/co-authored 5 bills that made it to law in 20 years. He was too busy elsewhere, I 'spose.
* Examples of "9/10 thinking"
* The End of the Internet - 2006?
* Some thoughts on Saudi
* Some thoughts on Kerry's no-longer-feasible drug import plan if it ever was, that is :P
* Some thoughts on Social Security, and how bad they are screwing up ... not just in that it is a Ponzi scheme, but actually mis-sending $3B (yes - B) in payments. ... Hi Aaron!
* Some thoughts on politics, spin and 'studies'
* Some thoughts on the Budget
* Planet Formation - messy
* HBO breaking the 'Fair Use doctrine'?
* Arafat endorses Kerry ... more on that here ... AND Stoners endorse Kerry too! ... with endorsements like that, who needs ... um, nevermind. Vote BUSH!
* Long Distance is not a good business to be in
* This man doesn't like either candidate ... calls Kerry "a wishy-washy opportunist who couldn't lead a pack of Cub Scouts on an overnight camping trip" ... :)
* DIY Electricity Experiments!
* Your union, working for you .. Hi Jeremy!
* Redeem the Vote?
* Avant Browser ... new version released ... good-quality IE add-on

* Protect your computer from Richard Nixon's ghost
*Cool: Like Pong ... and Even Cooler: Mario & Castles & Machine-guns!
* O'Reilly outsources phone sex to India
* No pink Floyd = Panic, Hysteria
*NSFW? Flu kills 60M in US
* - means err ... K-Y Jelly = Kerry Jelly
* Desire for WMD is enough
* The Particle Adventure ... physics for the masses :)

harm_: today this one lady got pissed off cause we don't carry i quote wireless power supplies
ogregasm: a what
harm_: thats what i said
harm_: maybe you want an adapter for a wireless router or something??
harm_: shes goes no no i read online about this i wannit i wannit
harm_: then she got pissed when i told her that kind of technology doesn't exist
ogregasm: heh
harm_: i tried to be nice but it got to the point where i was like"get back to us in 30 years"
harm_: "once we attain the secret of positron deflector shields, wireless power supplies shall become a reality"
ogregasm: why bother being that much of an ass to the poor woman
harm_: well shes the one who got all up in my face asking for the store manager
harm_: i told her he had just teleported to a corporate meeting in tokyo
... thanks BASH


News: ... Redskins Won! (finally)
* Oil @ $55+ ... new records
* Fallujah talks on hold .. and 12 killed. Condolences to their friends and family.
* al-Zarqawi pledges allegiance to al-Qaeda
* FCC getting out of the way of broadband
* Pope speaks ...
* Canada - all our drugs are belong to us ... cutting back on allowed exports. Sorry Kerry, no drugs for you.
* Putin says the terrorist attacks in Iraq are attempting to impede Bush's reelection
* Some thoughts on Bush's legacy
* Buchanan Endorses Bush ... and some thoughts on some of Kerry's 'endorsements'

* Bush vs Kerry ... war or the words.
* Kerry's REAL gaffe
* Stewart's audience down 7%
* Dinosaurs died during their prime?
* A mission to investigate Gravity
* New telescope (on Earth) to be 10x better than Hubble ... and MUCH cheaper too!
* Planes that behave like plants? ... reflexively
* A liberal for Bush
* Team America ... good movie? ... Andrew Sullivan agrees as well!
* Quantum Tutorial
* Why do they hate us?
* D&D turns 30
* Teresa Heinz pays a lower tax rate than you do
* Sun Tzu Art of War Website for the Modern Leader and Strategist

* More search goodness from Google
* Bush wins secret 4th debate ... Kerry not informed to time, place
* Cheney - cross dresser?
* SpaceShipOne makes history, no-one cares
* The Rumsfeld Fighting Technique - a pictorial guide
* Dilbert - PHB hears like dog
* New OOTS ... um, shatter doesn't work on steel ... but it does make for a good cartoon strip!
*Baby: Brendan breaks My-Party No-Cry rule
* Tell GWB what to say ... or tell JFK what to say


* More counter-insurgency action in Iraq ... Go Marines! ... and checkpoints being established ... meanwhile, al-Zarqawi getting bolder?
* Taiwan +1 Earthquake ... 7.0, but no big deal ...
* Oil approaching $55 ... crap ... but, Greenspan is not overly concerned ... Stock up just a bit (DJIA still below 10k) ... SouthWest Air earnings up (thanks to oil hedging :) )
* More on the collusion of nations with Saddam/Iraq pre-invasion ... France, Russia, and now Syria? Actually providing weapons to Saddam? And, BTW, they had a vote in the UN Security Council at the time? Among other things, this is more indication of how screwed the UN really is. Speaking of which, the UN's Secretary General is the father of a key Oil-for-Food investigation suspect ... corrupt right up to the top, or atleast to his son :P
* More on the "KE04-Charge voter fraud even if it doesn't exist" ... hard for the DNC to refute this, isn't it?
* ABC puts its "favor Kerry" memo into practice .. the key is not to mis-quote, but just to selectively edit the quotes.
* Entire reserve platoon (17 men) arrested for disobeying orders?
* TSA blows $.5M on party ... that's how they can keep us safer?? Also giving "above average" raises to executives, not to staff though.

* Hacking XM radio
* Halo 2 leaked!? ... It comes out 11/09/04, I have already pre-order my copy (real, not pirate :) ) ...
* More Anti-GOP violence ... again, Democrats - the party of peace?
* Red States - more generous AND more business friendly?
* Mega PDA-Phone from Siemens ... looks pretty sweet. Add an SD GPS and it might be a total package! ... ... another cool, new phone
* Kerry's Social Security 'plan' fits the definition of a Ponzi Scheme ... actually, SS has always fit that description, and that is why it MUST be reformed!
* Some thoughts on elections, in general
* New Mars questions? ... AND Mag-Beam - to Mars and back in 90 days?
* African Americans for Al Qaeda? ... WTF?? I sincerely hope this is a VERY limited 'movement'.
* Financial(legal?) troubles for the Chairman of the DHS? ... probably nothing, but we'll see!
* Teacher loses it
* Amphibians going by-by?
* Malaria Vaccine?
* Coke vs Pepsi ... as FARK would say, here comes the science
* More on Google's Desktop Search tool .. so far, I like it!
* Options Expensing coming to an employer near you?
* Why Genesis crashed to Earth ... sensors are soo picky, you design them upside down and things don't work ... whodathunkit?
* $400 wearable display

* Auntie Pinko speaks again ... (her words, not mine)
* Some 'thoughts' on the Iraq war ... that's right, blame the US govt for the damage the insurgents are doing ... INSTEAD OF BLAMING THEM! Sidenote - to the vets quoted - regardless of how they feel now, I thank them for their service ... and hope they realize this is all being done for the right reasons.

* New OOTS! ... how did I forget this yesterday??
* Love & Methane
* A True Nigerian Fortune
* Kerry steps-up praise of Mary Cheney
* Dr Seuss - Pro-Life?
* An amusing recap of the last debate ... even he 'admits' Bush won!
* Kerry - My dog ate my plan
* Bush Flip-Flops on Bin Laden
* Another resounding endorsement for Bush ... well, kinda.
*TRUE: Money order scam ... and a rant against some desk-jockey police.

Click for Dilbert!

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* Green Zone being rocked by explosions ... Update: Suicide bombers kill 5, including 3 US nationals ... also, several Iraqi's dead there and elsewhere. Heartfelt condolences to their friends/family ... despite all that, progress being made ... US warplanes pounding Fallujah
* Charge voter intimidation, even if none exists ... John boy & DNC back to playing dirty little games with your votes. DNC says Drudge is off base
* Oil continues to suck ... and be expensive.
* (Right-leaning) debate round-up ... early polls say Kerry won by a bit, I heartily disagree (but I am just one vote) ... and remember these early polls are mostly west-coast based ... and some more thoughts here ... oh, and Germany will not send troops into Iraq. Period. (so much for Kerry's Coalition 2.0) ... or you can smack both candidates ... or you can smack both candidates (two different links, lots of overlap) .... some thoughts on Mary Cheney, and the 'scandal' over Kerry's invoking her during the debate - I think Mrs. Edwards statement today is the most despicable.
* WiFi golf cart :)
* Pakistan rescues Chinese hostages ... well one hostage, one died - condolences to his friends/family.
* Israel kills 5 in Gaza ... 100 in the last two weeks! In related news, is the UN helping Palestinians transport weapons??
* Harvard to clone human embryos?
* Democrats to push for war vs Iran?
* Bad news in Haiti (consider the source/bias, but even so - things not looking so good)
* WalMart vs Record Labels ... "cut prices or we quite selling your product"
* Trade Deficit & Jobless claims up ... that's not so good!

* Google launches desktop search tool
* Introducing the Zero Emission Power Plant
* Trace a document to the printer that printed it
* Reducing poverty by reducing govt
* Point by Point analysis of 'Kerry's Debate Cheat-sheet' ... punch-list of interesting items.
* A Dinosaur that slept like a bird
* Some thoughts on Kerry's Non-Proliferation 'plan'
* Some thoughts on No Child Left Behind
* Some thoughts on the Flu Vaccine shortage
* Some thoughts on the Anti-GOP violence
* Some thoughts on Media Fairness ... specifically, SBG's broadcasting of Stolen Honor ... and the FCC will not block the broadcast
* Some thoughts on Economic development
* Kerry is no Reagan
* How to Scare People with Statistics
* Ear's missing link found
* Ann Coulter ... again - amusing, and sometimes informative ... "We may lose the war on terrorism, but by God we'll get the Europeans to like us!" ... HAHAHHA
* Some thoughts on Team America ... soon to be rated NC17? Go Parker & Stone!
* Build you own DVR ... the FreeVo? :)
* Quick Reference Cards ... on damn near everything. Well, everything online/technology/programming-related.
* Asexual and proud?
* Mathematical Truth Serum?
* Instant chemical residue identification

* Which file extension are you?
* Bush listening to Yankees-RedSox game, instead of Kerry, during debate ... bulge explained
* Batman Costume Speaks Out
* Bush to demonstrate Kerry's multiple positions with gymnasts
* Long Distance Bootie Call
* Speaking of the old Booty call
*Baby: Notes to future self
* Cthulhu in Legos ... the opposite of the Bible in Legos? :)

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*REPOST: If you run Windows, you probably have some patching to do ... get crackin'!
* Holy F - Dow dips below 10k
* Six GI's die in Iraq ... our condolences and prayers go out to their friends, families and brothers-in-arms.
* O'Reilly hit with sexual harassment lawsuit ... oops!
* Magma leaking from St Helens ... no big deal, for now although it has an eerie glow
* Some thoughts about both Kerry & Bush
* Thoughts on the election ... mostly pro-Bush :) ... more here on the GOP's potential problem getting supporters to actually vote
* Iraqi forces making progress against insurgents ... and some comments from Afghanistan
* FOX being fined $1.2M ... for showing whip-creme covered breasts. More examples of broadcasters being held to unclear guidelines, and outrageously fined!
* Why does the left hate Bush so much?
* Transcript of third debate ... and a thread of (Conservative leaning)comments on it

* Interesting Political Conversation in the StumbleUpon forums ... mostly Pro-Kerry, but I am working on that :P ... if you haven't tried SU; it is an 'interest based browser' add-on (for IE) give it a whirl - Installer Here ... my handle is trejrco. I could really use some Conservative assistance, I am outnumbered :(.
* FDA approves Medical "chip"
* NMapBot ... uses NMAP and IM ... to 'control PCs'
* More on the USAF's Space Killers :)
* What Bush should have said when asked to name a few mistakes
* Homosexual genes?
* Mars is getting another satellite
* Single skin graft rebuilds face ... warning: pics included, pre and post graft.
* Some thoughts on Israel, terrorism, Islam
* XBOX + Vibe = sweet!
* Exploding car dealership
* We need tort reform! .. this type of legal battle is part of why we have some of the problems we have
* Some thoughts on Social Security
* Some thoughts on why Sinclair's broadcasting of 'Stolen Honor' may not be so out of line
* Some thoughts on deregulation ... and how FERC is doing it wrong
* Some thoughts on outsourcing ... all tax regulation's fault.
* Some thoughts on the SBVFT ... the people, not just the message
* Kerry's big lie about ESCR
* Caffeine Withdrawal a real thing ... I know, I go through it every day!

* Naked Aprons!
*NSFW: F the Vote ... site promotes trading sex for votes against Bush. Funny! PS - Go BUSH!
* Geek Phobias!
* Candidates to pack heat in third debate
* Bush Transfers Presidency of Iraq to Uber-Blogger Andrew Sullivan
* Cheney vows to attack the US if Kerry is elected
* Coke - empowering Latino community
* Mil's latest mailing ... he is the Things My Girlfriend And I Have Argued About" guy
* Don't know why, but this made me laugh ... check it out, and don't be a puto.
... more later, maybe!

PS - I have received more Gmail invites, several available!
(everyone should have an account ... come on, my 3 month old daughter has one! Catch up!)
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* MS Released 10 patches today, 7 are critical ... 2 of the 10 effect WinXPsp2 ... one of those 2 are 'critical' ... dammit.
* China in cahoots with Iraq as well ... add to the list of France, etc.
* Supreme Court to decide (next year) how legal the 10 Commandments are ... see the link below about 'things that are wrong with this country', and add to that list the fact that this is even an issue. Isn't it bad enough that they have been removed from schools?
* More Oil badness ... a strike in Africa is not helping the situation. Oil actually touched $54/barrel (and stayed there). Damn Oil. ... more here ... and More here, also talks about the possibility of expensive Oil causing a recession
* Coalition forces on the offensive in Iraq ...
* Some thoughts on Hypocrisy ... why Democrat leadership (and followers) say "Stolen Honor" cannot be aired but F9/11 can ...
* France NOT surrendering to mobile phones - cel jammers to be installed. More reasons to not like the French. Oh yeah, BOYCOTT FRANCE.
* Kofi Annan determined to make UN even less relevant ... "It was only the latest in a long line of blunders by Annan, whose leadership on the world stage, from Rwanda to Iraq to the Sudan, has proven a spectacular failure."
* This is an example of what's wrong in our country - "Boy fatally stabs mom : Fight about girlfriend prompts attack after which 15-year-old takes her car, gun and digs grave for body" ... then again, atleast he didn't use a crossbow to shoot his 79 year old mother ... over her will, of all things. And then claims he has a mental disorder (obviously!). And, here is something wrong with other countries - like Japan, which has internet suicide pacts ...
* London hit by 'flu epidemic' .. probably not a good sign of what is to come, especially with the vaccine shortage we have right now. (beware the FUD / hype!)
* Folic acid can lower risk of High Blood Pressure ... in addition to reducing the rate of birth defects
* Pakistan test fires missile ... "nuke capable"
* Science disagrees with Kerry/Edwards ... Edwards, predictably, said "When John Kerry is president, people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk. Get up out of that wheelchair and walk again." Science, in response, says "Shut up, sit down and do some research". OK, not quite worded that way ... but the sentiment is there. "John Edwards and John Kerry -- panderers until the end." ... and for those so inclined, read the comments section - some refute (or just attempt to?) the attack on Kerry/Edwards. I would respond : a)not all stem cells are the same, Adult vs. Embryonic b)they didn't address the issue of reversing scarred damage vs. recent damage c)they didn't answer the ethical question of baby killing to save lives.
* Germany softening stance on Iraqi troop deployment? ... note that "If a democratically-elected Iraqi government were to ask the UN for support, the international community, including Germany, must be in a position to respond" ... that means (to me) that who our President is is not the key concern ...

* Very enlightening look at the long-term population growth issue ... not just in the US, but globally
* Bush's tax cuts not big enough? ... I agree!
* More comments on Kerry's 'acceptable levels of terrorism' comment ... and an excellent response to Kerry's statement! ... and more here
* Democrats, the party of peace(?), vandalizing another Bush campaign office ... Here is a letter from BC04 to the AFLCIO about these types of occurrences, and other voter intimidation tactics
* Good, Conservative Blog ... tagline = "Removing Liberal Waste from the American Bloodstream" ... HAHAHHA ... has posts likethis comparison of the candidates ... SWEET!
* Ready to sleep your way through space? ... human hibernation
* The ongoing effort to hack the Linksys NSLU2 ... make it do your laundry (well, not yet .. maybe soon!)
* Origins of different sayings
* Smog hits record LOW ... and pollution hotspots mapped from space ... (cool pic)
* Interesting Political Conversation in the StumbleUpon forums ... mostly Pro-Kerry, but I am working on that :P ... if you haven't tried SU; it is an 'interest based browser add-on (for IE) give it a whirl - Installer Here ... my handle is trejrco.

*TRUE: REDvsBLUE Season 3 has now started!
* Fellowship 9/11 ... what a great way to have some fun, at Moore's expense, and watch some LOTR all at the same time! Thanks Anna! (Hey - and as I save port this, it is 09:11!)
* Yesterday's OOTS now available
*Hopefully True: Bush wins the election
* Interview with Steve Jobs ... foil fairies and dragons for everybody!
* Nader to foil Afghan vote
* Working on an eBomb ... and eDefenses for convoys
* Now introducing the President's clone - Bizzaro Bush
*True: Ghost Recon 2 will allow gamers to experience the 'Future Force Warrior' body armor, helmet and weapon systems. Sweet! I only wish our (real) troops would get this sooner ...
* Did the Jedi have it coming? ... a thought provoking question, and well presented :)
* Wild animal creations ... like FARK's photoshop contests!

PS - I object to Sinclair's forced showing of Stolen Honor; not because I object to the content (in fact, I am interested in seeing it at some point - if it is ever on TV / available free of charge) but because I think it would not be fair nor balanced to force stations to play it. I hope stations decide to play it at some point, but being forced to is not right. In fact, I wrote an email to three of the higher-ups @ SBG:
"Good Morning!
While I whole-heartedly support Bush/Cheney and want any and all information about all of our candidates to be made public, I am concerned that you (forcibly) presenting one side of the story may cause more of a backlash than it counters.
I know that I, for one, would be quite irate if you were to, for example, play F9/11 … and I can only imagine that those who support Kerry/Edwards will feel quite similar about this playing. I am NOT comparing "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal" to F9/11 by any stretch of the imagination, and would guess (but do not know for sure) that it is just a tad bit more factually correct that Mr. Moore’s uninformed, biased, inaccurate drivel."