* Al-Zarqawi -1 Aide ... go US!
* Another $70B for Iraq War ... War is Hell, and expensive.
* Geneva Exceptions?
* Condi Rice stumping for Bush ...
* CBS was aiming for Election Nite Explosive-gate ... Rather-gate not enough, apparently :) .. PS - "According to NBCNEWS, the explosives were already missing when the American troops arrived." ... more on the missing explosives issue here
* More thoughts on the impending Election/Vote-Counting debacle

* Cisco adds scrambling to VoIP
* Using Pumpkins to pull DDT out of the soil ... I wonder how that hurts their use as a Jack-O-Lantern? :)
* New Galactic Highways ... for Stars (the fusion kind).
* Low Cal diets make you live longer ... well, if you are a fruit fly anyway

* New OOTS ... well, it was new yesterday
* Red vs Blue #40 is out!
* PETA upset at use of animals in Political Ads
* O’Reilly offers her $6 million and then asked her to bathe in the money naked

... sorry for no updates yesterday, had Apheresis and then Becky blew her rear brakes out ... so had to fix those :(. And now I am just too damn busy, so today's post is short too.

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