* Green Zone being rocked by explosions ... Update: Suicide bombers kill 5, including 3 US nationals ... also, several Iraqi's dead there and elsewhere. Heartfelt condolences to their friends/family ... despite all that, progress being made ... US warplanes pounding Fallujah
* Charge voter intimidation, even if none exists ... John boy & DNC back to playing dirty little games with your votes. DNC says Drudge is off base
* Oil continues to suck ... and be expensive.
* (Right-leaning) debate round-up ... early polls say Kerry won by a bit, I heartily disagree (but I am just one vote) ... and remember these early polls are mostly west-coast based ... and some more thoughts here ... oh, and Germany will not send troops into Iraq. Period. (so much for Kerry's Coalition 2.0) ... or you can smack both candidates ... or you can smack both candidates (two different links, lots of overlap) .... some thoughts on Mary Cheney, and the 'scandal' over Kerry's invoking her during the debate - I think Mrs. Edwards statement today is the most despicable.
* WiFi golf cart :)
* Pakistan rescues Chinese hostages ... well one hostage, one died - condolences to his friends/family.
* Israel kills 5 in Gaza ... 100 in the last two weeks! In related news, is the UN helping Palestinians transport weapons??
* Harvard to clone human embryos?
* Democrats to push for war vs Iran?
* Bad news in Haiti (consider the source/bias, but even so - things not looking so good)
* WalMart vs Record Labels ... "cut prices or we quite selling your product"
* Trade Deficit & Jobless claims up ... that's not so good!

* Google launches desktop search tool
* Introducing the Zero Emission Power Plant
* Trace a document to the printer that printed it
* Reducing poverty by reducing govt
* Point by Point analysis of 'Kerry's Debate Cheat-sheet' ... punch-list of interesting items.
* A Dinosaur that slept like a bird
* Some thoughts on Kerry's Non-Proliferation 'plan'
* Some thoughts on No Child Left Behind
* Some thoughts on the Flu Vaccine shortage
* Some thoughts on the Anti-GOP violence
* Some thoughts on Media Fairness ... specifically, SBG's broadcasting of Stolen Honor ... and the FCC will not block the broadcast
* Some thoughts on Economic development
* Kerry is no Reagan
* How to Scare People with Statistics
* Ear's missing link found
* Ann Coulter ... again - amusing, and sometimes informative ... "We may lose the war on terrorism, but by God we'll get the Europeans to like us!" ... HAHAHHA
* Some thoughts on Team America ... soon to be rated NC17? Go Parker & Stone!
* Build you own DVR ... the FreeVo? :)
* Quick Reference Cards ... on damn near everything. Well, everything online/technology/programming-related.
* Asexual and proud?
* Mathematical Truth Serum?
* Instant chemical residue identification

* Which file extension are you?
* Bush listening to Yankees-RedSox game, instead of Kerry, during debate ... bulge explained
* Batman Costume Speaks Out
* Bush to demonstrate Kerry's multiple positions with gymnasts
* Long Distance Bootie Call
* Speaking of the old Booty call
*Baby: Notes to future self
* Cthulhu in Legos ... the opposite of the Bible in Legos? :)

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