* More counter-insurgency action in Iraq ... Go Marines! ... and checkpoints being established ... meanwhile, al-Zarqawi getting bolder?
* Taiwan +1 Earthquake ... 7.0, but no big deal ...
* Oil approaching $55 ... crap ... but, Greenspan is not overly concerned ... Stock up just a bit (DJIA still below 10k) ... SouthWest Air earnings up (thanks to oil hedging :) )
* More on the collusion of nations with Saddam/Iraq pre-invasion ... France, Russia, and now Syria? Actually providing weapons to Saddam? And, BTW, they had a vote in the UN Security Council at the time? Among other things, this is more indication of how screwed the UN really is. Speaking of which, the UN's Secretary General is the father of a key Oil-for-Food investigation suspect ... corrupt right up to the top, or atleast to his son :P
* More on the "KE04-Charge voter fraud even if it doesn't exist" ... hard for the DNC to refute this, isn't it?
* ABC puts its "favor Kerry" memo into practice .. the key is not to mis-quote, but just to selectively edit the quotes.
* Entire reserve platoon (17 men) arrested for disobeying orders?
* TSA blows $.5M on party ... that's how they can keep us safer?? Also giving "above average" raises to executives, not to staff though.

* Hacking XM radio
* Halo 2 leaked!? ... It comes out 11/09/04, I have already pre-order my copy (real, not pirate :) ) ...
* More Anti-GOP violence ... again, Democrats - the party of peace?
* Red States - more generous AND more business friendly?
* Mega PDA-Phone from Siemens ... looks pretty sweet. Add an SD GPS and it might be a total package! ... ... another cool, new phone
* Kerry's Social Security 'plan' fits the definition of a Ponzi Scheme ... actually, SS has always fit that description, and that is why it MUST be reformed!
* Some thoughts on elections, in general
* New Mars questions? ... AND Mag-Beam - to Mars and back in 90 days?
* African Americans for Al Qaeda? ... WTF?? I sincerely hope this is a VERY limited 'movement'.
* Financial(legal?) troubles for the Chairman of the DHS? ... probably nothing, but we'll see!
* Teacher loses it
* Amphibians going by-by?
* Malaria Vaccine?
* Coke vs Pepsi ... as FARK would say, here comes the science
* More on Google's Desktop Search tool .. so far, I like it!
* Options Expensing coming to an employer near you?
* Why Genesis crashed to Earth ... sensors are soo picky, you design them upside down and things don't work ... whodathunkit?
* $400 wearable display

* Auntie Pinko speaks again ... (her words, not mine)
* Some 'thoughts' on the Iraq war ... that's right, blame the US govt for the damage the insurgents are doing ... INSTEAD OF BLAMING THEM! Sidenote - to the vets quoted - regardless of how they feel now, I thank them for their service ... and hope they realize this is all being done for the right reasons.

* New OOTS! ... how did I forget this yesterday??
* Love & Methane
* A True Nigerian Fortune
* Kerry steps-up praise of Mary Cheney
* Dr Seuss - Pro-Life?
* An amusing recap of the last debate ... even he 'admits' Bush won!
* Kerry - My dog ate my plan
* Bush Flip-Flops on Bin Laden
* Another resounding endorsement for Bush ... well, kinda.
*TRUE: Money order scam ... and a rant against some desk-jockey police.

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