*REPOST: If you run Windows, you probably have some patching to do ... get crackin'!
* Holy F - Dow dips below 10k
* Six GI's die in Iraq ... our condolences and prayers go out to their friends, families and brothers-in-arms.
* O'Reilly hit with sexual harassment lawsuit ... oops!
* Magma leaking from St Helens ... no big deal, for now although it has an eerie glow
* Some thoughts about both Kerry & Bush
* Thoughts on the election ... mostly pro-Bush :) ... more here on the GOP's potential problem getting supporters to actually vote
* Iraqi forces making progress against insurgents ... and some comments from Afghanistan
* FOX being fined $1.2M ... for showing whip-creme covered breasts. More examples of broadcasters being held to unclear guidelines, and outrageously fined!
* Why does the left hate Bush so much?
* Transcript of third debate ... and a thread of (Conservative leaning)comments on it

* Interesting Political Conversation in the StumbleUpon forums ... mostly Pro-Kerry, but I am working on that :P ... if you haven't tried SU; it is an 'interest based browser' add-on (for IE) give it a whirl - Installer Here ... my handle is trejrco. I could really use some Conservative assistance, I am outnumbered :(.
* FDA approves Medical "chip"
* NMapBot ... uses NMAP and IM ... to 'control PCs'
* More on the USAF's Space Killers :)
* What Bush should have said when asked to name a few mistakes
* Homosexual genes?
* Mars is getting another satellite
* Single skin graft rebuilds face ... warning: pics included, pre and post graft.
* Some thoughts on Israel, terrorism, Islam
* XBOX + Vibe = sweet!
* Exploding car dealership
* We need tort reform! .. this type of legal battle is part of why we have some of the problems we have
* Some thoughts on Social Security
* Some thoughts on why Sinclair's broadcasting of 'Stolen Honor' may not be so out of line
* Some thoughts on deregulation ... and how FERC is doing it wrong
* Some thoughts on outsourcing ... all tax regulation's fault.
* Some thoughts on the SBVFT ... the people, not just the message
* Kerry's big lie about ESCR
* Caffeine Withdrawal a real thing ... I know, I go through it every day!

* Naked Aprons!
*NSFW: F the Vote ... site promotes trading sex for votes against Bush. Funny! PS - Go BUSH!
* Geek Phobias!
* Candidates to pack heat in third debate
* Bush Transfers Presidency of Iraq to Uber-Blogger Andrew Sullivan
* Cheney vows to attack the US if Kerry is elected
* Coke - empowering Latino community
* Mil's latest mailing ... he is the Things My Girlfriend And I Have Argued About" guy
* Don't know why, but this made me laugh ... check it out, and don't be a puto.
... more later, maybe!

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