*Symantec raised the Internet "ThreatCon" to 2 today, based on new Beagle variant (BEAGLE.AV ... NAV updates here) ... actually, this is the third recent BEAGLE variant
* OBL Speaks ... on tape, that is.
* Al-Qaqaa: Weapons were still there when US forces rolled through? ... if true, that would not be so good. Regardless, it is RECKLESS of Kerry to make the accusations he has BEFORE knowing the truth. MORE HERE ... UPDATE: THE US TOOK THE MUNITIONS ... I hope this is true!
* Kerry tied to Vietnam (again) ... "provide concrete evidence that Vietnamese communists were directing Kerry's antiwar group"
* NAACP to lose tax-exempt status? ... that would be HILARIOUS!
* Hollywood getting more cameras
* Kerry picking his cabinet ... let's hope it doesn't come to that :)
* DHS visits toy store ... Why is DHS in the Intellectual Property Enforcement business? The words incompetent & ridiculous come to mind ...
* LA Times and Chicago Tribune going down?
* More Flu vaccine on the way?
* 5GB pocket HDD
* WiMax on the rise?
* Harkin lies
* XBOX class action lawsuit in the works?
* UK troops arrive on-site* Economy Grows at 3.7 Percent Annual Rate

* ATMs = Windows Based? ... IIRC - BoA lost access to ~10k ATMs due to Blaster's bandwidth consumption.
* Titan's surface ... "complex & strange"
* NASA preparing Shuttles to fly again
* Some thoughts on broadband ... less (regulation) is more (broadband)
* Internet searches are parasites that are killing the publishing business? ... and here I thought they were just a great search tool and an equalizer :)
* You cannot lead if you don't know where you're going
* Morning Planets
* Free Time = Flame Thrower
* Iraq != Bay of Pigs
* Compound that slows Alzheimer's
* Insert contact lens to get drugs
* Pro-Lifers should side with the GOP ... IMHO that depends if they are single-issue voters or not.
* Some thoughts on the housing market
* A Thank You note to President Bush
* Apache 1.3.3 released
* Voices of Iraq opens today .. in select markets
* "My daddy killed me with a butcher knife" ... thank god for 911 (the phone# / EMS - not the date)
* Courtney Love to face Assault charges
* Cher sucks
* CDs that will last 300 years ... for really important data, etc.
* Virtual sales top $100M
* Dolphins' brains evolved in spurts
* The Case against the UN

* Bush leads by 93 points! ... "In a historic first, Bush is also expected to win Cuba and the Great Lakes" :)
* October Surprise - Cat Stevens captured!
* Boston Fans can now die happy
* Hillary Duff goes slutty
* Cardinals were just Lip Syncing in the series
* Disneyland added to "Trifecta of Evil"
* Bush admits to Lip Syncing to Cheney

Ev: wow my roommates and i are so lazy, instead of getting up and going to the other's room to say good night we IM each other good night that;s the Epitome of digital dependence
... thanks BASH

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