News: ... VP's Debate tonight
* Warplanes pounding Sadr city (again) ... and more thoughts on the sweeping up of the Sunni Triangle
* Iran has missile with 1250m range ... denies any nuclear of offensive intentions.
* Oil too damn high (still/again)
* Helens blowing more steam ... a real eruption still looming? (Nothing as big as 1980
* Some polls show a dead heat, while some show Bush up by 5% ... either way, Bush is up to 321 Electoral Votes (Kerry down to 200)
* Bremer says we don't have enough troops in Iraq ... but still better than Saddam's killing 10's of thousands of his own citizens
* A Bush supporter offers Bush some advice ... or criticism; on that note - A Kerry supporter criticizes Kerry's statements during the debates - "As if to prove that he wasn't simply paying empty homage to the most popular figure's in America's political pantheon ..."
* Kerry would get us nowhere with Iraq

* N. Korea training hackers ...
* Some thoughts on InfoSec ... perimeter defense outdated
* If you think a regular Hummer is sweet, check this one out! ... "put the firepower of an entire heavy-weapons platoon into one vehicle"
* Kerry his own Global Test ... "Iranian Mullah's had preemptively rejected Kerry's debate proposal to provide them with nuclear materials in return for them promising to be good little lunatics" ... "I think its vitally important to keep noting how Kerry insults those who are fighting along side us in order to curry favor with those who turned their backs on the United States"
* More on Black Holes
* Some thoughts on the Patriot Act ... good for you! (PS - Kerry voted FOR it, as did John Edwards!)
* Introducing the Home Defibrillator ...
* Forget how it was said for a minute, let's focus on WHAT was said ... yes, Kerry came off better in the debate, BUT ... factual errors & contradictions abound, as do bad ideas! (Like I have said before - Kerry's presentation was better, but what he was presenting was(and still is) all wrong)
* SpaceShipOne wins! ... +$10M?

* Tries to pin some flip-flops on Rumsfeld ... but if you actually read his statements they do not contradict each other. If anything, he is guilty of being too unclear, leaving his statements open to mis-representation. (Or maybe Bill O’Reilly is right – and Rumsfeld should get dumped?)
* Calls Republicans Whirling Dervishes ... spinning about. Mainly uses anonymous internet posts and Republican commentaries quotes; anonymous quotes could be anyone (including Kerry supporters) and Republican commentaries naturally need to be a little pro-Bush (remember - a commentator is not a reporter; they are supposed to spin things a bit).

* Kerry - I will fix Mt St Helens
* Horny Green Chicks worth $10M ... SpaceShipOne not returning calls :)
* Debate - was all about height, posture and tie color
* Alvin shunned, forced to wear scarlet A
* Doppler Radar that detects, destroy other Doppler Radars
* MS Phaser Mouse
*True'ish: Defective Yeti's comments on the debate
*TRUE: A nice quote from George Soros ... Democratic Billionaire Far-Out Leftie with a God Complex.
*True? Kerry treats people like dirt? ... may or may not be true, that's why it's under the 'funny' section :)
* New OOTS! ... well, was new yesterday ...

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