News: ... OIL ... VP DEBATE ... Yankees Lose ...
*Riley rolled over again yesterday, and this time it is on tape - so I got to see it!! ... link goes to her pictures - 292 so far!
* Bush on the Attack ... w00t!
* More evidence that Saddam was just biding his time until re-starting WMD programs ... re-affirming that we made the correct choice, invading when we did, like we did.
* Oil hits all-time high ... again. Dammit. $51.48/barrel is crazy ... UPDATE: $51.80 is even crazier :( ... UPDATE:Oil hits $52, closes at $51.90 ... and stocks up anyway!
* Mt St Helens spews some more ... and some think it may simmer for weeks, years ... and alert level dropped
* Some truth about the deficit
* Rodney Dangerfield passed away ... lots of respect.
* Some truth about the economy - "Kerry says Bush is "the first president to lose jobs in our country in 72 years." This statement is both false and disingenuous. Franklin Roosevelt lost lots of jobs; so did Ronald Reagan. Both inherited bad economies from their predecessors--as did Bush. The president was faced in his first year with a tech bubble that had burst, a terrorist attack that had killed 3,000 Americans and the worst corporate accounting scandals in history. None of these was Bush's fault; Clinton deserves at least some of the blame for all three. The real question is how Bush handled the cards he was dealt. He did what any economist--Keynesian or supply-sider--would prescribe: cut taxes, increase spending and loosen monetary policy (really, the job of the Fed). All steps were taken quickly, and the economy has turned around."
* Howard Stern announces departure from radio in 15 months ... well, from normal radio - moving on over to Sirius (who has, I think, about 9 users :) ).
* Pet dog kills 5 week old baby ... Ouch! (And you should never leave a child unattended, dammit!!)

* Register with Vote Or Not and win $$$? ... Maybe.
* In an obvious effort to recreate half of the SciFi movies in real life, a flu strain that killed 50M people in 1918 has been recreated ...
* Some thoughts on the debates last night ... my strongest reaction to the debate last night was that I cannot stand the way Edwards blinks too much, and his hand motions are annoying too. I could barely concentrate on what he was saying if I was watching him speak. I don't know what, if anything, over-zealous blinking means (subconsciously?) but whatever it is Edwards has a lot of it. Oh, and he has lots of bad ideas, misinformation and empty promises too. PS - read some of Edwards' own words ... before he was against the war in Iraq, he was for it :P ... if clicking is too much work, he said "I think Iraq is the most serious and imminent threat to our country"
* More thoughts on the debates ... quote from Cheney: "If you can't stand up to Howard Dean, who can you stand up to Al Qaeda" ... HAHAHHA ... also, DNC using bots to skew online polls (more attempted 'election stealing'?)
* Now that the pricing has been released, Jeep can formally announce the Rubicon Unlimited
* 'Hackers'/DoS take down some Dutch Govt sites
* PeopleSoft, having just sacked their CEO, now talking with Oracle ... huge buyout in the making.
* Frog makes a glue that can repair cartilage?
* Ever wondered how Quarks work ... these people did, and got the Nobel prize for it
* Contrary to what Edwards wants you to believe, we are doing things to help Israel ... like permitting them to defend themselves (no-one else did)
* Tiger gets married ... to busy on the wife, not enough time on the course :)
* Flu vaccine shortage ... -50% due to 'manufacturing problems' with UK company. Sidenote - BE has no Flu vaccine shortage, accepting 500 employees for vaccination on Friday, Oct 15th ...
* Homo Sapiens killed two species of near-humans? - "we are a race of fratricidal serial killers with a second set of relatives' blood on our hands"
* No Parole for Lennon's murderer ... good, because parole (in general) is bad.
* Salmonella lettuce ... see. I told you it is bad for you :)
* Some thoughts on WiMax ... and a link to the 'Complete Guide to WiMax
* CBS cover-up in action?
* 'Green' Cars coming soon? ... hydrogen fuel cells
* Supernova pic

* Bush/Cheney HQ in Orlando 'ransacked' ... people in Orlando trying to steal the election? :)
* Shots fired into Bush/Cheney HQ in Tennessee ... similar to incident in Alabama? ... I thought Democrats didn't like guns?
* The usual rant ... but with a few useful points, for once. Not that it says anything we don't already know, but its worth hearing now and again.
* KerryHatersForKerry ... what can I say, even those voting for him don't like him! (and check out some of the bumper stickers)
* Daschle's turn to waffle ... let's hope he loses!!

* What one senior citizen did to entertain himself ... not as bad as that title makes it sound!
*TRUE: Canada's lethal submarine ... just bought and now adrift, no power ... is there a lemon law for that kind of thing?
* Irrelevant pop stars against Bush
* Bush - Kerry is a horrorist; declares War on Horror
* CBS sucks up to Bush
* Kerry's Favorite Foods Reveal Disturbing Pattern
* "Your Rights in the Workplace" Shows Rights, Wrongs, and Gray Maybes
* Star Wars: The George Lucas Revisionist Edition" Set For Theatrical Release
* American Indian Museum Opens, Is Promptly Stolen By American History Museum
* Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz are vampires
* IBM's speedy super model?
*TRUE: Eminem mocks Wacko Jacko in latest video

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