News: ...OIL ...
* Egypt resort rocked by terrorist blast ... 30 dead.
* Stocks WAY down ... blame oil.
* Six schools under heightened security alert
* Border Security beefed up, yielding results
* Security Alert in Green Zone raised ... arrests made, etc. Elsewhere - one soldier died, several injured ... UPDATE: Rockets hit Baghdad hotel ... good(i.e.-Coalition) offensive actions still underway
* Oil @ $52+ ... hit $52.23, dammit. (closed at $52.10) ... no relief expected as heating oil demand will be rising as weathers turns colder. ... UPDATE:make that $53+ ...
* UN more involved in Oil for Food debacle ... accepting bribes, and whatnot. EXCELLENT REVIEW of Saddam's plans, Oil for Food, and WMD situation here
* Google to index books ... sweet! (stepping on Amazon's toes?)
* Some thoughts on Iraq ... situation bad, but not a lost cause (yet).
* NY to start shipping trash again
* 40 mourners killed in Pakistan
* Cheney says the No-WMD report justifies the Iraq war ... I agree! It is CLEAR that although we have found no stockpiles of WMDs yet, he had the INTENT and KNOW-HOW to reinstate these programs as soon as the UN sanctions were lifted. These sanctions, by the way, were less than three years from being lifted, thanks in part to the bribes members of the UN were taking! Iraq was not responsible for 9/11, but we have stopped them from causing the NEXT 9/11.

Interesting: ... jobs report tomorrow! (Should be BIG!)
* Google launches SMS service!
* Mars Rover finds more evidence of past water
* Some startling results from stem cell research ... amazing, and not good for those of us who object to ESCR!
* Sun loses $1 billion lawsuit to Kodak .. more examples of software patents gone bad.
* OK, so ASP.NET doesn't *really* require a password for 'password protected' sites
* Some thoughts on N. Korea ... is there existence as a sovereign state doomed?
* These two women appear to be immune to HIV ... a mutant gene! HIV immunity I can skip on for now, I want my claws, ability to fly and solar-powered eye-blasts, please.
* Inline verbal translator ... 'universal translator' from Star Trek? (Not quite ... or atleast not yet :) )
* The true Death Stars ... the center of our galaxy is (should be) devoid of life as fast burning / short lived stars irradiate it every few million years.
* Mobile Broadcasting goes live! ... in Japan.
* 527's under attack
* Ann Coulter's latest article .. "Dear Diary: Went to a vice presidential debate Tuesday night and an "Oprah" show broke out." ... HAHAHHA, like I said before - at the very least she is amusing!
* Aircraft crash videos. Sad, but amusing too.
* Unclaimed Baggage! ... the interesting ones, anyway
* Nation Building ... or atleast a failed attempt at it - "Unfortunately, starting a nation entirely on your own isn't as easy as you might hope. We recommend sticking with couch forts"
* Some thoughts on political fanaticism ... and some more thoughts on that here ... and some thoughts on politics + religion
* Some thoughts on the 'national savings rate'
* Kerry's class warfare ... "Wrong war, wrong enemy, wrong means"
* Have e a quote you need to attribute? Looking for a quote on a particular topic? Go here
* From the WTF department - "Swedish lawmakers propose fee to pay societal cost of male violence" ... aka - the Penis Tax? (that alternate title was recommended by PBRN
* AT&T cutting 7400

*GAME: Ball Droppings!
* Hosting for the Brothers
* New OOTS! ... or you can start from the beginning HERE
* 11 signs that this is a Geek Kitchen
* American Robot's job outsourced to Overseas Robot
* Shortage of Botox shots!?
* Tiger's $11zillion wedding ceremony
* Chemical spill now just water under the bridge
* Bush will not speak in second debate, just point
* Candidates to be cuddly in second debate

*Picture of the Day:
I'm Rick James, and I'm dead

*Runner-up for picture of the Day:
A mall for men

*Post of the Day:
Axe: I
Axe: do
Axe: not
Axe: know
Axe: where
Axe: family
Axe: doctors
Axe: acquired
Axe: illegibly
Axe: perplexing
Axe: handwriting
Axe: nevertheless
Axe: extraordinary
Axe: pharmaceutical
Axe: intellectuality
Axe: counterbalancing
Axe: indecipherability
Axe: transcendentalizes
Axe: intercommunications
Axe: incomprehensibleness.

... thx BASH

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