News: ... Redskins Won! (finally)
* Oil @ $55+ ... new records
* Fallujah talks on hold .. and 12 killed. Condolences to their friends and family.
* al-Zarqawi pledges allegiance to al-Qaeda
* FCC getting out of the way of broadband
* Pope speaks ...
* Canada - all our drugs are belong to us ... cutting back on allowed exports. Sorry Kerry, no drugs for you.
* Putin says the terrorist attacks in Iraq are attempting to impede Bush's reelection
* Some thoughts on Bush's legacy
* Buchanan Endorses Bush ... and some thoughts on some of Kerry's 'endorsements'

* Bush vs Kerry ... war or the words.
* Kerry's REAL gaffe
* Stewart's audience down 7%
* Dinosaurs died during their prime?
* A mission to investigate Gravity
* New telescope (on Earth) to be 10x better than Hubble ... and MUCH cheaper too!
* Planes that behave like plants? ... reflexively
* A liberal for Bush
* Team America ... good movie? ... Andrew Sullivan agrees as well!
* Quantum Tutorial
* Why do they hate us?
* D&D turns 30
* Teresa Heinz pays a lower tax rate than you do
* Sun Tzu Art of War Website for the Modern Leader and Strategist

* More search goodness from Google
* Bush wins secret 4th debate ... Kerry not informed to time, place
* Cheney - cross dresser?
* SpaceShipOne makes history, no-one cares
* The Rumsfeld Fighting Technique - a pictorial guide
* Dilbert - PHB hears like dog
* New OOTS ... um, shatter doesn't work on steel ... but it does make for a good cartoon strip!
*Baby: Brendan breaks My-Party No-Cry rule
* Tell GWB what to say ... or tell JFK what to say

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