News: ...
* Iraqi National Guard take a major hit from mortars ... 100 killed or wounded!
* Oil hit $55, now receding ... down below $53! (if it would only go down another, oh, say $10/barrel :) )
* O'Reilly's accuser ... had a crush on him?
* Red Sox delaying the inevitable? ... played for 6 hours (14 innings) - damn!
* Kerry being excommunicated?
* Reagan's daughter suing Salvation Army
* London stepping up troop involvement
* 1000 Green Berets heading out ... to Iraq, presumably
* Arnold supports Prop 62 ... good man! ... "I didn't come to Sacramento to make political parties happy".
* SBG backs down from Stolen Honor?
* Arnold endorses ESCR .. .that is not so good.

* Mice used to grow Human Testicular tissue?? .. man not so special anymore :(
* Durable PDA
* Big Collider, and the search for the Dark Matter ... make things go fast, smash them together ... what man wouldn't like that??
* Baby, meet your three parents ... three??
* Your daily hack project ... collection of cool DIY things ... including things like how to make a USB flash drive bootable
* New MyDoom variants aiming at AntiVirus companies ... and ridicules NetSky, which will probably prompt more back-and-forth escalation :(
* 10 things you should never buy used and 10 things you should never buy new
* Genetic Modification by Lightning ... for bacteria, anyway
* Celsius 41.11 ... and there is FahrenHYPE 911 as well :)
* Kerry and his Weapons of Mass Distortion ... PS - he also missed 92% of all the votes held during the 2nd session of the 108th Congress and has only authored/co-authored 5 bills that made it to law in 20 years. He was too busy elsewhere, I 'spose.
* Examples of "9/10 thinking"
* The End of the Internet - 2006?
* Some thoughts on Saudi
* Some thoughts on Kerry's no-longer-feasible drug import plan if it ever was, that is :P
* Some thoughts on Social Security, and how bad they are screwing up ... not just in that it is a Ponzi scheme, but actually mis-sending $3B (yes - B) in payments. ... Hi Aaron!
* Some thoughts on politics, spin and 'studies'
* Some thoughts on the Budget
* Planet Formation - messy
* HBO breaking the 'Fair Use doctrine'?
* Arafat endorses Kerry ... more on that here ... AND Stoners endorse Kerry too! ... with endorsements like that, who needs ... um, nevermind. Vote BUSH!
* Long Distance is not a good business to be in
* This man doesn't like either candidate ... calls Kerry "a wishy-washy opportunist who couldn't lead a pack of Cub Scouts on an overnight camping trip" ... :)
* DIY Electricity Experiments!
* Your union, working for you .. Hi Jeremy!
* Redeem the Vote?
* Avant Browser ... new version released ... good-quality IE add-on

* Protect your computer from Richard Nixon's ghost
*Cool: Like Pong ... and Even Cooler: Mario & Castles & Machine-guns!
* O'Reilly outsources phone sex to India
* No pink Floyd = Panic, Hysteria
*NSFW? Flu kills 60M in US
* - means err ... K-Y Jelly = Kerry Jelly
* Desire for WMD is enough
* The Particle Adventure ... physics for the masses :)

harm_: today this one lady got pissed off cause we don't carry i quote wireless power supplies
ogregasm: a what
harm_: thats what i said
harm_: maybe you want an adapter for a wireless router or something??
harm_: shes goes no no i read online about this i wannit i wannit
harm_: then she got pissed when i told her that kind of technology doesn't exist
ogregasm: heh
harm_: i tried to be nice but it got to the point where i was like"get back to us in 30 years"
harm_: "once we attain the secret of positron deflector shields, wireless power supplies shall become a reality"
ogregasm: why bother being that much of an ass to the poor woman
harm_: well shes the one who got all up in my face asking for the store manager
harm_: i told her he had just teleported to a corporate meeting in tokyo
... thanks BASH

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