News: ... Red Sox tie it up, series now @ 3-3 ... game 7 coming up!
* Kerry NOT being excommunicated ... conservative lawyer busted.
* Secretary-General of the Egyptian Labor party speaks ... THIS is the type of fanaticism we are dealing with in the Middle East; supports killing civilians, supports taking (and killing) hostages, supports Assassinations, supports bombing LA. ... ahh, Islam - the religion of peace.
* Bush up by 5% ... but still shows Kerry with more electoral votes ... polls are polls! ... More Polls: Bush up by 0-8% in both 3 way and head-to-head ... breakdown of one poll into demographically specific sets
* Is Osama already dead? ... or is Osama still alive?
* Kerry misleading you WRT Afghanistan ... saying we 'outsourced the job to locals' ... in reality, we had Special Forces and CIA operatives embedded in those groups and we would have been fighting against the locals themselves if we had used an all American forces. Basically, this is an example of mutually beneficial teamwork ... something Kerry apparently doesn't understand.

* Gravity warps space-time, spinning masses also twist space-time
* Kos misleads?
* Some thoughts on 'cheap medicine' ... drugs at what cost?
* Very interesting, active (and long) Political thread ... (requires StumbleUpon to post)
* Our gene count - recounted?
* Major data theft at UCB
* Couples make boys, single moms make girls? ... or atleast influenced in that direction
* Long Range Bluetooth
* Jet-Engine-powered cel phone
* Some thoughts on Stolen Honor
* Vaccine that does not require refrigeration
* AMD > Intel?
* Some thoughts on VNC
* SBC growing Broadband, faster than previously announced
* Toshiba = HD-DVD in laptops in 2005
* Stored breast milk loses nutrients

* McAuliffe turns $100 into $49M ... at the expense of LABOR UNION pension funds! Your UNION, at work for you (Hi Jeremy!).
* He thinks we are ("by and large") lemmings ... and by we, he means nearly everyone in the US. While I kind of agree that we all need to be more informed, and to make our decisions based on that information, I would not go so far as to say all of us are lemmings ...
* Attempts to cover a wide range of topics, let us focus on ESCR ... saying that we cannot resist ESCR for 'religious reasons' is like saying the Nazi's were OK in performing their 'experiments' ... also, Iraq is not Vietnam - we have local support, we have removed the enemy leader, free elections are only a couple months away AND the quest to remove WMDs was not just some simple justification for a war they wanted to get us into ... At the very least, his article is well formed and not radically left (admits Kerry doesn't have all the answers) ... and condolences to him for the loss of his mother.

*True?: John Narcissus Edwards ... this is a politically oriented (Conservative) site, often amusing
* US Finishes a 'strong second' in Iraq ... well, maybe if Kerry elected ...
* Cheney-Heinz Iraqi Ketchup deal?
* Kerry - ESCR may hold the cure for my ailing campaign ... another reason to be against it!
* Stem Cells for Bush
* POLL:Americans divided over which poll to believe
* Cheney - the most powerful man in America
*Quick: Impending Romance

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