News: ... Yankees down & out, Red Sox complete their comeback
* Tenet speaks ... among other things, says Iraq War is wrong (without providing any details)
* Prepare for voting chaos ... regardless of your political orientation ... absentee, provisional, dimpled chads, & lawsuits - oh my!
* UK moving troops into volatile areas
* Israel air-strikes senior Hamas weaponsmith
* Clinton looking to be Secretary General of the UN? ... IMHO this won't happen, the world doesn't want an American UN leader as it would make the UN seem like an extension of the US ... hey, speaking of Clinton: Syphilis through Oral Sex on the rise!
* Intel Reform coming soon to a (US) Government near you
*Disasters: in China:Mine blast kills 50+, another ~100 feared dead ... and ... in Japan:Typhoon kills 60+ ... prayers and condolences to family & loved ones (Florida got a tornado as well, luckily no casualties)
* Staff Sergeant Frederick sentenced to 8 years for Iraqi abuse
* Hamm keeps Gold
* Clumsy Castro ... broken arm & knee
* 5 megapixel camera phone!
* Sitting in traffic is bad for your heart
* Some thoughts on Bush's 'lies'
* Running list of Political Info ... updated multiple times per day, looks nice!
* How to win (steal?) an election : Kerry will just declare victory early ... and sue. :)
* Kerry Goes Hunting for Conservative Votes ... the title alone makes it worth the read!

* Turn the key to boot Windows?
* Replacement for TCP?
* Rebel stars ... real stars - the fusion kind, not douches like Matt Damon
* Jeep Grand Cherokee to climb 30 story building today in New York
* Some thoughts on intergalactic questions
* More on how the UN is failing the world ... "terrorism's silent partner"
* Some thoughts on the impending election ... (and the theft thereof?)
* Some criticism of Rumsfeld, and the US Armed Forces in general ... can't say I agree with the comments/conclusions - only by continuing to advance our capabilities can we protect ourselves in the future. Especially as we are trying to move to smaller forces - meaning we will need to do more with less, requiring more advanced weapon systems ...(FCS, etc.)
* How to Kiss a Woman
* NEC looking to take the Super Computer title again?
* What's wrong with swearing?
* Some thoughts on Tora Bora
* More thoughts on Tora Bora - what Kerry said AT THE TIME: "But for the moment, what we are doing, I think, is having its impact and it is the best way to protect our troops and sort of minimize the proximity, if you will. I think we have been doing this pretty effectively and we should continue to do it that way."
* From someone who is endorsing neither candidate: "John F. Kerry? He's a washout as a Senator, a joke as candidate and an opportunist who protests war when it suits him and embraces it in times of political expediency." Negative comments/thoughts about Bush too.
* Ann Coulter's latest post
* How to support Kerry ... well, what you need to believe in order to support Kerry. Can't say I quite agree with everything said, but the sentiment is valid.
* Intel +1 mobile chip
* Introducing Dolmette - the chainsaw powered motorcycle
* Some more thoughts on ESCR ... and how misguided Reeves was.
* Some thoughts on tax rates
* New video technology from Samsung for PDAs, phones

* New OOTS
* FlipperCam
* Geek Pick-Up Lines (part 2)
* Martha Stewart Prison Diary
* With Bill Clinton Recovering, Threat Level For Interns Reduced ... "the 'lewdness index' and 'general predatory threat to interns' has been reduced to 'acceptable levels'"
* Swift Boat LESBIANS for Truth rip into Kerry
* BASH "That's the joy of Linux. You scream in pain and agony the first time you do it, and then it's not so bad every time after that."
* Bush vs Kerry, BBSpot style
* Married man ready to start dating again
* Kerry hits head on podium trying to dodge a question

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