News: ... BoSox up 3-0
*South Park just had Stan banished from the town for not voting; his clothing ripped, he was spit on, and forced out of town riding backwards on a donkey ... with a bucket on his head. They also made some points on some of the finer political idiosyncrasies of this great country. "The election is always between a giant douche and a turd sandwich". Oh, and PETA is a bunch of bestialiters!
* Terrorists hoping to defeat Bush ... UPDATE: Drudge: ABC has video of Terrorists planning attack on US - "The streets will run with blood ... America will mourn in silence because they will be unable to count the number of the dead". If true: 1)Why the Hell is ABC holding this out? 2) What are we going to do about it? ... UPDATE: CIA reviewing ... FBI too
* Arafat collapses
* Iran's Heavy Water plant to go live within one month ... not good!
* Oil still crazy-high
* Some thoughts on Kerry's proposed policies
* UK troops on the move
* Japan stands firm - "I cannot allow terrorism and cannot bow to terrorism"
* Putin not seeking reelection
* Cingular+AT&T
* Explosives disappeared from al-Qaqaa before we got there? ... that would be small comfort, but important distinction! ... more here, and why it isn't THAT surprising (377 tons missing, but 400,000 tons already destroyed or queued for destruction) ... more here ... UPDATE:Maybe the Russians took them? - ... UPDATE:almost certain that Russians relocated them
*... and if the UN would have done something about these YEARS ago we wouldn't have this problem now ... but that would require the UN to actually done something productive/useful for once
* Amber Alert for missing child from Texas ... more here
* More Absentee ballot shenanigans ... voter registration / voter fraud too. Shaping up to be a bad election, even before the lawyers get involved. Amazing that we haven't figured out how to do this right, and how to implement the solution.

* Dremel for the hard-core pumpkin carver
* Total Lunar Eclipse tonight - totality=~10:30PM EST ... weather not looking to play along ... more here ... speaking of moons, Titan pix coming in from Cassini
* When in doubt - pretending like you are going to run over people is probably a bad idea
* Mini-Human ... exactly like us,but only 1 meter tall
* Some more thoughts on Iraq
* Sun=active!
* Google acquires Keyhole
* High-Fat - bad for brain ... and waistline
* NASA stealing Super-Computing crown?
* Kerry's Social Security "plan"
* Europe dodge bird-flu bullet
* UN - Big Failure? ... in general, I agree!
* Puppy-killer being charged ... the REALLY FUNNY part is that one of the puppies shot him!
* Prozac makes children depressed ... well, for mice anyway.
* Lungs get weak around noon?
* Stern vs Powell ... and Howard continues to spin it this morning on his show
* FOP against Kerry?
* US Scientists get a bit more bandwidth! ... the "National Lambda Rail", how can I get some of that??
* Comrade Kerry? ... comment from Michelle Malkin "John Kerry may be “reporting for duty,” but the real question is: to whom?"
* Thoughts on 'Armchair Generals' ... and the author's wrong conclusions.
* thoughts on Kerry's history as a hunter ... funny that the Humane Society (striclty anti-hunting) endorses Kerry(says he has a lifelong history of, and is very pro-, hunting)

* How can you say the Media is not biased left?
* How can you say the Media is not biased left? .. All of Slate = pro-Kerry.
* How can you say the Media is not biased left? ... BBC coverage = Moore, Soros, Blumenthal
* How can you say the Media is not biased left? ... "NYT = Kerry’s Pamphleteer"
* More GOP-targeted vandalism ... Dems still the party of peace?
* Democratic Ad urging the assassination of Rumsfeld ... Dems still the party of peace?
* Steal signs, go to jail? ... Dems still the party of peace?
*... then again, this soon-to-be-Marine threatened to kill his soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend if she voted for Kerry
* Kerry confuses hindsight for Wisdom ...

* Countdown to the recount!
* UN Approves Kerry's Goose-Hunt proposition
* Buried Lead confuses Citizens
* Political Apathy
* Cheney blames Kerry fro Gigli
* We all lead secret lives?
*True: Kerry+Football=Funny Pic
* Undecided voters still distracted by Shiny Object
*Baby: Big Brother Superman
*True: Bush flips the bird


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